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In their debut video for the track "Let's Dance" starring all of the first beauty of Russian show business. Vera Brezhnev, Irina Zabiyaka group Via Gra, Anna Semenovich, Tree, Anita Choi could not resist the charm and charisma of male children and adorned with his presence clip of a young group. Their performances at major summer festivals and outdoor venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg are collected hundreds of thousands of hits on the network. And the song of their authorship of "Moscow" by DJ Smash and groups "Vintage" more than six months Russian blasts charts and sounds on the dance floors of the country. After it on the radio burst tracks Vera Brezhnev "Insomnia" and Anita Tsoi "007" authorship Otto Notman.

At the same time the guys are totally immersed in the work on his project - the creative forces thrown at creating their debut album Dostuchatsya DoNebes. Their first single, "Let me go" I have already begun to rotate at leading Moscow and regional radio stations. Track team won all of its melodic and distinctive performing style guys. The group has already found its own unique sound - a combination of acoustic guitars, combined with dance music, on the brink of disappearing rock and fashion Dance. And the author of the music and own arrangements of all the songs formed a recognizable and unique appearance of the group. Say what you will, but guys write music from the heart and in the present.