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3 April 2014 in Krasnodar, held a big solo concert with Ed Shulzhevsky Variety Symphony Orchestra under Vadim Kuz'minskii. Accompanied by the orchestra performed earlier Scorpions, Nikolay Noskov, B-2 and other equally famous stars. Ed gives several recitals in Russia, as well as continuing with touring musicals. The repertoire Shulzhevsky appears the song "If suddenly" (muses. / Cl .. Ed Shulzhevskii). When recording a song using only "live" instruments. The singer himself and acts as a director of video for the song.

Ed Shulzhevskii got the lead role in the musical "The Three Musketeers" (dir. Alexander Marakulin muses. Maxim Dunaevsky verses - Yuri Ryashentsev). The role of D'Artagnan Ed offered in 2012, but due to tour the singer was forced to abandon. The musical went on tour in Germany. The first performances have taken place in late October. Ed went to Kiev, where he filmed the video for the song "Girl called love." (dir. Ivanenko). Almost simultaneously, a difference of a few days, is being shot on a brand new song by Ed "If all of a sudden." Shulzhevskii acted not only as the author of words and music, but also as a director (operator M. Strizhevskiy). The shooting took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ed sent back to a charity concert in the North Caucasus region.

Gone are the video shoot for the song "You - everything." Director of the video was Alexander Fironov, a longtime friend and classmate of singer GITIS. Clip in the rotation channels RU.TV, Music First, Russian MusicBox, M1, M2, and many others. Ed Shulzhevskii goes to a charity concert in the North Caucasus region. In addition to Ed aktsiii organized by Channel One, attended by a number of other Russian artists. Work on the new album. The repertoire Ed appeared song "Girl on behalf of Love" (D.Maydanov), "Bridges," I dream of you. "Compositions almost immediately get into radio rotation" Dacha "," Militia wave "," Road "and others. The new song "Our secret" in rotation on radio stations in Russia. Lyrical song was recorded in Kiev, one of the best Ukrainian Studies "at the hut Records", with the support of the production center Orth Trade Group, represented by Valery Svidersky.

November 1 in Moscow, at the State Theatre actor, premiere of the musical "Frozen Heart" Anderson fairy tale "The Snow Queen". Ed Shulzhevskii played a major role - the musician Christian. Also in the statement it was involved Svetlana Svetikova, Yevgeny Ryabtsev and other stars and stage musicals. Luxury decorations and costumes, as well as the magic music composer Roman Ignatiev ("Monte Cristo", "Graf Orlov") plunges the viewer into a unique world, where there is the magic of art and good. Directed performances - Oleg Golub.

The tour in many cities of Russia with a concert "In the name of Anastasia." Ed Shulzhevskii duet of Anastasia Volochkova. The song "Think simply love" Alexander Ivanov has caused mixed reactions among the public and music critics. Award "Fashion People awards". In the nomination "New Fashion duo" are the best Ed Shulzhevskii and Anna Kalashnikov. Statuette awarded the song "You All" (muses. / Ff. Ed Shulzhevskii).

In Kiev, filmed the video for a brand new song, "On your birthday" (w / mus. D. Maidan, dir. Ivanenko). Clip successfully broadcast on Russian channels RU.TV, RussianMusicBox and others. And also has a wide popularity in Ukraine.

Spring tour. With the concert "Only Love" Ed visited the city "Golden Ring" of Russia. Ed Shulzhevskii takes part in the national selection round of "Eurovision-2012". With the song "100 minutes of love" (muses. / Cl D. Maidan) Ed held in the national final. Russia praised the performance of the singer. According to unofficial sources, according to Vox, Ed entered the top five leaders of the competition.

On the "New Wave" in Jurmala Ed participates as a guest star. Leaves video for the song "Blue Night" (muses. / Ff. D. Maidan). The video was directed Georgy Toidze.

It starts stormy touring activities in support of a new solo program "Only Love". As part of the autumn & nbsp; Ed tour visited 35 cities in Russia. The final chord was the big one. concert in Moscow "Variety Theatre". The concert was a success. Metropolitan audience appreciated the first large-scale performance in Moscow, Ed.

The second album of Ed Shulzhevsky "Only Love". The premiere of the video for the track "On behalf of Nastya" filmed in Kiev, director Dmitry Kurganov and operator Alexey Khoroshko. The main character in the movie became a famous actress Maria Gorban. A year later, the US will be charged one more version of the video - "In the name of Anastasia." The composition of more than three years is in the rotation of many radio stations of the country and very loved by the audience. It begins collaboration with composer Ed Shulzhevsky Denis Maidanova. The result of joint efforts by becoming the song "She and he" "Love it," "On behalf of Anastasia," "Blue Night". The song "On behalf of Nastia" is held at 18 weeks in the 20-ke the best songs on the version of "Russian radio" in Russia. And in Ukraine, Ed receives for the song "Golden Gramophone". The same year saw the light of the video for "She and He" who shot the young director of the St. Petersburg Yegor Lymarev. The shooting took place in Denmark in one of the most beautiful European cities - Copenhagen.

The RRC "Crystal" was a presentation by Ed Shulzhevsky concert "Black and white concert" The name of the concert - not random and not far-fetched, it worked out very easily and spontaneously - said Ed. - Because life is black and white as piano keys. But not in the sense that "good" and "bad" are replaced by each other, and that the "A" and "B-flat" - they are there. And in order to make something worthwhile, we need them all - and black and white! "It turns out the first EP" Strange Life ", which includes 13 tracks, the bulk of which were written by Ed. Thanks hits" I and Thou ", as well as the song "Strange Life" Ed Shulzhevskii becomes a contender award "Muz-TV 2008" in three categories: "Best Song", "Best Artist", "Best Video". The composition "Me and You" has become so popular that the famous club project Global Deejays submitted his remix of the song. The remix is ​​still in rotation on many radio stations in Russia and Ukraine.