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Katya Gordon


In 2009, to create a musical pop rock band Blondrock. In February 2010, the group sent an application to participate in the contest "Eurovision" with the song reggae «War is bad», from which the group took place in the semi-finals of the national selection.

In October 2010, the band released their debut album Blondrock "Love and Freedom", in which Kate Gordon is the author of music and slov.Saund-producer was Andrei Samsonov (known for his work with the group "Aquarium", Zemfira, Butusova, Marc Almond, Nick Cave ). Alex smearing noted that on this album, "had some very decent songs, quite worthy to stand on a par with some samples of female rock that sound on" Nashe Radio "," noting that the notoriety of the singer was not conducive to a positive response to the album .

The next album "Tired to be afraid!" Was released in April 2012. It is recorded in a manner reminiscent of early Zemfira, and also contains elements of synthpop, pop and disco. So the song "Tenderly", according Mazhaeva, "recalls the manner of Angelika Varum". In July 2012, Catherine Gordon presented his first solo album, "Nothing in excess" (8 songs written at 7 months), which was launched directly on the Arbat.

In 2013, it became aware of several artists including songs in their albums Kathy Gordon: Dmitry Koldun "heart" (album "City of the big lights"), Angelica - "Empty Heart", November 30, 2013 Ani Lorak received the "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Take paradise", authored by Kate Gordon.