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Gosha Kutsenko


Rock Band, soloist which was once Gosha Kutsenko, was called "lamb-97." With this team began the first performances.

In 2004, became friends with the ideologist and founder of the group TOKiO Yaroslav Maly, starred in two music videos of the collective: "Moscow" and

"I am a star." In 2004, born tandem "Gosha Kutsenko & Anatomy of Soul», which laid the foundation for the beginning of the musical work of the famous actor, lasted four years. During this time the band gave several dozen concerts in different cities of Russia and participated in major festivals "Invasion", "Emmaus", "Old New Rock" and others. The songs of the period included in the soundtrack of "Mars" movie, "The fourth desire," "Kings Can Do Everything", "The Savages." On the song "Drops" was filmed a video clip.

In 2008 Kutsenko surrounded himself with a new team of talented musicians and began rehearsals and studio recording. The result was a work that connected several musical genres. Debut album Gosha Kutsenko "May WORLD", released by "Mazai kommunikeyshens" in 2010, was presented in Moscow on the eve of the birthday of the actor -. May 19 at the restaurant

"Gusyatnikoff" In 2010, the actor starred in the movie "The Magician" of the "King and the Clown" and in the video of the "caste" "Hot time».

In 2012 he released the single Gosha Kutsenko and groups "Chi-Li" "I want to beat the dishes».

In November of 2014 in the club "Artist" Gosh, presented his new album, "Music", where the scene talked about his understanding of the current situation in Ukraine and the desire to get away from the movie.