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Dima Bilan (name at birth and up to June 2008 Viktor Belan, December 24, 1981, pos. Moscow, part of the city of Ust-Dzheguta, Karachay-Cherkess Autonomous RSFSR, USSR) - Russian singer, better known as Dima Bilan. In June 2008, adopted the pseudonym as the real name and surname. In 2012, he started a new project, taking as his new alias native name Victor Belan.

Dima Bilan represented Russia at the Eurovision Song "Eurovision" twice: in 2006 with the song «Never let you go», taking second place in 2008 with the song «Believe», taking first place and became the first Russian artist who won song contest "Eurovision".

Dima Bilan is an Honored Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria (2006), Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic (2007), Honored Artist of Ingushetia (2007) and People's Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria (2008).

In 2000, the rotation of the channel MTV Russia was the first video of Dima Bilan, shot on his first money producer Ellen Kahn. Video for the song "Autumn", filmed on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The song is considered to be one of the first studio songs of Dima Bilan.

While still a student, Dima Bilan met his future producer Yuri Ajzenshpisom, who immediately recognized the talent in him and began to work with him. In 2002, Dima Bilan made his debut on the stage of the Russian Festival in Jurmala - "New Wave", which introduced his song "Boom" and took fourth place. After the competition was followed by shooting the video for the song, and then another, and the song "I'm a night hooligan," "You, only you" and "I was wrong, I was." The video for the song "I Love You" appeared daughter of Igor Krutoy.

In late October 2003, his debut album titled "I'm a night hooligan." In 2004 reissue of the album came out (Night hooligan +) containing 19 songs: 15 songs from the album "I'm a night hooligan" and 4 new songs (heartless, for the last time, stop the music, dark night).

In 2004 was released the second studio album by Dima Bilan, entitled "On the bank of heaven."

In 2004 began recording the first English-language album of Dima Bilan. The work on the album was attended by Diane Warren and Shaun Eskofferi.

In February 2005, Dima Bilan took part in the national selection to the song contest "Eurovision" with the song «Not that simple», finishing in second place. After that was released reissue of the album "On the shore of the sky", which included English versions of the songs "How I wish," "On the shore of the sky" and "You must be near."

In 2005 was also released the official collection of clips "You, only you" in which except the clips included live video presentation of the album "I'm a night hooligan" and "On the shore of the sky," also in the collection include additional compositions were not included in these albums I forget and cover versions of famous tunes Caruso (presentation of "I bully night"), Seven Days (presentation "On the shore of the sky")

In late 2005, released the single "New Year with a new line of" containing 3 tracks: the New Year with a new line, Between the sky and heaven and a remix of the New Year with a new line.

September 20, 2005 died producer Bilan - Yuri Aizenshpis. Immediately after that Dima nominated for «World Music Awards» "Best Russian Artist". After the death of Ajzenshpisa many producers offered Bilan contracts. In 2006, he broke the contract with the company Ajzenshpisa, which after his death led his wife Elena L. Kovrigina. After that, the company demanded that Bilan changed his name, because "Dima Bilan" - a nickname that belongs to the company. But with a new team, which was headed by Jan Rudkovskaja, Bilan resolved the conflict, and in 2008 adopted the pseudonym as the official name.

In December 2005, received two awards "Golden Gramophone" for the song "You must be near" in St. Petersburg and Almaty. On the project "New songs about the main" singer received the prize of the First channel from the professional jury. Dima became the man of the year in show business, because the majority of voters cast their ballots for him, according to the version of the search engine «Rambler». In December 2005, the Botanical Garden was filmed a clip for the lyric composition "I remember you."

In 2006 he took part in the "Golden Street Organ", "International Music Awards" in Kiev, where he won the "Singer of the Year." The song «Never Let You Go» was performed for the first time there.

June 1, 2007 Dima Bilan became the hero of the ceremony Muz-TV 2007, taking as much as 3 awards: "Best Album", "Best Song" and "Best Performer of the Year." In June 2007, Dima flies to London to shoot the video for the new English-language songs «Number one fan».

In summer 2007, Dima became an honorary guest of the festival "New Wave 2007" in Jurmala, also sits on the jury of the "STS lights superstar." October 4 hosted the annual musical ceremony MTV Russia Music Awards 2007. Dima Bilan in the evening got 3 dolls, won the award for "Best Song" ("The impossible-possible"), "Best Performer" and the main award "Artist of the Year." No less important event was the performance of Dima and Sebastian (brother Timbaland), who flew to Moscow for the ceremony RMA MTV, he performed together with Dima hit «Number one fan» in the new treatment. But the surprises were not over: held an exclusive premiere of the new song «Amnesia».

All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) on January 15 presented data on whom Russians consider a "favorite citizen of Russia 2007". The first line rating of "Singer of the Year", as in 2006, Dima Bilan won.

In 2007, with great success took a reality show on MTV titled «Live with Bilan". It has become popular and has gained a lot of fans. That is why at the beginning of 2008, aired the show continued.

Also in 2007, Dima Bilan has entered the top three most expensive and popular men in Russia, according to the magazine «Forbes»: 3rd place for media attention and interest of the audience and the 12th income.

May 28 - took part in the opening of the gallery «Kista» in the shopping center in Stockholm, Sweden

October 19 - Gala concert "Star ice" - performance in the competition, along with a Russian figure skater Elena Berezhnaya, Evgeni Plushenko and Edvin Marton.

December 31 - Super Final "Star ice" - Dima took second place.

On January 31, the concert hall "Space" award ceremony ZD Awards 2008. Dima won in the category "Artist of the Year."

From 18 to 20 March in Los Angeles have been shooting a new video for the song «Lady».

May 16 in Moscow at the sports complex "Olympic" was held the final of the contest "Eurovision-2009". Dima Bilan has opened the competition with its number, since it is thanks to his victory at "Eurovision-2008" Russia has received an honorable right to host major European music competition in Moscow.

May 18, Moscow, Russia - Dima Bilan became Ambassador "Sochi-2014". "I am proud that I became after the" Sochi-2014 ". I appeal to all his fans - the guys, get up on the skis are included in the mega-project "Sochi-2014". We are able to surprise the world. Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow is again proved. Head for Sochi! "- Said the actor. Along with other cultural and sports, Dima actively encourages applications "Sochi-2014" and contributed to the victory of Russia.

May 15 Famous club presented a new international album «Believe».

June 4 Dima graduated May Fashion. He entered the top 100 most beautiful people in Moscow in 2009.

June 5 in Moscow in SC "Olympic" were announced winners of the award in the field of popular music "Muz-TV" 2009. Dima Bilan won in two categories: "Best Song" and "Best Video" with the song «Believe».

Dima became a columnist for the Russian edition of Billboard. Authored singer "Against the rules" appears monthly in the pages of the magazine and website. First-person Billboard readers can learn a completely new details of the star and even personal life Dima, usually hidden from his fans.

September 24 held its annual awards ceremony for the most glossy characters 2009 «TOP Glossy». Dima received the award for "Best International Album".

Dima Bilan for the fifth time in a row won the prestigious MTV Europe Music Awards in the nomination «Best Russian Act». He also won this award the second place in the nomination «Best European Act».

Polls were commissioned by the magazine "Telenedelya" published the rating of the most popular local artists. Russians are the most popular singer named Dima Bilan.

April 15 in "Luzhniki" award ceremony ZD Awards 2009. Bilan was recognized as the best in the category "Album of the Year» («Believe») and "Singer of the Year"

. June 2 in Sochi at the restaurant "Blue Sea" Dima Bilan and Yana Rudkovskaja held a charity auction "stars shine for children". At the auction were exposed to lots of Russian pop stars and sports, the work of artists and designers in Russia and abroad. All funds raised were directed to the treatment of seriously ill children Sochi.

June 11 in Moscow at the "Olympic" was held National Television Awards Ceremony in the field of popular music Muz-TV 2010 Dima Bilan won the "Best Performer", leaving behind Alexander Rybak, Sergey Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov and Grigory Leps. And as the winner in the category "Best Performer", with the singer Dima Valero, who won the nomination "The best performer", presented the award for his contribution to the world of popular music Latoya Jackson. She received the award for his deceased brother Michael Jackson. On Muz-TV 2010 spectators also in for a surprise - the duo Dima Bilan and American singer Anastacia. Dima and Anastacia performed the song together at a premium entitled «Safety». Song «Safety» was written especially for this duo famous American writers and producers Evan Bogart and Busby. The track was recorded in Los Angeles at the studio Chalice Recording.

In mid-June in Moscow video was filmed for the song «Safety». Directed video became famous music video director Pavel Khudyakov. In October were announced the results of voting MTV Europe Music Awards in the category "Best Russian Artist". For the sixth time in a row winner was Dima Bilan. Later, in November, the results were announced in the category «Best European Act» («Best European Artist"). Dima, ahead of artists such as Afromental, Inna, and Enrique Iglesias, took the 2nd position.

At the ceremony, the magazine «Glamour» - «Woman of the Year" was presented by the duo Dima Bilan and his 15-year-old sister Anna Belan - "Guiding Star".

In December, was filmed a new video for the song "I just love you." In the video shoot took part Dima Bilan fans from Moscow. Director was Gosha Toidze. The video won first place in the "Muz-TV Chart" and "Russian chart" in the first half of 2011. In "Muz-TV Chart" clip lasted 20 weeks and in the "Russian chart" 18 weeks. The track "I just love you" 10 consecutive weeks held senior stitch project Tophit.

February 14, 2014 in Moscow, the truly large-scale event - Big Love Show 2014. The stars and thousands of spectators gathered lovers in the Olympic to celebrate Valentine's Day. Dima Bilan - constant participant of the show - made it for the sixth time in a row, singing some of his hits.

February 25 actor has supported his close friend - Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko, becoming a performer Hymn Figure Skating Federation of Russia. This piece of music dedicated to all skaters Dima-Olympians.

Also Bilan became the anthem performer Paralympics "I can", who wrote his friend, Hungarian violinist Edvin Marton. And in the early spring Dima Bilan came to Sochi to take part in the gala concert of the International Charity Festival "White Cane" in the framework of the cultural program of the Paralympics. "At the heart of the hotel rooms on the personal stories of each of the young artists. The duet with a star, shown on national television, sometimes developing into a true friendship becomes a genuine" start in life "for dozens of young performers" - said the Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014".

March 2 in Los Angeles held a 86th award ceremony "Oscar" for his services in the field of cinema over the past year. Cartoon "The Cold Heart" (Frozen) Walt Disney, which Dima Bilan announced one of the main characters and sang the song, he won two statuettes, including for best animated film.

Also began the long-awaited spring esters TV show "The Voice. Children", where Dima Bilan was one of the mentors. Through this project, the country learned about new talents, and Dima wards remembered viewers. Thus, his two finalists - Christian The Lion bones and Axelrod - become truly national favorites.

April 12, the Day of Cosmonautics, within the TV show "Evening Urgant" premiered the song "Alien" - a new electronic project Dima Bilan "Alien24". Viewers have discovered an entirely new Bilan and absolutely new music.

However, the artist does not forget about your main job. April 15 was released his new single, "Sick of you."

This spring has come true old Dima's dream. He had the unique opportunity to try out a fundamentally new genre - namely, in the filming of the feature film! Directed by Yuri Vasiliev invited Dima to the role of a white officer in the film about love and the First World War "Music in the ice." Dima began filming with enthusiasm. His partner in the film made famous young actress Svetlana Ivanova. The shooting took place in Lithuania.

April 22 in the hall "Izvestia Hall" the IX Annual awards ceremony organized by HELLO! under the title "The most stylish in Russia." This year, according to the publication, the winner in the nomination "The most stylish man of Russia" has deservedly become Dima Bilan.

Dima Bilan received 2 nominations Annual Awards music channel Ruthven: "Best Artist" and "Best Song". And on May 31 ceremony Ruthven his song "Baby" was named the best!

June 6 "Olympic" the XII Prize channel "Muz-TV". Dima Bilan was presented in the categories "Best Album" and "Best Performer". According to the results Dima won the award for "Best Performer", so he became the first owner of the service of the 12 plates. Close this year's event was honored to Dima, an extraordinarily beautiful room with water streams and live performance of the song "Baby" is one of the best performances in the history of the award.