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She was born May 19, 1975 in Leningrad. As a child, he fascinated by science fiction and dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Interest in outer space easy to get along with a love of music. Little Eva Polna loved to sing and she danced. Her childhood idols were jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and ballerina Anna Pavlova. But the most favorite idol was a Soviet and Russian actor Vladimir Konkin.

In 1991 he entered the Leningrad State Institute of Culture. Nadezhda Krupskaya, who graduated in 1996, the specialty "librarian-bibliographer", also having a second specialization "Information Management and Marketing." Then entered the St. Petersburg College of Art.

In 1994, Eva Polna came on the scene as part of the St. Petersburg rap group "A-2". There, she was listed dancer and backing vocalist. However, a year later, the singer left the band, but not a scene. For a time, he performed in various clubs in St. Petersburg, where she sang the classic rock ballad 70s.

In 1996, he met with Yuri Usachev, who at that time was looking for a singer for his own musical project. This was the vocalist and Eva Polna, and the project was called "Visitors from the future." She was a songwriter, director of the show group "Visitors from the future" and the creator of the costumes sketches of the team.

In winter 1997, a group of "Russian Size" Eve invited Entirely to the studio to record their new album. All the female vocals in the album "Dance?" Eva Polna executed.

The first performance of the group was held on 8 March 1998 at the nightclub "Titanic" (now - is «Ray Just Arena»). But, however, success was not followed.

The first album, "In a hundred years," was written in collaboration with Eugene Arsentiev and only for one night. But the first album, and the song became popular not because Russian audiences were not ready to listen to music in the styles of jungle and ambient. Try not to follow the fashion, to create its own, failed.

Therefore, the band changed its musical direction. Now, "Guests from the Future," they write pop music. And the first song written in this genre - "Run to me" has become very popular. Pronounced ambiguity in the text, the romantic-sounding detached and caused interest among the public and many critics.

Meanwhile Yevgeny Orlov contracts with the group "Guests from the Future." In 1999, together with him they recorded their second album - "Run to me", and in 2000 - the third album - "Winter in the Heart».

The hit team becomes the song "Games." The video for the song, shot during their tour in London was the most popular. At this time, the boys feel that they can do better. Therefore, "Guests from the Future" break the contract with Evgeny Orlov, feeling quite self-sufficient and valid artists.

March 8, 2003 "Guest from the Future" was 5 years old. A public celebration of the anniversary took place on 4 April of the same year in St. Petersburg voDvortse Sports "Jubilee." It was the first solo concert in St. Petersburg, but the first solo concert in Moscow on 9 March 2006 in the Moscow Art Theatre named after Maxim Gorky. Also in this theater of the presentation of the group's latest album - "the stars».

In March 2009, Eva Polna said that Yuri Usachev left the band, but "Visitors from the future" not ceased to exist. It was written the song "I'm your pussy," it also had a video.

In 2009, Eva Polna announced the collapse of the group and the beginning of his solo career. At this time, she released the song "Boys Do not Cry" and it makes a video.

Eva L. continues to create real hits. In May 2010, the song goes, "Do not parting" and "Mirages».

In 2011 - the song "Ships" and "I love you too, no».

In 2012, Eva Polna pleases his fans with a new song - "The whole world in the palm of my", which won first place in the Russian charts. The song "The whole world in the palm of my" became one of the most popular - it could be heard every day on the radio, to speak with this song Eva Polna invited to many concerts and festivals.

In April 2013, comes the song "Silence", and in the autumn of that year, Eva L. holds a concert tour "All about me" in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar. In December 2013 Eva Polna becomes the most which is rotated performer in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the song "The whole world in the palm of my" hit the top three most rotated songs on the radio (according to the portal TopHit).

In March 2014, the premiere of the song "It's not you," and on 19 May the same year - the premiere of the first solo album - "Love Sings." Critic «Time Out Moscow" Maxim Tuwim wrote about the "bright, lyrical solo debut of former participants" Guest from the Future, "in which we hear echoes of the most prominent entertainers of the Soviet Union (from Anna Herman to Alexei Rybnikov) - easily the best Russian-language album of 2014 ».