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Elena Kukarskaya was born October 10, 1983 in the city of Tyumen, Russia. Mother - Tatyana Kukarskaya, former teacher of Russian language and literature, the head teacher of the school number 17 in Tyumen. Father - Sergey Viktorovich Kukarskaya, an employee of the company "Sibneft". School Elena graduated with honors, has 2 adult category 2nd Class in volleyball and basketball. She studied at the School of Music in piano, but did not finish, because of the late start of study (9 th grade), and after entering the university had to give up studying music. After school, Helen entered the Tyumen State Academy of Culture Arts and Social Technologies of the specialty "The director of theatrical performances and festivals." As a student Elena actively promoted at various corporate events and celebrations. It took 1st place in the contest of young performers "Steps". There was an active participant in the regional festival "Student Spring", where twice received the award for "Best acting performance of the song" and "Most memorable performance." It was the lead actress in the team of KVN "Carbon Monoxide" and in 2004 Mayor's Cup was awarded as "Best Actor of 2004" In the summer, outside of school time, Elena worked as a counselor in summer camps.

Diploma of Higher Education Elena defended between tours with "American Idol." Diploma under the name "Elena Kukarskaya (Cook) in the project Star Academy 5," she defended perfectly.

In autumn 2004, Elena found out about the start of the project Star Academy and went to the casting. The jury saw it only on the third day and on the second attempt, with Alla Pugacheva personally insisted to take on the project of a girl with a custom appearance - Elena had enough curvy shape.

During the project and for the first time Cook has recorded three solo songs sang: "In a little" (muses. M. Fadeev, cl. I. Sekachёvoy), "Ju-ju" (muses. Ff. A. Nefedova) and "The Pianist" ( muses. ff. A. Nefedova). The single "In the little" once (13 October 2004) was in heavy rotation on "Russian radio" and other stations, where he successfully was rotated for 119 weeks and reached the 30th position in the chart Airplay Detection TopHit 100. Elena also worked with several Kukarskaya Russian pop stars: with Soso Pavliashvili, Earrings, Valery Syutkin, Vitas, professor Lebedinsky, a group of the Prime Minister. Elena reached the final, total spending under the cameras 3 months and 3 days. As a result of the project Cook took 4th place in the viewers vote and signed a contract with Max Fadeev for further cooperation.

After the project Elena Kukarskaya has not disappeared from the TV screens, appearing on the First Channel, STS (most often in the TV program "Life is Beautiful»), MTV, Muz-TV. Cook continued to record songs and the radio came the first ballad singer, "My dear friend" (muses. M. Fadeev, cl. I. Sekachёvoy), then the next groovy track "Red currant" (muses. M. Fadeev seq. D. Khrushchev).

In late 2006, Cook has recorded two songs with Pierre Narcisse, a graduate of the second season of American Idol. On the song "Zina" (A. Stoychev) was filmed the video - the first video work Kukarskaya Helena. The song "Cold", released before Christmas, sounding very much like "the little", but to repeat the success of hit Cookies it failed, reaching only 61 lines of Airplay Detection TopHit 100 and 17th position in the Christmas chart. This tandem artists planned to make the homeland of Pierre Narcisse - Cameroon (Africa) in the New Year holidays. However, the trip did not take place.

In spring 2007, Cook took part in the circus project "King of the Lions or unusual adventures manufacturers in Russia", which was organized in Bryansk. During the project, graduates of different seasons of "American Idol" came to the circus, performing their songs to the number of circus performers. On the final show Cook ventured to speak in a cage with lions.

In autumn 2007, the channel Muz-TV began filming the television series "Love is not show business." Elena Kukarskaya played the role of a novice fashion designer Masha. According Cookies, her interested in the script and my colleagues on the series. [13] The project brought together young artists such as Lera Kudryavtseva, c. Vintage, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Svetlana Svetikova Alexei Goman, Dominique Joker, Sergei Zverev Sergey Stillavin Gennady Bachinskii other.

Cook is working on her debut album, which should more fully reveal her vocal and artistic abilities. In August 2009, Cook presented a solo program "KUKA ... New, but still has its own". It Elena appears before the audience in three different images, performs jazz song «Summertime», as well as singing the song Alla Pugacheva, "Do not hurt me." In addition, the singer has been actively involved in charity work, regularly visiting orphanages and shelters. Autumn Elena Kukarskaya became curator of SMS-action "Save the Children Together" charity fund "Lifeline».

In October 2009, he ended the contract with the producer Max Fadeev and Cook parted ways with producer center. She stated this at a press conference in Kazan, which came as a member of the jury of the beauty contest "Model of Tatarstan».

On the eve of the new year Elena Kukarskaya assembled a new team, and for two months recorded three songs, one of which is written the most Kukoy. In January 2011, we took a tour of the US, where Cook gave 3 concerts: in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Logged remix of the song "Winter" - the first song in the repertoire of Helena, written by herself and released in 2011. In the role of sound producer made a remix finalists of the first season of "American Idol" Michael Grebenshchikov.

In May 2013, the premiere of a new song by Elena Kukarskaya - "The Queen". The song became the title in his debut album artist. In October, together with the issuing company "Monolith" Cook released the album "The Queen." October 8th album "The Queen" was released in iTunes. Presentation of the disc "The Queen" was held on October 10, the day of the 30th anniversary of the singer, in Moscow club «Stakan». The plate includes the best and well-known songs recorded for 9 years (2004-2013). The presentation turned out great. The celebration was a huge number of star guests: 5sta Family, Vic Talyshinskaya (duet "Nepara"), Pierre Narcisse with his family, Marina Devyatova Konstantin Legostaev Timothy Khazanov (Stsenokardiya), Andrei Kovalev, Alexander Belov, Anna Boronina (ex-soloist of 23 45), Irina Ortman, Elena Terleeva and many others.

In February, Elena began work on a new song "All the best for yourself," and the clip. The video channel Ello.tv held on 26 May. The same day, the song rotation on federal radio stations. Also, the track started selling in all online stores, including in ITunes and Google Play. In the hit parade of radio "Spring FM" song "All the best for yourself," won first place in the week 15.06-21.06.

The newly-video - the other Helena, postroynevshaya, prettier, with a sunny smile, a happy wife and mother.

The video for the song, written by the author of the Lugansk region, carries a simple but extremely positive idea: the best of everything we create with their own hands.