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In the early 1990s of intoxication Sochi taverns 30-year-old Grigory Leps enters the frenzy of Moscow taverns. Schedule - appropriate life - too. The result - six months between life and death. Thus was born a real Leps ...

Deep thoughts of being border cooperation with professionals led to new songs, albums and most prestigious venue - the "Russian", "Olympic" and the Kremlin. His powerful voice and rich overtones prohibitive, "tear of the aorta" dedication on the scene reminiscent of only one predecessor - Vladimir Vysotsky. No coincidence that Leps performs songs of this legendary artist and poet.

Grigory Leps does not like talking to the press, and that he was telling the journalists? His life - in song, in this explosive mixture of rock and chanson, which leaves no one indifferent. Once the great Edith Piaf said that a true master could sing even the phone book, so much so that the whole audience would cry. These words refer to Grigory Leps as to any other contemporary artist. For each line sung them so much passion, so much strength, so much thirst for life that anyone who first hear his songs and see him on the stage, will automatically join the army of fans of this amazing artist. He has the same attitude towards their creativity prohibitively demanding. As he says: "I try to sing so that would not be ashamed to listen to yourself in ten years." That is why he spent dozens of hours in the studio, leading to the exhaustion of all the participants record. That's why he sings live only live, tearing ligaments, exhausted from fatigue, but not allowing himself any false note, not a false word. It is this honesty of the highest standard and makes the audience believe it. "Everyone has to do what he does best. I will sing until health permits, - says Gregory. - I often say that you need to keep yourself, but I can not not work for wear. I want to have time to do much. My main toast "Catch!" "And, indeed, Leps time to deal with a plurality of parallel projects: building its own production center, record albums, produces a line of sunglasses and eyeglasses, collects old icons and books. And all this he does with almost boyish enthusiasm, completely surrendering to the bottom of the new case, new project. He did not stop for a minute. He experimented endlessly. Only Leps can afford to perform in a concert philosophical ballad "What can a man?" Or to sing songs of his friend Alexander Rosenbaum. Actually, his whole life is laid in rows Rosenbaum: "To walk - so to walk, love - because love shoot - so shoot!»

What is he thinking, standing today at a stage littered with bunches of flowers and looking out of dark glasses on wildly applauding room, hearing the familiar cries of "Bravo" and "encore"? Proud of you in what has been achieved, and remembers how long and difficult this proved to be the path to glory? ..

He was born July 16, 1962 in Sochi. His father worked in a meat factory, his mother was a nurse. A special zeal for learning Gregory did not differ. He was torn between football and music. Music, fortunately, prevailed - at 14 Gregory entered the School of Music at the Department of percussion instruments. Sochi has always been a fun town, and only when rocked the country's communist regime, and does "broke." Gregory did not stand aside. He played at dances in the park "Riviera", sang in restaurants. At one time he was a soloist of the "Index-398." Finally, fate brought him to the restaurant "137" famous Sochi hotel "Pearl", which today is proud of the fact that it began his career Grigory Leps ... Leps never worked half-heartedly, and daily, or rather, nightly marathon is exhausting to the point of exhaustion. At some point, I get to the point, he decided it was time to go to Moscow. Otherwise - a dead end, and creativity, and the life: "I have not gone for glory alone. Just I have realized that if I stayed to sing in restaurants Sochi, then exhale as an artist. Night work long. A shot of alcohol tired ... »

In 1992, 30-year-old celebrity Sochi came to the capital. Time, of course, was something else - even in Moscow there were coupons for certain products, and the rest is released under the "rules." But the main thing - have disappeared and those well-wishers that touted singer and promised full support. Gregory had to go the beaten track - in restaurants. Again, a whirlpool, now in Moscow, where the nights are not so dark ... "I have been very few people interesting. Many drank. I started using drugs. He looked accordingly bad. My weight was 100 kg. And the people who promised to help once, of course gone. It was difficult to me in that. " It was not until 1994, when fate brought him to Eugene and Anatoly Dolzhenkova Kobylyansky. With the help of these people it was recorded first album "Natalie" and filmed the first clips - "Natalie" and "God bless you." "Natalie," thundered the whole country and has become a hallmark of the singer, but the artist saw a clip in the House of Botkin Hospital. And why could not go out as his neighbors in the ward ... As many as six months and doctors arrived from Sochi mother fought for the life of the singer. From the hospital Grigory Leps came out a different person.

Since then, the singer has released nearly two dozen albums and has given countless concerts. Live performances with great dedication, unique technique and a unique tone of voice fascinate the audience from the first lines of songs. Already the first solo concert in "Russia" in 2003, gathered a full house. And next year Leps and does swung at the holy of holies - played songs of Vladimir Vysotsky in the Kremlin! The success was overwhelming.

In November 2006, seven thousand spectators "Olympic" did not let the singer for three hours. In 2008, the Leps gives three large concerts in a row at the Moscow Art Theater. For three days in February 2009, about 15 thousand people watched the show "Waterfall" in the Kremlin. In 2011, he became the first in the history of Russian artist who was able to collect a full house in the Crocus City Hall for four nights in a row. In the summer of the same year he made a memorable holiday for my friends and fans, arranging for them night concert at Crocus City Hall on the eve of his birthday. And how many cities in Russia and abroad, he traveled! And over the years, the few times he canceled his concerts, and that in these cases, doctors and relatives had to literally force to hold it ...

The account of his awards and prizes not only lost his most faithful chroniclers. Here are just a few of them.

2002 - Award "Chanson of the Year" in the category "His Way" (the song "Heartbreak Tango»)
2004 - Award "Chanson of the Year" in the category "new sound" (a song Vladimir Vysotsky "Dome»)
2007 - Award "Golden Gramophone" (duet with Irina Allegrova "I do not believe»)
2008 - The National Music Award "Muz-TV" in the nomination "The best duo of the year" (duet with Irina Allegrova "I do not believe»)
2008 - Award "Record-2008" in the category "Album Artist" (with the biggest selling album "All my life - the road ...»)
2008 - Award "Golden Gramophone" (a duet with Stas Peha "She's not yours»)
2009 - The National Music Award "Muz-TV" in the nomination "The best duo of the year" (duet with Stas Peha "She's not yours»)
2009 - Prize Leonid Utesov (received from the hands of Valery Leontiev in the Song of the Year)
2009 - Award "Golden Gramophone" (song "I do not love you»)
2010 - Award "Golden Gramophone" (the song "Go nice»)
2010 - Diploma "Best Song of 2010" (a duet with Valeriy Meladze "Turn around»)
2011 - The first Russian RU.TV Award in the category "Best Duo of the Year" (a duet with Valeriy Meladze "Turn around»)
2011 - Two award "Golden Gramophone" (the song "This Woman" and "The Best Day»)
2011 - Diploma "Best Song of 2011" (the song "The Best Day»)
In October 2011, Grigory Leps was the Honored Artist of Russia.

50 years - the date of the round. Grigory Leps has had a lot to do in this life, twice granted him by the Lord, but with such a performance, he certainly still please fans of new facets of his work. He has a dream in which this modest, but knows his worth man confessed once in a narrow circle of friends. He, the artist never participated in any musical competition, would love to sing at the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi native. For him, this statement would be taken next tall, which, God grant, will still very, very much!