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1979-1985 - School of Music in piano

1985-1989 School of Music in DRL and opera singing.

1989-1992 St. Petersburg koservatoriya them. Rimsky-Korsakov opera singing. Graduated Additional courses at the Conservatory in jazz arrangements, harmonies and instrumentation. 1989 is the year of the first plate and the first party on Fontanka 145 for Dj Groove, followed by DJ sets in clubs and Planetarium in 1991 participated in the project techno Not Found. In the same year, Groove creates a techno group called NDE and takes part in the first national raves: "Gagarin-party", "Mobile-party" and "Crystal".

In 1992 Dj Groove knew in London thanks to his performances on various pirate radio stations in the UK and participate in the English festival DMC (best foreign scratch set) Then, it mixes and tracks sound on the radio "Kiss FM" and the BBC. In 1993-1994 he became the first leading to the transfer of Russian dance music "Petersburg mix" on the radio Europe +, as well as a resident of the first techno club in Russia "Tunnel" and the club "Planetarium". Groove aka Evoorg brought electronic music to a wide audience. Cchitaetsya one of the founders and Drum'n'Bass Techno movement in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In 1995, the program director and one of the founders of the first Russian dance radio "station" (Moscow), which defined the beginning of the dance movement in Russia. During this time, he has written 11 albums and made more than 150 remixes on Russian and foreign performers. Winner of the most prestigious music awards in Russia (Funny House, the newspaper MK (Man of the Year, Album of the Year), Ovation, Stopudoviy hit soundtracks), including MTV Russian Music Awards (2004) and the TV channel Muz TV (2006) in the category Best Dance Project. The author of the song "Happiness is", which was attended by Chita Gorbachev as well as the track "Vote or Lose" for the election of Boris Yeltsin. The next album "Nocturne" is becoming one of the leaders in sales in Russia in 1998.

Dj Groove is the first producer of the project "Visitors from the future" and Nikita. After the release of his album "Six" in 2001, the single "A" became the biggest selling dance single in Russia. Member and founder of the project Groove FK c rock & amp; rap-hardcore band I.F.K. Author of music for films "midlife crisis", "8 1/2 Dollars" and "Down House". He has released an experimental album in the style of breakbeat under the pseudonym MEGAFONE and Techno album "Mirror" under the pseudonym DJ Vurg (Evoorg). DJ Groove (Evoorg) played one of the best clubs in the world (Tunnel / NY, Fabric, The End, Brixton Academy / London, Amnesia, El Divino / Ibiza) and the most important raves in the world of electronic music (Satisfaction, Love Parade, Tribal Gathering). The owner of the studio "Gruvzapis" in Moscow, Monoliza records in Amsterdam and drum'n'bass label promo AK 47. This label AK 47 was the first to bring Drum'n'Bass DJs and musicians in Roscii. In 2006, together with DJ Android opened the first school of electronic music in Russian AUDIO

 In 2007 he released 2 albums "YAD" and "The White Album" in the style of downtempo. In 2008 he received an offer from Art Pictures (Fyodor Bondarchuk and Dmitry Rudovsky) to be a composer of the film "Phobos". Just writing tracks for the output of resident Comedy Club (all screensavers that sound on TNT, all but P.Voli). In 2008, he released a solo album, "You're not with me." In August 2009, he started working on the music for the film "Our Russia" and the soundtrack to the film "The third wish." 2010 received an offer from Art Pctures (Dmitry Rudovsky, Fyodor Bondarchuk) to be a composer of the film "Phobos" .Prodyusiruet DJ Project Audio Girls