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Sarah was born October 12, 1977 in Derbent, in the family of the Mountain Jews. Father - a choreographer, Honored Artist of the Republic of Dagestan, Lev Manahimov (b. 1950 [2]). Mother - Margarita Semenovna Manahimova (1956-1996) - was the conductor. Brother Sarah - Anatoly L. Manahimov, who is two years older than her. Nephews Sarah - Leo A. Manahimov and Sergey Manahimov.

As a child, Sarah did not think to become an actress. She wanted to study the English language and, therefore, intended to enter the philological faculty. But in Derbent did not need the institution, and in the capital of the parents did not let her. Mama Sarah persuaded her to go to medical school, which Sarah graduated with honors (in years of study, she was the head). While in college, the future singer first appeared on the scene. KVN team of doctors has caused a competition of students of musical school. Future nurse was able to sing rivals.

Before the start of his career, the singer Sarah tried her hand as a model. Sarah has become the face of fashion house Jean-Claude Jitrois in Russia. The first teacher was Sarah Gnessin School teacher Natalia Andrianova. For three years the diligent student of the quail all: classical, jazz and pop music.

With the financial support of her first husband, Sarah, having taken the pseudonym Jasmine began his career with the song "So it goes" and the eponymous video for it in late 1999. In the starting producing singer participated Oleg Chelishev. Popular singer won with the advent of the 2001 single "Rewrite love." Jasmine has recorded nine solo albums, three times performed in the concert hall "Russia" recitals ("Rewrite love", March 2002, "100% Love", October 2003; "Yes!", March 2005) and 1 time in the State Kremlin Palace a solo concert "The Other Self", Oct. 2014 (organized by the Swedish director Mike Adelica). Recital "100% Love" was organized by Alla Pugacheva.

The singer often went on tour in the United States, Israel, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine and other countries. In January-February 2005, Jasmine gave a series of concerts in cities of Russia with the program "Yes!».

As of May 2015 Jasmine went 9 albums. Besides:

Is a leading program "Shire Krug" on the TVC channel.

She starred in the musical "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves," where she played a major role (wife of Ali Baba - Zeinab).

She starred in the Ukrainian musical "The Three Musketeers" (2005), playing the Circus.

Since late 2007, he has participated in the project "Two stars" on the First Channel. Couple Yuri Galtsev - Jasmine took third place.

In 2008, withdrew from the musical "Beauty demands ...»

September 25, 2009 Jasmine was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Dagestan.

December 8, 2009 a presentation of Jasmine seventh album "Dream" on the 21st floor center «Lotte Plaza», in «KalinaBar». The album includes 12 songs, all of them - are already well-known hits +3 video for the song "Night", "blame" and "Pei love».

After the release of the seventh album in spring 2010. Jasmine released his first single, "Do not feel sorry" for the eighth studio album, "From love to love." Then remove the music video for this song, which was directed by Pavel Khudyakov. Video received positive feedback from the audience. For this song Jasmine won "Song of the Year - 2010».

A little later, Jasmine, Irina Dubcova, Alsou, Tatyana Bulanova and Lera Kudryavtseva teamed up to record a child's lullaby "Sleep, my sun" in support of the charity project Pampers and UNICEF «1 pack = 1 vaccine" to prevent tetanus in newborn children and their mothers . The music and the lyrics written Dubcova. As a result, the composition became a kind of hymn to mothers.

In the fall of 2010, Jasmine released his second single, "Hello, new love" for the album "From love to love." In early 2011, leaves the clip for the song, directed by Irina Mironova made. In the music video Jasmine is an art object, where the singer tries on several vivid images. Clip largely received positive reviews from the audience, but mixed from fans of the singer. On stage Jasmine presented his new song at a premium Armenia Music Awards. The awards ceremony was held in Moscow at the State Kremlin Palace.

April 2, 2011 Jasmine again came to the podium at «Mercedes-Benz Russian Fashion Week», which presented a new collection of "For her" wedding and evening dresses Fashion House «Eleonor». According to observers, it was Jasmine was the muse of this collection.

At the end of May 2011 there is a new song "Elbe-Dub", she soon gets into the charts of the country. The composition was the third single for the album "From love to love." For this song Jasmine won two awards: "20 best songs of 2011" (according to the project of the First channel "Red Star") and "Song of the Year - 2011».

Since May 2011 Jasmine began to participate in the programs on the channel Russian Music Box. She first appeared on the air as the leading month in the "top 10" and then began to lead the program «Junior Box».

June 28, 2011 Jasmine won "Mother of the year - 2011", which was recognized as the "most sophisticated mother».

September 10, 2011 in the Crimea Music Fest 2011, which took place in Crimea, Jasmine has introduced a remake of the song "Love Drink", the original of which came in the seventh album of the singer «Dream».

November 1, 2011, the premiere single "can", which was released on the Internet. It was assumed that the song will be the fourth single for the album "From love to love", but eventually the song was never entered into it.

December 20, 2011, together with the singer Sergei Lazarev, Zara, Nikolai Baskov and glory released a Christmas song "Like a child," the prime minister of the composition was held at the official site of the singer. On the exit of the song Jasmin said in his Facebook profile and Twitter. Later, the premiere of a solo version of the song. The premiere single place December 22, 2011.

In spring 2012 Jasmine has introduced a new song, "The Road of Life", which she sang with her daughter Margaret at heart even before its birth.

In April 2012, became the leading actress category "I - my mother" in the program "Health" Elena Malysheva on the First Channel, and led his blog on the website of the program "Health».

In late May, Jasmine releasing the fourth single, "From love to love." The song eventually became the title for the album of the same name. At the end of the year Jasmine was awarded the prize "Golden Gramophone" and "Song of the Year - 2012" for this song.

In November 2012, the singer released the song "Hands in the sleeve", then in the end of December is the music video for this song. The clip is remarkable in that it is presented in the format of fashion video. The video took place at YouTube-channel Jasmine, and in January 2013 on the music channels.

In the spring of 2013 Jasmine has released the fifth and final single, "Double" for the album "From Love to Love", and then the music video for this song. Primechalno that the concept of the video was the basis of design of the album "From love to love».

In autumn 2013 the singer released a dance single, "No, do not" together with DJ Leonid Rudenko, and in December 2013 leaves clip for this song, which filming took place in Israel.

In the summer of 2014 Jasmine released the single "Wedding of history" - a song-language remake of the well-known Moldovan song, and then exits the clip on this track, the shooting of which took place in Moldova.

In autumn 2014 the album "East Love", which included the new songs, and a fully re-recorded songs from different years with elements of Eastern music.