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Tree - Ukrainian and Russian singer. Since 2004 he has been living in Russia

A career in music as a part of Uzhgorod group B & B. In 2004 she signed a contract with Vlad Gross and released a successful debut album "City of fraud," with the hits "Girl in the Peugeot" and "good mood". Subsequently, in cooperation with the shafts were released two more albums: "Shadows" and "this magnificent world," have not been as successful as the debut singer.

From 2010 to 2012 the judge acted on the Ukrainian show «X-Factor". In 2011 she received a lot of popularity with the song "Provence" and was nominated in three categories at the Muz-TV 2011. The fourth studio album of the singer "points apart" had success both with music journalists and the public. The album received positive reviews from critics, who considered him the best pop album of 2011. Such magazines like "Afisha», Time Out and Interview plate made in its editorial lists the major albums of the year. "The points are placed" also topped the rating of the Russian sales of albums "2M. Russia Top-25. " At the end of 2012 it has been recognized as the Christmas tree which is rotated performer on Russian radio stations.

Elka is four times winner of the prize "Golden Gramophone" (with the song "handsome boy", "Provence", "About You" and "Fly, Lisa") and nominated for RMA channel MTV. In 2011, recognized as the "Singer of the Year" by Glamour magazine and among the ten most successful leaders of the Ukrainian show business, according to the publication "Focus". In the same year was named "Singer of the Year" award in the «ZD Awards», the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets».

Lisa IVANTSOV born July 2, 1982 in Uzhgorod. At first, she studied at the secondary school № 8 of Uzhgorod, and finished his studies at school № 19. Raised in a musical family (father - a collector of jazz music, mother - a musician who plays on three instruments, grandparents sang in the Transcarpathian Folk Choir), Elizabeth He sang in the school choir, then moved to the vocal circle of the Palace of Pioneers. While studying at the school participated in the school KVN. Acquired thanks to the popularity of the local team of KVN school Uzhgorod "Ward number 6", in 2001-2003 transformed the team Uzhgorod and Vinnytsia. According to the singer, a nickname she invented specifically. With eleven years it all became known as the Christmas tree, after "one friend blurted out:" Christmas Tree ", someone heard - and away we go." "I ... yes his name from eleven years did not respond. Even my mother calls the Christmas tree. Only Dad remembers everything and very inadequately reacts when my name forgotten friends. He once they all vegetation Red Book lists, especially when in the night call, "- says actress.

Tree enters the School of Music in vocal, but not finished. In her acknowledgments, she had an awkward relationship with the teachers: "I honestly tried to study in the musical college vocal class. But this venture was not successful. I was there disagreement with everything and everyone with me. Therefore, after six months just dumped: "Let's I quickly pasture, until you yourself asked me not to. '" In the mid-1990s, it became part of the Christmas tree Uzhgorod group «B & B», where she performed as a backing vocalist.

In 2001, the group «B & B» performed at the International Festival of Rap Music'01, where Yolka noticed Vlad shafts, leader of the group Bad Balance, who later became the first producer of the singer. After the band broke up and singer for some time did not appear on stage. At that time, she gave up the dream of becoming an artist and got a job as a waitress in a cafe. Three years later, a call from the company Yolka shafts. The singer said that for a long time thought, if her play, but after talks with Vlad, who sent her a ticket to Moscow and suggested, "come for a week, we will experiment." Vlad shafts signed a contract with the Christmas tree, and one of the first recorded songs with him was "to say a word to you," included in the collection "The girls attack."

In 2004 Elka performed in concert at the bottom of the memory of Micah, and his band, which also consisted of two guitarists and DJ Lenar. At the concert, she sang Christmas tree Micah "Bitch-love." "It was a deliberate step. I just took it and sang this song. It was dedicated to the memory of Micah evening, I sang the song specifically for the parents. It is, of course, had a lot of rumors, but still more positive reviews. I have always put emphasis on the fact that not a commercial move, and a tribute to the man, "- said later artist. Continued cooperation with the shafts, the singer recorded a song of his work "The City of deception." "Vlad looked at me, wrote the song" City of deception ", a song that is my reflection," - says the singer. The composition was released on radio in the summer of 2004 and was the first hit trees, hitting the radio hits "Maximum" and stayed there twelve weeks.

November 9, 2005 the debut album of singer, entitled "City of deception." Work on the disc, released on the label 100PRO, was completed in mid-2005 and how to tell the performer, the record was written "at one go". Elka presented in a different style of music, which applies to the rock (for guitar) and hip-hop (due to the "polygonal" rhythms and scratch). The singer described her style as "heavy guitar R & B». In NewsMusic.ru wrote that "Russia is the first time such a mix." The album was met with a variety of views. Rita Skeeter in InterMedia commended the work, saying: "Tree and Gross found a way to make this genre [R & B] really competitive even in our market with its national circumstances." Andrew Nikitkina in Rap.ru wrote that the tree - it's still pop project, but "very high quality. Has incorporated elements like r'n'b, and rock, reggae, chanson and pop. And is designed not only to fans of some of these styles as a wide audience. " Boris Barabanov in the newspaper "Kommersant" also told about the singer, as the main hope of Russian pop.

In 2005, the Christmas tree was nominated for the award RMA channel MTV, in the category "Best Rap." With the album was also released several singles, including the successful song "Girl in the Peugeot" and "good mood", the latter of which reached the 56 position in the Russian radio charts.

In 2006, she released a single song "girl student" who came to the 17th place in the Russian radio charts. October 19 the band released their second studio album Firs "Shadows." Elena Kuzmina in Jamsession.ru wrote that the album continued the tradition of the first album and described mainly urban life. Guru Ken from NewsMusic.ru considered that the new album introduced the Christmas tree too cheesy material and noted that he had not caused such a stir as the first. "Projected on a romantic teenage audience, the second album Firs" Shadows "is unlikely to be the event of the year. But confirm that r'n'b-projects in Russia are still living, and even collect chock full of tiny (but pretentious) clubs - this album will ", - the author notes. In March, Elka has sounded a red cap in the Russian dubbed animated film "Hoodwinked».

In 2007, the singer received the prize "Golden Gramophone" for the song "handsome boy».

In April 2008 released their third album Firs "This wonderful world." New work called the singer more relaxed and philosophical. "The first album was a strong tendency of the internal protest, fight, pressing problems. Now I tried to record more peaceful album, because it has come to the realization that many problems can be smoothed with love "- says the actress. In 2008, she was also nominated for Muz-TV, in the category "Best Hip Hop Project". In the same year recorded with rapper Al Solo joint song "Happiness". The song was included in the experimental album of the singer "Tree. Duets ", which included fifteen tracks recorded with artists of Russian hip-hop / R & B scene. In September, it was presented the first Ukrainian-language song performer under the name "Freedom". On the radio station "Course" suggests that the composition was recorded in connection with the political changes in the Ukraine. "This light and bright song tells about freedom. Although it was written under the impression of not the nicest singer accidents at home, "- wrote on the website" Course ».

In 2009, the singer released two new songs: "Dreams" and "Your words," the last of which was filmed a video clip. The composition was recorded for the fourth studio album Firs. The work on the fourth album, initially conducted on gross, but after the completion of the contract with the Christmas tree, the cooperation was stopped and recorded the song "Your words," was not included in any album of the singer. The song "Dreams" was subsequently included in the fourth album, but under the name of "Up in your dreams ..." and in another arrangement.

After the release of the third studio album in the works Firs began to change. Alex smearing in InterMedia noted that the singer came to a standstill, but "give up" on it early. Journalist advised her to expand the circle of authors and work out in the intoning ("fit for that masterpieces of pop and rock music from different years"). Denis Stupnikov in KM.ru wrote that the artist heed this advice and in 2009 a rock tribute Alla Pugacheva, she sang the ballad "You're in the world is," and a year later ended her contract with the producer Vlad shafts. After the Christmas tree began to work with Liana Meladze and Alyona Mikhailova of Velvet Music, and in 2010 became a judge on the Ukrainian show «X-factor».

In the work the singer is a "radical change." If earlier Firs songs were performed in the styles of R & B and alternative rock, but now they have become more positive and mature pop. September 20, she released a new single, "Provence", written by the young Ukrainian writer Yegor Solodovnikov. At the beginning of 2011, the song became a big hit. The new album, the singer described as a reflection of her inner state. "Any artist, even with minimal creative ambitions, wants to be listened to and heard. For 29 years, I realized that to be a pop singer - it is not something that is not disgraceful, and a very cool "- says the Christmas tree in an interview with" sound. RU". The success of 'Provence' help she received three nominations for the award Muz-TV 2011, in the categories of "Best Singer", "Best Song" and "Best Video". In June, the singer joined the list of most successful show business in Ukraine for the season 2010-2011, compiled by Ukrainian edition of "Focus". The singer has been placed on the tenth place in the ranking. In 2011 it was also released successful singles such as hit number one in the Russian radio charts "on the big balloon" and "About you." In September, the duo was presented Firs and Paul Will - the song "Boy." October 1 at the awards ceremony Award RU.TV, singer won the award in the category "Best Song" for the song "Provence».

The fourth studio album by the singer "points apart" was released on November 18, 2011 on "Yandex. Music. " Music critics praised the work, calling it one of the best pop albums of the year. In the same month Elka became "Singer of the Year" by the magazine Glamour, and on November 26 received its second award "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Provence". In December, Moscow Time Out magazine noted the work of the singer and introduced her song "Provence" in its editorial "100 songs that changed our lives", and the album "The points are placed" in a list of "top 25 albums of 2011". The magazine "Bill" and made a "Points are placed" in its list of the top albums of the editorial of 2011, in the category of "the soul of the year." Music Interview magazine editorial team made the drive in the list of the best albums of the year, in the category "Russian female pop." Editorial musical section Lenta.ru made the song "On the big balloon" in his list of the top songs of the year.

In early 2012 there were reports that the Christmas tree is going to release a new album in the middle of the year, although the previous disc was released in November 2011. According to the singer, at that time, she already has several new songs that she was going to record in the studio. In late January, came the video "Vladi", member of the "caste", the song "composed of Dreams", which starred Tree. February 2, 2012 CD "The points are placed" Head of Russian album chart "2M. Russia Top-25. " March 26, it became known that the singer has been nominated in four categories - "Best Female" and "Best Album" ("Points are placed"), "Best Song" ("Near You") and "Best Duet" (with Paul Will) ( "Boy") - on Muz-TV Award 2012. As a result, Elka received an award in the category "Best performer". Due to the increased popularity of the performer, she had to refuse to continue participation in the television project «X-factor." In the third season Firs place at the judges' table won the singer Irina Dubcova. In the latest ranking of the most successful stars of the Ukrainian show business publication "Focus", Elka took 18th place: its income is in Ukraine for the season 2011-2012 was about one and a half million dollars.

April 20 the concert of the singer in the new hall "North" sports complex "Olympic". During the concert, Elka has introduced two new songs - "above" and "I want." The last of the songs were released as singles, the soundtrack to the movie "Love with accent" and has received positive reviews in the press.

September 21 Christmas Tree opened new autumn concert tour of Russia in Moscow club "16 tons". There have also been scheduled performances of the singer in the United States. In addition, as part of Konstantin Meladze recital at the "New Wave" Tree Valery Meladze sang "In the middle of summer." In 2012 Elka RU.TV Prize was awarded in the category "Best Song" for the song "About You».

October 8 in the magazine "Bill" was presented to a joint song Firs and group "Megapolis": a cover version of a song by Alexander Sinitsyn, "The stars, the stars." The composition, as well as four more songs were recorded in conjunction with the "Megalopolis" for the series "Real" in which the singer played a cameo role. December 4 the digital release of a new mini-album, "A soft Concert", recorded at the Moscow concert singer in the concert hall "Mir».

The album was released in the iTunes Store, the opening day of the Russian branch of the online store. In early 2013, rolling out the film "Gentlemen, good luck!", In which there was a Christmas tree cameo, in a cameo role, and performed one of his songs.

In the summer of 2013 Elka has introduced a new song, "Body ofigel", which was soon shot clip. Soon, she released a single song and "above", but under the new name - "Fly, Lisa" - and a clip on it. Together with the rapper Noize MC performed the song "We do not understand", which was released on his album "Confusion" in October 2013.

In August 2013, the rapper with the Heat Christmas tree recorded the song "New World" and soon took off on her clip. As always, the closer to the new year, Yolka invited to the awards, Christmas photo shoot, and so on. D.

The single singer Firs and group drills "You know," was released on February 18, 2014 label Velvet Music. The song - Igor Burnyshev (lead singer of drills) and Igor Pale (member of drills) wrote this song the summer of 2013 and knew exactly who will perform the songs of a duet with him - Tree. The most interesting thing is that the video for the song was shot on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The release of the song took place on February 19, 2014. The video took place February 24, 2014 on the official channel of the singer's label Firs - Velvet Music. As said Elka - single enters the new album of the singer.

Written in the genre of pop, "you know" is a dynamic, dance composition with minor harmonies and elements of dance music in the arrangement. The song received positive reviews from critics from the magazine "Bill" called it "the most popular Russian-language song of the year».

The song is written by two composers: Igor and Igor Burnyshev Pale. The song started and finished writing in June 2013. Notification of the premiere of the song and the clip has happened only in February 2014. All this time, from July to February, they filmed the clip. The clip was shot on usual the iPhone, and edited the footage on MacBook. Igor Burnyshev - member of Band'eros and group drills. The great popularity of the song and the video began in March 2014. March 14, 2014 Tree and drills were in the program "Russian Peppers" on Russian radio and on the same day, and Elka drills were in the "Table of orders" on TV RU.TV. MUZ-TV made a report about the shooting video and writing songs.

The song received positive reviews from critics from the magazine "Bill" called it "the most popular Russian-language song of the year»

IPhone camera once again used for the video shoot. Singer Elka removed using Apple smartphone video for the song "You know", performed with a group of "burrito." The director of the video was made by Igor Burnyshev, operator - Alexander Larin, they are also fully responsible for the installation. It is known that the video shoot lasted more than six months.

April 23, 2014 Tree released a video and the song "Everything depends on us." The song became the soundtrack to the new film with Michael Galustian - "Gift to the character." May 26 participated in a charity concert in Moscow.

May 30 at the Moscow club «Ray Just Rrena (Arena Moscow)» was a big solo concert of trees, where it introduced four new songs, one in Ukrainian - "Kohat," in Russian, "The Sea Inside", "Draw me the sky" "Newbie." May 31 in the concert hall "Crocus City Hall" took fourth music award television RU.TV. Singer Elka has not won in the category "Best Female Singer" and did not take part in the concert.

The first information about the new songs of the singer Firs appeared in May 2014 before the big solo concert May 30, 2014 in Ray Just Arena. At the concert, she sang a new song, "The Sea Inside", "passer" and "Draw me to heaven." The songs just like the music critics and fans of the singer. The studio version of the song came out July 7th 2014 label Velvet Music. The song was written by Alexander Otto Notmanom and Dulovo. The song, according Firs will enter her new album that will be released in 2014. Also, in an interview to «Musecube Tv» after the big solo concert May 30, 2014 in Ray Just Arena, Tree said that in July or August will be released for the song clip.

November 7, 2014 a big concert with the presentation of Firs new songs, the album is not in the Moscow nightclub Artist Concert Hall. The singer presented three new songs: "The Sea Inside", "Floors", "passer".

December 6, 2014 in the UK Olympic held annual music festival "Song of the Year." In it the singer Elka received a diploma and a statuette for the song "Draw me the sky", and best composer became the producer of her hit Provence - Konstantin Meladze.

As promised the singer Elka output fifth studio album will be in February 2015, in the beginning. There will songs Tree released in 2 years, new duets and songs, as well as new songs that were presented at concerts Firs from 2014: "The Sea Inside", "Floors", "Newbie", "Loving (on Ukrainian) "and" Draw me the sky ».