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Elena Temnikova


With 10 years took the music seriously: rehearsed, performed. He participated and won music competitions in the weight and at the same time to be nice to learn. Music school left and came to the vocal studio Valery Chigintseva.

Winter of 2003 arrived in Moscow before going their way or in a theater, or in any other university in the public relations office and saw an advertisement for the casting for "Factory of stars". I came the last day of the selection before leaving home, and took it.

Then began the Moscow period: Work with Maxim Fadeev (also born in Kurgan), the final project "Factory of stars-2", a tour of 2003-2004, participation in the project of the First Channel, "The Last Hero 5. Supergame "guest soloist in the musical theater BRIDGE" Airport ».

In early 2006, Fadeev has decided to create a project «SEREBRO».

In March 2007, the selection committee had sent the first channel group Serebro to represent Russia at the international song contest "Eurovision 2007", where they finished third.

February 14, 2014 Elena Temnikova reported that December 3 2014 finishes her contract with Maxim Fadeev production center, after which she will leave the group «SEREBRO».

November 18 Elena Temnikova presented her new solo single "Dependence".