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Tugusheva Elvira (Elvira T) was born born in the city of Saratov in 1994, on 14 August. The girl was not able to pay in time to the music school, so she has no musical education, but she was able to independently learn to play the keyboard and can strum virtually any song, relying solely on his own musical ear. Elvira, deciding to dedicate his life to music, looking for a place where she could learn the skill of singing, and at the same time to test their musical abilities.

Approximately 13 years old, she began to study singing. From the age of 14, she began training in vocal studio and from that moment begins to start her music career. Elvira lot performs at festivals, concerts and various competitions in his hometown, she has a serious hit with the audience. However, in the 16 years she understands that you can not stop on the already achieved and decides to move on. Elvira throws his studies in vocal studio, and for the first time very loudly declares its existence in the summer of 2010, when she recorded her debut song called "All agreed." This song became a hit various music sites and forums, she had great success in a variety of online charts and hit the rotation of several radio stations.