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Songs Ilya Gurov touching and melodic that captivates his fans. Ilya Gurov accustomed himself to achieve your goals, relying on their own strength.
The beginning of his artistic career, Ilya Gurov said in 2006, when the young singer released his first single entitled "Works of love." Three years later, comes the eponymous album "Works of Love", which includes such works as "For You", "light" and "disables the heart".
Despite his young age, Ilya Gurov think not only about themselves but also about other people. He is the organizer of the charity event "Open the happy world of children».
In 2010, Ilya Gurov released a single, "Diagnosis", which was a real hit of the Internet! At the same time Ilya hard at work on their second album, which comes out in December of the same year. The new album is called "The dose of your love," contains a variety of songs for all tastes.
In 2011, Ilya Gurov began to cooperate with the sound-producer Icebird. At the same time, we have become very popular song Ilya Gurov, "Diagnosis" and "Cats-cats." On the last of these compositions was filmed a video clip. In autumn 2011, Ilya Gurov released the song "Mama", which can be called autobiographical. For the listener Ilya Gurov has opened a new, grown-up and serious.
At the end of the year, Ilya Gurov recorded video for the song "Let (the angel)." She wrote for the actor Svetlana Hero. The filming of the clip took part Oleneva Anna, previously participated in the television show "Vacation in Mexico". Curiously, Ilya Gurov he directs their videos.
In December 2011, Ilya Gurov released her third music album, titled «Neformat».
For Ilya Gurov music - not just a job but a hobby
. The slogan Elijah - always go for their dreams and not be afraid of difficulties !