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Denis Harlamov

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Denis Kharlamov, a native Muscovite. As a child dreamed of becoming a psychologist, but became an economist. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of International Law and Economics. Alexander Griboyedov. Denis with passion refers to any case in his life and is not afraid to try a different role.

He prefers to act and not to regret about what did not. He easily "tries" the different images, it naturally get along and "lyric" and "pragmatic". His feeling of life Denis passes "through" poetry, music. That love of poetry and music led him to the scene. He writes songs and performs them himself. Fans of the radio "Dacha" and radio "Chanson" have been able to evaluate his song "I'd like to rewrite itself ..." Denis Kharlamov from those who do not stop there ... well, what will happen - only he knows.