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In the musical piggy EMIN'a six English-language albums have scattered many thousands of copies around the world. Contracts with leading companies Warner Music and Sony ATV Music Publishing. Multimillion view clips on YouTube. Finally, the high-profile launch of the first Russian-language album "The Edge" and seven English-language album with symbolic name «Amor». December 1st, 2014 they released their second-language album EMIN'a "honest." November 29, 2014 EMIN first received the award "Golden Gramophone" for the performance of the song "I'm the best live", which appeared on the first Russian-language album, "On the Edge" (2013).

From the recent international successes EMIN'a worth noting the victory at the prestigious World Music Awards 2014 which was held in Cannes May 27, 2014. EMIN received the award in the nomination "Best Artist of Azerbaijan, and was also nominated in the categories of" Best World live performance "and" best actor. " The most recent publicized event was the promotional tour of the musician in the United States, where he presented the album «Amor» within the top five television shows the main channel of the country, such as: NBC, FOX, Fuse TV and Hispanic Telemundo.

2013 became a momentous musical career EMIN'a. The international contest Miss Universe 2013, held in Moscow in November, EMIN spoke before an audience of a billion television in 160 countries. Surrounded by the most beautiful girls of the planet, he did not leave anyone indifferent performance singles «In Another Life» and «Amor». The success of the last hit says wildly popular on YouTube, whose views have exceeded 5 million! The video for the song was filmed in Los Angeles with the participation of Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culp (Olivia Culpo).

The international beauty contest EMIN took part in the most popular talk show on Russian television, and took video for the song «In Another Life» with the participation of Donald Trump (Donald Tramp). & Nbsp;

EMIN never He ceased to amaze the audience and the press with her performance, from soft vocal hits the first four drives to the dance hits of the latest release. During his musical career he has repeatedly appeared before a world audience, including the World Championship Women's Football 2012 and international competition "Eurovision-2012", which topped the television audience of 200 million viewers.

EMIN was born in Baku. The boy was only three years old when the family moved to Moscow. He studied at the European School, which, he said, "has opened his eyes to the world." Education, he completed in the US East Coast, where truly manifested his interest in music.

The first studio album of the musician «Still» was released in 2006. In Russia, it sold 70,000 copies of the disc and in the CIS countries - 30 000. After the success of their debut album EMIN has released three albums in three years: «Incredible» (2007), «Obsession» (2008) and «Devotion» (2009 ). Each release is accompanied by live concerts in Moscow and Baku.

In 2010 EMIN moved to London to work with renowned producer Brian Rawling (Brian Rolling) in his studio Metropolis Studios. In the process of cooperation with the Rolling EMIN carefully worked on the development of his own vocal style, and developed talent as a composer and songwriter. The result of this creative alliance began albums that have received international recognition: «Wonder» (2011) and «After the Thunder» (2012). «Wonder» was named the best album of the week BBC Radio 2, the largest station in Europe. After that, he released two singles (Obvious and Any Time You Fall), which were also recognized as the best singles of the week.

In September 2012 EMIN opened the concert Jennifer Lopez in Baku Cristal Hall. The concert gathered 25,000 fans. "For me it was a real shock to perform on stage with the most talented and popular singer in the world", says EMIN.

He has participated in a variety of popular talk shows, including BBC Breakfast Time, CBS New York, Fox Good Day, Fuse TV, ITV's Daybreak. Articles about him appeared in such publications as Esquire, The London Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC.co.uk, The Sun, The Independent, as well as participated in the show on radio station Sirius XM Radio.

Currently EMIN is promoting two of his albums "honest" and «Amor», preparing promotional tour of the regions of Russia and foreign countries, as well as recording new tracks. December 10 and 11 were held just two EMIN'a anniversary concert in Crocus City Hall, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the artist, tickets have been sold out completely!