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Katerina Krasilnikova

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Catherine Krasil'nikova - singer, composer and poet.

Born October 29, 1978 in St. Petersburg, where he continues to live and work. Since childhood, fond of music, he graduated from music school, piano, in which not only mastered keyboards, but also learned to play the guitar. As a child, Kate gave a little impromptu concerts for their loved ones. Already in the school began performing on stage, writing songs, and mastered the vocal art.

After receiving a law degree, she continued to live a creative life. Katerina wonderful mother, she has two daughters, and pays special attention to children in his work.

Now Katherine is working on new songs, remove clips, stands, as well as writing music and lyrics for other artists, including stellar children's collective of St. Petersburg "Hitryushki."

In the preceding 2016 Catherine wrote the song "Christmas Tale" and sang it together with a remarkable singer Alexander Ripchanskim. Artists shot video and sound on radio stations in Russia, creating a Christmas mood.