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Igor Dobrolevsky

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The music has become a permanent companion Igor 11 years old, and it was then that he began his career by writing the first song. Over the years, the book creativity Igor replenished with new pages that were filled with events and thoughts, then finding the form of songs.

The first album "Besserebryannye soul" - is a special affair, consisting of twelve novels - Igor songs, each of which is filled with sincere feelings, genuine emotions and experiences of the author-performer. The song is called "Traveler's Prayer" was written in 16 let.Reaktsiya listener brought to life by Igor new inspiration and new ideas as a result was recorded a second album, "Give me wings." The song "Do not call" has become one of the most exciting and sensual songs of the new album, which was filmed atmospheric clip - the story of memories, confused feelings and true love!

The new album, which became the fruitful result of the work of a talented artist Igor Dobrolevskogo, which represents Alexander Senchik production center is planned in the near future and promises to be no less vivid and emotional continuation of previously issued sensual, lyrical compositions that had so ardently fancy admirers of Igor!