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Irina Nelson (Reflex)

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Born in Barabinsk (Novosibirsk region). Since she graduated from music school and after its completion entered the Novosibirsk music school piano teacher. During his studies at the music school, Irina was a soloist of the jazz big band. Later in her repertoire there are compositions and The Winner When Apples Fall to the Sky, which in 2011 entered its Sun Generation solo album.

the singer's career began to Irina from the second half of the nineties under the pseudonym Diana entertainers: on Russian screens out the video "Do not talk." That this song has brought popularity Irina Tereshin. Prior to that, the young singer has already released two albums, but they go unnoticed. Diana took part in the 1993 festival in Cannes, "Song of the Year" in the United States, in 1996, she received from the studio "Union", "Golden Disc". Songs of Diana is not particularly different semantic text depth, seriousness, they were just clockwork and cheerful, although the lyrical songs are also present in the repertoire of the singer, they were very sincere and touching.

Irina Nelson left the «Reflex» group in January 2007 to start an independent solo career and moved to the United Arab Emirates together with Vyacheslav Tyurin. There, in Dubai, headed by Vyacheslav multidisciplinary, ultra-modern, the latest music studio. Slava and Irina invited to the Emirates local cultural department to create sound and music on the European level. This Irina Nelson most studio and recorded his first solo album.

After a sabbatical, almost two years, Irina Nelson returned with the song "Dawn" in Russian show business. The singer began to perform compositions in the style of soft rock.