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Irina Dubcova fond of music since childhood. In a sweet and talented girl from an early age he had an interest in the scene. When she was 11, her parents had set up a children's musical group "Jam", which included Irina. The team has become quite popular in Volgograd. In 1999, through a friend of her father Andrew Pryazhnikova disc with the song «Hijo De La Luna» by Dubtsova was a known producer Igor Matvienko, who was recruited girls in the new group. The group was called "Girls", in addition to Irina it included three other girls: Tatiana Gerasimova, Valentine Rubtsov and Teterich Olympics. The group has become quite popular, and the video for the song "Mama said (U-la-la)," even became one of the best clips of MTV in 2000. But Irina left the band before the release of the first album. After leaving the group in the position of executive director he worked at the studio «SBS - Entertainment». With this studio worked Anton Makarska, in the hands of a few songs that were Dubtsova. Subsequently, almost all of the songs for his album were written by her. In 2001 she graduated from the Volgograd Municipal Institute of Arts. PA Serebryakov, specialty: Academic singing.

March 12, 2004 on Channel launched "Star Factory 4" which Irina participated. Dubcova noted by duets with artists such as "Mummy Troll", Igor Nikolaev, "B-2", Alexander Ivanov, "Ivanushki International», Alexander Rosenbaum, Vladimir Presnyakov, and sang a song of his own composition "On it." In addition, during their stay, Irina at the factory, and there have been major changes in his personal life Ira May 29, 2004, the wedding band with soloist Irina «Plazma» Roman Chernitsyn who proposed to her right during one of the concerts of reporting. June 8 at the sports complex "Olympic" hosted the final gala concert of "American Idol 4", which were announced the winners of the project, Irina won the first place. As a prize, Irina received convertible "Peugeot", a solo album and shooting three videos, as well as the right to represent Russia at the contest of young singers "New Wave 2004", which took the second place.

In February 2005, the debut album of Irina, who in honor of the chief of his hit, called "About Him».

July 19, 2007 the release of the album Irina Dubtsova "Wind." It includes 12 songs are written very Irina. At the same time in the rotation channel "Muz-TV" there video for the song "Medals" and "Wind».

Dubcova about music as a part of himself, singing, developing vocal and stage. And, of course, and now works Irina rewarded shooting in the clips, duets with famous singers and invitations to various popular not only Ukrainian, but also Russian show, as both the jury and as a leader.

In 2008 she performed with her friend "fabrikantka" Polina Gagarina song "Who? Why? ", To which the video was filmed. The song won the "Muz-TV 2010" in the nomination "The duo of the year". According to Irina, she is now working on the next album. In connection with the song rumors that the singer divorced her husband soloist group «Plazma» («Slow Motion») Roman Chernitsyn and then the rumors were confirmed and they are, in fact, divorced. From the marriage of Roman Chernitsyn have a son - Artem Chernitsyn (b. March 3, 2006).

In 2011, participates in the project "Factory of Stars. The Return ", which compete with graduates of" Factory Stars "of different years, all of which once started his career in the" House of the Star. " Irina is part of the team of producer Igor Krutoy. Irina won the honorary third place.

In spring 2012 Irina performs the song "Eat, Pray, Love," words and music for which was composed herself Il, and in April out a clip of which was director Alexander Filatovich.

In autumn 2012 the Ukrainian channel STB opens the third season of the Ukrainian version of the British vocal talent show «The X-Factor», in which Irina Dubcova took the jury a place popular in Russia, Ukraine and CIS singer Elka, joining the show Maine Igor Kondratyuk , Belarusian rapper Seryoga and journalist and music critic Sergei Sosedova .Irina topped the category of "collective", which hit a trio of "D version" (5th place), a duet Violetta and Anatoly (11th place), girl group 3D (8th place).

In November, the light goes out video for the new song "Forgive me." It's definitely a new stage in the life of the singer. Bright costumes, incredible dancing, which is not typical for her. The slogan of the new music video and the song "This you have not seen it».

January 5, 2013 Irina Dubcova speaks at the gala show "X-Factor. 3rd Season "with his new song," What have I done ».

Suddenly Irene, as well as for her team, she fell into the category Award RU.TV «Chamber of number 6" with the song "Eat. Pray. Love ».

Irina wrote a song for Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov, "You're the one." The song became the soundtrack to their wedding.

Irina started filming season 4 Ukrainian vocal show "X-Factor", where with colleagues in the jury selects the best of the artists participating in the competition.

2014 began for the actress to a big show of "hair's breadth" of the First Channel, where it acts as a project participant and the winner at the end of the project.

Irina Dubcova March 12 marks the 10th anniversary of his solo career. By the way, on the same day the premiere of the new video for the duet song with Love Assumption "I love him, too».

Irina gets the victory in the category "Favorite judge show" award at the annual "TV Star" (Ukraine).

July 22 at the Concert Hall "Dzintari" and live the international contest "New Wave 2014", Irina and known all over Europe DJ Leonid Rudenko, co-produced single, "Remember».

2014 Irina completes participation in a large project of the First Channel "Three Chord»

2015 began for the actress with the preparation of the first solo concert in Crocus City Hall, which was held on 28 March and is timed to the release of the new album and the 10th anniversary of creative activity.

January 25 presented a solo artist of a song called "Love me long time" on a big show channel Muz-TV "Party Zone».

March 28 at the Concert Hall Crocus City Hall held a grand solo concert, attended by more than 6000 spectators.