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Music has always been a huge part of the lives of each of the band members. Throughout his adult life, the guys played music. Singer Vladimir Stukov wrote his first song at age 9.

HELLO Group was formed in 2011 in St. Petersburg. Since the inception of the group HELLO released one after another successful tracks, including "Heart of Drum", "Butterfly", "straight to heaven», Hands Up, «Go and very crazy," Well, of course, the undisputed hit of summer 2013 - incendiary song "Love with the taste of pepper».

From the very first days of its existence the group HELLO managed to declare itself in such large-scale events such as: Ball graduates "Scarlet Sails", held at the Palace Square, the "Day of Youth" and "Youth Wave" in SC "Jubilee", a gala concert dedicated to the final online competition "Star VKontakte" which was held in the Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky».

Bright and powerful in their power HELLO singles fall in rotation on FM-frequency Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and even the Netherlands. Having formed a killer playlist, HELLO begins to actively drive with concerts. A group of excellent take on the summer festivals in Russia and even Turkey. HELLO successfully pumping large audiences at major venues of various open-air. Clubbers capital's trendiest hangouts Go to White Castle under their tracks. The emergence of the group leader Vladimir Stukova on the scene immediately attracts the attention of the group. Frontman having a striking resemblance to Vin Diesel, and even Jason Stethemom, throughout his speech, keeps the audience in suspense, literally hypnotizing her, driving every single viewer. However, this success is the frontman and vocalist HELLO Vladimir Stukov sees in the coordinated work of the whole team. Here he talks about the other band members - I picked the perfect team: DJ Clap, he's cynical romantic Vyacheslav Leontiev, able to bring the audience into a frenzy with their energy, and Andrew Ivochkin - multi responsible for supervising the vibrations of sound waves of our sound. It is this mixture allows the group to pump HELLO audience and win the public's attention!

The team noticed the Chinese promoters. Told the Russian musicians, that this music is in demand among the general public in China, offered them to organize a tour of the cities of China. Two months later, the group gave 57 concerts HELLO almost throughout the country. It was kind of a record in the history of the group. Russian musicians literally created a furore and won the warm love of Chinese fans. Musical style and power mad vocalist Vladimir Stukova conquered China. The undeniable hit, like Chinese audience, was the track Lose My Mind. The response to him during the concert was incredibly emotional. As recognized by the musicians themselves, they relied on a different track, but it has been accepted by Chinese audiences quite smoothly.

On his return from China the musicians decide to move from St. Petersburg to Moscow. In the capital, a group of HELLO begins work on a new musical material in the studio. The team is so productive that the band recorded one track after another, which immediately resonate with music lovers. New tracks diverge HELLO network like hot cakes, and the electronic sale on iTunes surely creeping up. Interest warmed video that the band filmed in support of the track "Love with the taste of pepper." HELLO Video work immediately got into hot rotation of the international music channel RUSSIAN MUSICBOX. The group was supported by other channels of Russia and CIS countries.

In the summer of 2013 a group of HELLO cooperates with two outstanding representatives of the Russian club scene, the creators of the current dance music - outstanding and talented DJs and DJ Roma Pafos DJ M.HUSTLER, who made the remix of "Love with the taste of pepper." To the delight of fans of the group presents HELLO just three completely different remixes of the increasingly popular track "Love with the tastes of pepper." One of the remixes from the band members themselves HELLO, the other two - the work of DJs and DJ Roma Pafos DJ M.HUSTLER.

Musicians had to collaborate with the Dutch pop star Ralf Mackenbach (Ralf Mackenbach). In 2009, Ralph won first place in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song Click Clack, gaining 121 points. Then the 14-year-old singer won the hearts of millions of viewers, learn to dance tap dance world. Today Ralf Mackenbach - recognized idol of a huge army of fans around the world. The tour schedule of 18-year-old star, which is often called "Dutch Justin Bieber", painted for the year ahead. March 30 in Moscow club Hall Group HELLO and Ralf Mackenbach presented Russian fans joint song Hands Up! Duet song instantly gained popularity among fans of the Dutch star, was a resounding success of online sales in the Netherlands. Ralf Mackenbach himself admitted in an interview that he received extensive creative experience and a pleasure collaborating with the Russian group HELLO.

Despite a heavy touring schedule, the creative process does not stop for a minute. In parallel with the concert business, the Group continues to work in a recording studio HELLO Records, which is actively recording new songs. Already having in your arsenal several explosive releases, the band HELLO plan to please fans with new bright works that reflect the most current musical trends.