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Cheerfulness, positive and bright, catchy melodies - that is what the band plays loves words as the younger generation, as well as more solid audience. Soloists Trio - Andrei Semashko, Stas Rublev and Mila for many years serve the same composition. The band played the song words always enchanting, funny and at the same time have a slight tinge of irony. On any speech group infects the audience with their joy and energy. First group Pun announced itself in 2005, blowing up all Russian charts loud hit "Alina Kabaeva." In 2006, their debut album, "People of the people", and in the same year, the band became the winner of the festival "Song of the Year." Busy schedule of touring guys combined with active work in the studio, and in 2007 Words Game released his second album "Love Women" with sensational hit "banana". The song "katerke", recorded together with DJ Vengerov and Fedorov, became a real anthem of the summer of 2007, and soon the group "Wordplay" shot a video in support of the 2014 Olympics with Masha and Gosha Kutsenko Malinowska.

Some time later, won the hearts of fans of the series "Margot" soundtrack "I admire thee." In the summer of 2012 Wordplay starts a new creative stage. The trio moves from hip-hop, realizing his humor and mild irony in pop music. New song "Peter Sochi" reveals a new side group and could not be better conveys the atmosphere of the upcoming Olympics. Last hit of the "It would be great," was rotated on many radio stations.The very title of the composition is the positive attitude with which the group is suitable to be creative and to everything in life. It is in this song artist prophesied of our team to collect more gold medals at the Olympics in Sochi and the prophecy came true 100%.