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«Chorus Turkish" debuted in 1990 in the philharmonic halls of Tallinn and Kaliningrad. At the beginning of the career of the collective repertoire different from today's show "Chora Turkish». The origins of the art group originate in the Choir of the Moscow Choral Synagogue. In the late 80-ies of the future choir sang Michael Turkish Jewish liturgical music. After several years of collective ambitions went beyond this relatively narrow field. Today, the group successfully combines the repertoire of the most different genres: opera, spiritual (liturgical), folk, popular music from different countries and eras

. 1989 - Mikhail Turkish creates and heads the men's choir of the Moscow Choral Synagogue. In the same in 1990, the team officially debuted.

With the support of "Joint" charitable organization held its first concerts the Choir in Kaliningrad, Tallinn, Chisinau, Kiev, Leningrad, Moscow and other cities. "Male Chamber Choir of the Jewish" under the direction of Michael Turkish at the time made a kind of locomotive revival of interest in Jewish musical tradition. The music is on the verge of extinction in 1917, once again sounded outside synagogues and became property of broad appeal.

1991-1992 - performance of the choir in the US, Canada, UK, France, Israel. The choir under the control of the Turkish Michael participated in the festival «Por Me Espiritu» in Toledo (Spain), dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of the Jews. The festival was attended by world music stars as Placido Domingo, Isaac Stern, Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta. The event was attended by the representatives of Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco and China.

1993-1994 - new tour in the UK, Israel, USA and Poland. American Music Association honors Michael Turkish Order of the "Golden Crown" - award, which have a total of eight people in the world.

1995-1996 - The choir is divided into two parts: one is still in Moscow, the second is sent to Miami to work on the contract in the synagogue «Temple Emmanu-El», where soloists of the Choir is awarded the status of "honorary citizens of the city of Miami." Joint performance with Julio Iglesias. Updating the repertoire of international hits, folk songs, operatic arias, Broadway classics, jazz compositions.

1997 - the team participates in a farewell tour of ID Kobzon Russian cities - more than 100 concerts. The group attracted the attention of the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, the Moscow city government awards the "Male Chamber Choir of the Jewish" state institution status.

1998-1999 - The choir has toured cities in the CIS, Spain, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia and the United States, where 6 February declared "Day of the Moscow Jewish Choir".

2000-2001 - a joint concert tour with Joseph Kobzon in Israel, tours in the US, Australia, Germany, Israel and CIS cities. The team performs at the Moscow State Variety Theatre.

2002 - Decree of the President of the Russian Federation for his services in the field of art Mikhail Turkish awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia".

2002-2003 - The team actively toured in Germany and the United States.

January 2004 - first solo concert of the art group "Chorus Turkish" in the concert hall "Russia" with the program "Ten voices that Shook the World," for which Michael Turkish awarded the title of "Man of the Year - 2004" in the nomination "Cultural Event of the Year" National Award "Man of the Year - 2004".

December 2004 - the art-group "Chorus Turkish" is the program "When the men sing" in the State Kremlin Palace (with Emma Shaplan and Gloria Gaynor).

January 2005 - US tour concerts in the best halls of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Boston and Chicago.

2005-2006 - anniversary tour of the art group "Chorus Turkish" new program "Those born to sing" covers more than 100 Russian and CIS cities.

2006-2007 - tour team with the program "Music of all time" in 70 cities of Russia and CIS countries.

2007 - "Chorus Turkish" art group is the winner of the award "Record-2007" Russian music industry for the best classical album of the year - a collector's edition of "Great Music", as well as the winner of the annual national award "Emotion" in the category "Respect". The prize was awarded for the loudest socially significant charitable project - a children's charity concert "Do good today!", Was held on March 27, with the support of the Moscow Government and the Committee for Culture of Moscow on the main area of ​​the country, in the State Kremlin Palace, the past. The concert was attended by over 5000 children: gifted and talented children, children from socially unprotected and large families, disabled children. "Our action - a unique opportunity to appeal to a huge audience of listeners to the call to do good, - said Mikhail Turkish - it is no secret that the language of music, like no other, accessible and understandable to all of us. Loud applause and a sea of ​​flowers, the enthusiastic children's faces, the fire in their eyes - all this suggests that the goal set by us has been reached. "

2007-2008 - tour team with the program "Hallelujah Love" on cities of Russia and CIS countries. The choir gives a record number of concerts in Moscow: 4 "solo" in the Kremlin Palace, and one extra concert in Luzhniki (concert hall "Russia").