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Timur was born in 1982 in Moscow into the family of a Soviet officer. After a while he moved to East Germany. After the withdrawal of troops from the GDR family returned to the Soviet Union. Nicknamed "Dynamite" was still in school. In 12 years, he became interested in the then new country rap music. In 1995. He recorded the first solo track "Think of the people" and the "right to choose».

The first known Kuz'minykh brought participate in the group «Big Black Boots». After the release of the first album the group left MC Andy B. The leader of the group G-Wyl invited to take his place novice MC Dynamite. As part of the G Wylx (MC), MC Dynamite (MC) and DJ Slon (DJ), the band recorded the album "New Music" (2000), including his hit "My Street" (with the participation of Teona Kontridze).
< br> In 1997 he came to the casting in the group "Tete-a-tete" producer Matthew Anechkina was adopted, starred in the first video of the band, but realizing that as a rapper he can not be realized in the boy band, leaving the gruppy.Vo the recording of the next album «Big Black Boots» «Time, forward!" (2003), and more specifically, the video for the song "Do you want to" (2002), there was a conflict in the group, it was widely reported in the press rap. The conflict left the band Dynamite.

After «Big Black Boots» Dynamite took up club dance pop rap: entered the first of the group VIP77 (Timothy, Dominique Joker, Anastasia Kochetkova, Master Spensor, MC Dynamite), performed in clubs on the B-parties. After receiving the mass popularity, Timothy resumed cooperation with VIP77 some participants in the new structure of the group, but not among them Dynamite bylo.V 2006 MC Dynamite resumed his solo career under the name Dino MC 47. According to the artist, he became disillusioned with the commercialization of modern and "Club rap." This is reflected in the lyrics of his songs, which have acquired a problem, social dimension. On the other hand, Dino MC 47 has recorded the soundtrack of the television series "The Club" dedicated to the culture of contemporary R & amp; B and even took part in the TV show "STS lights Superstar».

The debut album "Out of the nominations" was released D Music label in 2008. Later, Dino MC 47 signed a contract with a PC and an album Monolith "Oil" has produced under this label. & Lt; spring & nbsp; 2010, after the terrorist attacks in the Moscow subway, Dino MC47 recorded the track "29-03-2010." Also, recently, it was recorded the track "Citizen P," which became the anthem of the movement and the magazine "Citizen P». & Lt; Since 2010, the author was a tribute to Victor Tsoyu- song "I want to change!". In 2011-2013. was the leading media transmission «RAP INFO» online, where Dino MC and ST talked about the latest developments of the country (in the style of "rap"). April 23, 2012 came third solo album, "Habitat." In 2014 he released the album 2014 July 19, 2014 Timur and his wife had a son Tamerlan Mishan.