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With rap music and Hamil Vlady met as a teenager. They all listened to a lot of music - bought a cassette of foreign artists, to learn English in order to understand the content of their texts, written texts themselves. Of particular influence on them has a rap group from New York City - Wu-Tang Clan, popular in Russia in the early 1990s. Vladi made the music on your computer and recorded his first rap in 13 years. In autumn 1995, Vladi and his Chida each created a rap group called "Psiholirik", to which a year later joined Shymon. In 1997, "Psiholirik" and Rostov rappers created a union called "caste", but it was called, and the successor of the "Psiholirik", which came out from the Chida. Instead, the group was joined in 1997 by Basta Oink, and in 1999 - Hamil.

Basta Oink and Vladi - the creators of the idea to rename the "Psiholirika" in "caste." The word "caste" offered himself Basta. But the final version of the group's name was coined and Vladi Shymom. At the same time organized their club movement - "Hip Hop Party" or simply "Hip Hop". The first time the action took place in the «DUNCAN» club later - often in the «COMANCHERO» club. The first party was held legendary dedication to the caste.

To avoid confusion, the union, which includes, for example, the group "Facets", "Sand People" and some free the MC, later became known as the "Joint Caste." At the same time in 1998, "United Casta" hit the television field of view was recorded interview in the program "Pipe", which tells of the brief that make the members of the group, and that is their style, which was published in the summer of the same year.

The first album "United Caste", "Three-dimensional rhyme", recorded at the home studio of Vladi, was released in 1999. The album performed rather promotirazha function, because in addition to the sale of cassettes were distributed in unlimited quantities. The name of the album of the same name given composition with the participation of Shymon, Cactus, Vladi, Hamil and the Serpent. Producing the album, the music, mastering and mixing all the tracks makes Vlady at his home studio. The project involved 14 MC. Cover the cassette has been removed from the ruins of "Quantum" plant in the West residential area.

It is also the first big performance at the "caste" was in 1999, at the festival Rap Music 99 in Moscow, where they received the Grand Prix. Further intensified touring activity of the "caste", often in small nightclubs.

In autumn and winter 1999 Casta leads active: performances in Krasnodar, Moscow and Rostov. Hip-Hop party in Comanchero this period are weekly. In October of the same year Casta involved in urban mass action "seven years Radio 103" in the Rostov Palace of Sport.

November 19, 1999 a group of caste holds the South-Russian Festival of Hip Hop Culture. In spring 2000 Shymon opens a weekly rap radio program Mirage. A few months later it closed because of the jargon in the air. In the same year the team performs in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium with the Bomfunk MC's.

Album of the "caste" "Volume of water above the grass", released in the spring (2002), was a success. Prior to December 2002, it sold nearly 100 000 copies of the album. After the release of the album "Caste" performs at concerts in Russia and in neighboring countries, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Latvia. After that, the band came out two more albums - solo album, Vladi "What do we do in Greece" (2002) and Jamil solo album "Phoenix" (2004). Although the album is called "solo" in the performance of their whole group involved. Solo album is considered to be because one member of the group works as a producer of the album.

In 2006 he receives the prize Casta MuzTV Award 2006 as the best hip-hop project of the year.

In addition, the group Caste often performs at various festivals and concerts, such as Snickers Urbania. But a group of caste itself conducts tours across the country.

In 2008, the group officially adopted the Serpent (ex- "Faces"), who went to the "caste" on tour for several years.

May 15, 2008 Casta released their new album "True Story in the eye." In the June chart published in the Russian edition of Billboard magazine, the album won the third place. In the second half of 2008 came three clips on the tracks "Meeting", "Around the noise" and "radio signals" from the album "True Story in the eye." As a result of voting on a site Rap.Ru, summing up the results of 2008 Casta took third place in the category "Artist of the Year", and the album "True Story in the eye" took second place in the category "Best Album". Clip "Around Noise" won first place in the "Clip of the Year".

In March 2009, he was released a collection of «Best Nіts", while visitors of the official site the group could choose the hits included in the track listing for the collection.

In October 2009, the group received a nomination in the RAMP Urbana (rap, hip-hop).

As a result of voting on a site Rap.Ru, summing up the results of 2009, Casta took fourth place in the category "Best National Artist" and the video "noise around" took second place in the category "Best Domestic clip."

May 18, 2010 the band Hamil and the Serpent released the album "HZ".

According to voting results InDaAwards 2010 "Caste" group was the best rap group of the year.

In February 2012, nearly 10 years after the debut solo album, Vladi comes second work titled "Clear!".

June 2, 2012, in the framework of the performance at the MUZ Prize, "Casta" together with a group of "Animals" sang the hit "Around the noise." In his speech, he did not take part Shim because of dislike for this group and considered a failed experiment.

July 22 came Caste app for iOS, and on December 17 - for Android.

April 15, 2014 "caste" released 5 singles: "On the whole area" of the entire group, and 4 solo from the participants: "non-flying" by Jamil, "Small Island" from the snake, "The Mirror" by Vlady and "Romance for Anna" by Shyma. May 30 the same year, the band released the single "Rossiyantsy and Americana" by Hamil, Snake and Vladi. June 12 Hamil and the Serpent released the single "When I sing reggae". Party in full on June 18 released the single "Ship Song".

July 7, 2014 in the official community groups in the social network "VKontakte" began voting on the selection of the songs that will be included in the collection "Best Song."

November 25, 2014 was a collection of "Best Song", in which 31 entered the track.

At the beginning of the spring of 2015 the group recorded a caste half of their second album in full, namely Vladi, Shim, Hamil and the Serpent. Such information shared in an interview with the leader of the group - Vladi, who will soon release his third solo album "exorbitant".

In March 2015 will be released third solo album, Vladi "exorbitant".

April 3, 2015 the presentation of the new album in Moscow club RED.

In an interview, the participant of the cult of the Rostov group Kasta - Hamil said that he wrote his second solo album. His last release - "Phoenix", was released in 2004.. The album will be released approximately during 2016. Solo by Jamil is not yet, but is preparing to release a joint album Jamil and Milly, where, however, will solo tracks participant "Caste."

Shim, a member of the legendary group of Rostov Casta wrote a solo album. It is likely that the release will be in 2016. For Michael Yepifanova (Shyma) album will be the first solo work.