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The history of this amazing project began on Christmas Eve 2001 in 2002, when in the depths of the production center "Elf" in charge of administrative affairs Maxim Fadeev, there was a CD-R, in which the marker was written Glyuko ': za "Sugar." Song got several metropolitan stations, but on New Year's hectic it is not noticed. Meanwhile, "Sugar" was included in the "top 10" Kiev "Nashe Radio", where no one even knew the name of the project.

With some delay in the Moscow show business began to panic - experts and representatives of the major record companies rushed still in search of glucose. The most agile of the capital labels was "Monolith", managers found that the project has a direct relationship to Maxim Fadeev. In March 2002, a multi-label contract was signed with the project.

Nothing better than to settle 3D-version of the girls in the virtual space, Maxim remained. But that's what it is? How to convey to the audience that looks like this shy cyber prikolistka? The decision prompted Glyuk'Oza itself.

"I love Masyanya. We had even something similar, but in general I do not like that. And Gorillaz - already passed," - categorically issued producer lady.

And drew herself. Professional designers and artists only doredaktirovali image. "Hate" - debut as glucose, followed by a cartoon series. The emergence of "hate" on the screen is a genuine benefit performance of advanced 3D technology. Now cyberpunk girl named Glyuk'Oza had all chances to become a symbol of the new virtual generation that lives on the Internet, friendly chats and meet people by their looks.

In the absence of information, gossip fruit with incredible speed, and it was much easier. See the girl personally managed a few.

The project is now elevated to cult status and is one of the most popular in the country. Glyuk'Oza - is not just a performer known hits all of us, it is named after the team, which acts as a pop-retro-punk. Their songs do not fly past our ears, they live in us, constantly spinning in the language, and we hum them again and again. Only in June 2003, we could not only hear glucose, but also to see it. Triumphal appearance of the singer to the public took place during the final concert "Factory of stars-2", which was a producer Maxim Fadeev.

Glucose songs took first place in the national charts and the singer was awarded numerous music awards. Animation has become character Glyuk'Oza year Internet portal Rambler in 2003. Based on the idea of the project was set up computer game characters which are members of the popular group.

At the end of May 2003 in the light of the debut album Glucose called "Glyukoza nostra", which included ten songs. The second album "Moscow" was released in 2005, the work also includes 10 songs and a unique video clip for the song "Schwein". Both albums were successful, and the songs with them to this day in the hot rotation radio stations.

In 2006, Natasha marries businessman Alexander Chistyakov.

In late 2007, Glyuk'Oza returns to musical activities, and together with Maxim Fadeev opens the company "glucose production."

In January 2008, Glyuk'Oza recorded the song "Butterflies", which removed the clip. At the same time Natasha becomes the co-author, and after leading the program "Kids' Tricks" on STS channel.

In the spring of 2008 in the charts breaks new song "Dance, Russia !!!", which soon becomes a truly national hit. Countless concerts sold out accompanied by Natasha and her new album - one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

In July 2008, at the festival in Jurmala "New Wave", Glyukoza presents his new song "Sicily", a duet with Max Fadeev.

In October 2008, off the new official site of the singer - www.gluk.ru

In late 2008, in hot rotation leading music channels gets clip Glyuk`oZy "daughter". The new animated video appeared updated Glyuk`oZa and small Glu, the prototype of which was the daughter Natasha polutoragodovalaya Lida. In the story of the brave blonde clip to save the Earth from alien invaders.

In March 2009, on the wide screen comes cartoon "Monsters vs. Aliens," in which the main role - the role of Gigantic (Susan Murphy) - voiced Glyuk`oZa. It was the first and very successful experience for Natasha cartoon dubbing.

In spring 2009 Glyuk`oZa extends contract to take in the "Children's pranks" (STS) and continues to improve as a TV presenter.

In summer 2009, a new single Glyuk`oZy "Money", which has become, according to the singer, "fat point" in her work. In the autumn of Natasha openly declared change of image. Jeans, T-shirts, massive shoes, as well as songs performed in a humorous vein, in the past. Fans saw the new Glyuk`oZu - feminine, wave, grown-up. At the end of the year a number of different publications (including magazines "OK", "Telenedelya», «Glamour», Internet portal Lifeshowbiz.ru, as well as the TV show «Cosmopolitan: video version" on TNT) noted Glyuk`oZu among the most stylish, beautiful and bright stars of Russian show business in 2009.

In March 2010, the long-awaited premiere of the song "That's kind of love." Absolutely unexpected Glyuk`oZy sound and provocative lyrics instantly forced to pay attention to novelty.

In summer 2010, the singer shot a video for the song «High sign». This song was written for Glyuk'Oza German authors. The Russian version of the song is called "Sweep", the text was written for her husband Natalia, Alexander Chistyakov. With this song, the singer is going to enter the world stage, the output of the video for this song is expected in February 2011. In autumn 2010 Glyuk'Oza shot a video for the song "Like a child." January 31, 2011 at a music portal tophit.ru premiered songs «Hign sign». April 18, 2011 was released the next single, the singer, called "I want a man (Bitch Gaga)." The author of the words to the composition became the singer's husband, Alexander Chistyakov. According to most of Natasha in this song derided metrosexuals.

In April 2011, the club "B2" solo concert Glyuk'Oza called "NOWBoy." It was also presented her own show, filmed in 3D.

May 30, 2011 in the rotation music channels and internet gets the video for "I want a man." In the male lead played by famous comedian Timur Batrutdinov.

In June 2011, opened a new official site of the singer - www.glukoza.com.

In July 2011, in the rotation dance radio station gets a remix of "I want a man" made specifically for DJs DFM summer season.

September 8, 2011 Gluk'oZa second time became a mother. The long-awaited baby was born in the Spanish town of Marbella. Girl weighing 3.03 kg and an increase of 49 cm was born in a clinic in Spain. The baby was named after her grandmother Vera spouse Glyuk'Oza (Alexander Chistyakov). At the time of trouble with the baby Gluk'oZa not left the scene. In November 2011, Natalia finished recording a new album, returned to Moscow and presented it to his fans.

September 10, 2011, the premiere of the song "Traces of tears", the text of which she wrote Gluk'oZa. The music became Artem Fadeev. First track could be heard on the air the largest Russian radio station "Russian Radio". "Trail of Tears" immediately won the hearts of fans of Glyuk'Oza for sincerity and penetration text. The song is addressed to a great friend to whom you can always rely on in difficult times. "For me it has always been my favorite city - says Gluk'oZa - which I very much like to return, and with whom you can always share their feelings."

In October 2011, the sales will go Blu-ray and DVD with a concert program titled "NOWBOY." The exclusivity of the concert is that for the first time in the history of Russian music audience could see no ordinary show, and performance in 3D. Gluk'oZa has long established itself as a pioneer and a lover of innovations in music. In addition to an old favorite hits, fans expecting a pleasant surprise - the premiere of songs that are included in the new album "Trans-form."

10 November 2011 saw the release of the third studio album Glyuk'Oza "trans form" that eagerly awaited fans of the Russian pop music.

The album includes both brand new and no one well-known songs of the performer, and already loved by many "Wag", "That kind of love", "Trail of Tears", "Dance, Russia", "Butterfly", "I want a man" and "Daughter ". Also on the CD contains the song "willfully", "My fault," "Freak", "Shot in the back", "as a child" and four English track - Sugar, High Sign, Schweine and Forget you not.

Name of the trans form of Glu came up with the fans. They offer the option of the network. It turned out interesting and capacious.

- I have already said that the old Glucose no longer - says the new image Natalia - I am changing - transformed. Music is also changing. On this album, there are songs known to anyone, there are some things that I find a new direction in my musical career - dancing and bolder sound. Quite a lot of electronics. There are pop-punk "Shot in the back", there R'n'B «That kind of love", an electronic dance "Freak" and "willfully". Music written several composers: Max Fadeev, Artem Fadeev, Gunther Graf. Arrangements are also very different. It turned out, in my opinion, interesno.A motto for this album, I overheard in Beyonce - Who run the world? Girls! Or in my interpretation: "Girls rule!")).

Glucose admitted that the new album will open its listeners a "new" Glu "Apparently, the karma in this Glucose. I started with a cartoon without a girlfriend and I can not. That girl was an expression of me and my character then. We fully coincide with Tear-Toon all 10 years of marriage. A renewed robot we call Cyber Glu. And it's not a robot housekeeper and the girl today - sassy, sexy and electrified, strong forms, nerves of steel, the connection with the "web" and open look ... All this I quite like and coincides with my feelings and how I want to see myself. I think every young woman wants to feel that way myself.

Cyber Glu become a symbol of my new album Trans-form and will soon be with me in the clips. But just animation clips no more. We will live and destroy really. "

November 17, 2011 Gluk'oZa presented to journalists his album "Trans-FORM" at a closed presentation at the rehearsal Under The Ground in Moscow.

November 24, 2011 after a long absence of the singer on stage was an open presentation of the concert, which performed Gluk'oZa already favorite hits, as well as brand new tracks from the new album "Trans-form."

In January 2012, the network has a new shocking video of the singer of the song "My fault." Exclusive premiere took place at the largest video channel ELLO on YouTube. Made a lot of noise before the premiere of "My fault," has become one of the most provocative works of the singer recently.

In the story of the clip Glu is at the center of a closed space, which can be seen from all sides of the room through a hidden window. These windows appear very different freaks who watch the beautiful ...

Shooting the video for the song "My fault," the third album Glyuk'Oza "trans form" took place in December 2011. It Glu demonstrates excellent shape after childbirth. The plot of the clip held in the strictest confidence. The film crew had signed a nondisclosure agreement details, but sources close to the singer said that it will be one of the most provocative clips of recent times.

The very idea of Glu clip commented: "We did the clip the way it was seen at the time. Yes, we are aware that the clip may be a failure in terms of TV-esters, but not afraid to take risks. What is "That kind of love," which is not "taken" due to the presence in the text of the word cocaine, as well as easy striptease in the video. This is stupid. Now on TV what did not show ... But then, "That's the Love" became a hit in the display YouTube, it strengthened my belief that the Internet is now one of the priority areas. Initially, "My fault" is not intended as a super scandalous, but in the process of shooting began the creative chaos, we have deviated from the script and eventually got what we got ... "Despite fears Glyuk'Oza," My fault, "took in the rotation major music television channels Russia and Ukraine.

In March 2012, the new terminal Vnukovo International Airport appeared amusing sculpture in the form of a dog. This art object - a joint gift couple Chistyakov ions and American sculptor Romero Britto (Romero Britto). A dog named Buddy became a symbol of degenerated Vnukovo.

In the spring of 2012 in the rotation of Russian and Ukrainian radio gets a new track called "To $ ka". The text of this song wrote itself Glyuk'Oza and helped her husband in this - Alexander Chistyakov. The music for "Co $ ke" wrote Artem Fadeev.

In April 2012, Gluk'oZa presented a new video for the song "To $ ka". This work has become especially in the singer's career, as Natalia has long wanted to repeat the experience with Alan Badoev who took to her a few years ago the clip "Butterflies". Glyuk'Oza appeared in the movie in seven images, one of which was charming sexy image hateful Lolita our time.

In autumn 2012 Glyuk'oZavnov began working with Maxim Fadeev, releasing a song of his authorship - "Take my hand." According to most of Natalia, the song became very personal for her.

In January 2013 broadcast music channels appeared for the song "Take my hand" (VMZR), text and music which was written by Max Fadeev. The song itself is in the rotation of Russian and Ukrainian radio stations from September 2011. Originally clip for this song was not supposed to shoot, but one thing led Glyuk'Oza producer to change his mind.

In October 2012, Maxim Fadeev received an email from a young man, in which he tells his story of love. Here is an excerpt of the letter:

"The song" Take my hand, "I associate with a history of past relationships. The finale of my love story was as sad as the song itself. How would like to see everything could go back and what a pity that we are not able to influence some things. That is the will of another person .... ... I lost my favorite for some stupid coincidence. This girl loved me more than anyone else. But I lied to her expectations, betrayed. Last time we had seen on the platform of the Leningrad station. I was going to move from Moscow, because he could not be with her in the same city. I remember I was standing on the platform waiting for her. What if it comes, can still be something to fix. I waited and believed that she would come. I have in the player while playing the song "Take my hand." And you know, maybe it's somehow not a man, but I stood there on the platform and wept, knowing that I leave this city to your heart, past, hopes and illusions. ... At the meeting she did not come, and I left the city, taking with them the future only emptiness ... "This letter is so touched by Maxim Fadeev, he decided to make a video in which the girl still come to the platform and forgive hero.

The song "Take my hand" lasted 27 weeks in the main country music charts and won the award "Golden Gramophone", held Russian radio. By the way, a few weeks after the premiere of the track on the air station, the song topped the charts VMZR.

In February 2013 all the content Glyuk'Oza became legal and free for distribution on the largest online sales Apple - iTunes.

Winter 2013 starts on First Channel world famous Fort Boyard game, in which participated Glyuk'Oza. Her team ("Strong ligaments") reached the final game, but was defeated team "Handymen."

April 6, 2013 in Moscow Concert Hall Crocus City Hall hosted a concert of Leningrad. One of the songs of the concert program the most scandalous Russian artist sang a duet with Glyuk'Oza, longtime girlfriend soloist of Leningrad - Sergei Shnurova. The choice of songs together is not accidental. Once at a party Glyuk'Oza Sergei Shnurovym sang karaoke loved by millions of "manager". And when the cord was tracklisting future concert, he had the idea to repeat a duet with this hit.

May 17, 2013 shows the musical guest Ivan Urganta Smokey Mo steel and Glyuk'oZa. Their joint track "Butterfly" aired for the first time.

The song "Butterflies" was released on production of Maxim Fadeev in 2008 and immediately got into hot rotation of many Russian and Ukrainian radio stations. However, the life of this romantic song has decided to extend the well-known Russian rap artist Smoky Mo. Once back from St. Petersburg to Moscow by train, in the dining car, which ran a snack rapper sounded "Butterflies", in which he immediately fell in love and decided to create a cover. Record a track, it would have remained unpublished, if not the case, which brought the two artists after almost 5 years. In the spring of 2013 Glyuk'Oza was in the studio to his friend Baste (Vasily Vakulenko), where he met with Smokey Mo. The guys immediately became friends during the next meeting of the rapper still Natalia decided to show his vision of her "Butterfly."