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Already in the 11 years old girl sang in the "Multi-Max", one of the most famous children's collectives of Ukraine. As part of the dance group, she traveled all over the country and has won many TV contest. When Lena was 17 years old, she became a soloist with the orchestra of the Staff of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia and in 1998 in this part of Russia was represented at Cannes Festival of military orchestras. At the same time she won the festival called "Yalta-Moscow-Transit".

In 2004, Maximov was cast in the musical «We will rock you» in Russia, where its music consultant on the album was the legendary Brian May (Brian May), one of the leaders of the «Queen». In the words of Brian, he has several years watched the career of Lena Maximova. Young singer shocked the experienced musician thanks to his amazing tone and her perfect pronunciation. After Brian May, her second musical mentor was the bass guitarist of the band «Queen» Danny Miranda (Danny Miranda). He even wrote some of the songs Lena bass from the upcoming album.

In 2006, a new producer, Vyacheslav Tyurin, invited the young singer to his new project, which he called - the group «Non Stop». As part of this new pop group Lena participated in the music festival "Five Star».

In 2008, she became a finalist in the "New Wave" international vocal competition. The final song of her fat composition under the name "Angel Wings", which not only glorified Man, but also became the most downloaded music track on the Internet.

After the contest in Jurmala Lena began recording their debut album, which was released in August 2009. While working on her album helped her fellow musicians from the group "Ethnosphere." The texts of the songs were written by Russian author Olga Shamis and English Write a famous composer Pavel Kashin. Singing songs in a foreign language is not accounted for Lena slightest labor as the education she has a diploma of the Institute of Foreign Languages.

In March 2009, in the concert hall of Moscow "Mir" was the premiere of a new project of the composer Pavel Kashin - "Decadence", the voice of this group became Lena Maximova. As part of this project, Lena has performed more than 10 songs in English. In the same year it expects even greater success. She became one of the singers of the popular group "Reflex", which came out of the pop group «Non Stop», after recorded video for the song "Electron love." The new composition of the group "Reflex", they recorded a song called "Girl wind" and "My favorite city", one of them was shot clip. Within this group, Lena stayed a little less than two years.

March 1, 2011 Lena Maximova said that out of the musical group "Reflex", as decided to pursue a solo career. In its place comes a new group member - Ukrainian girl Anna Baston.

Biography of Lena Maximova has come a long way from the pop up smart ass - so she called his new musical direction that works.
< br> June 28, 2011 ROYAL BAR held in a candid photoshoot men's magazine «Playboy», the heroine of which was the former singer of the group "Reflex" Elena Maximova. But also in the same hall kontsert- howl it introduced new concert program.