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Davlad - a man who has made himself personally!

From 6 years old boy had his fingers drumming his first hot bits in one of the best percussion groups in Central Asia.

And in 11 years in the courtyard outside the window people gathered for their first party, sharing with the world his infinite love for rhythm and fun!

Having 2 professional music diploma, as well as all the main characters, it is sent to the main entertainment center - in Moscow!

And, after a very short time, it has DJ Davlad - a resident of the most relevant clubs are not sleeping capital, senior author of the program on the first Russian hip-hop radio station NEXT-FM 102.5 and the official DJ Comedy Club acclaimed festivals all over the world!

DAVLAD is a regular participant of summer and winter sports and recreational activities with the support of the Government of Moscow and the Moscow Sport Committee.

Today DAVLAD- first DMC (DJ and MC in-one), among his colleagues and eminent independent solo artist, performing a DJ set at the time of their author, vocal recitative compositions.

Bright, bold creativity and humor of the artist and clips Davlad: "beard", "socks", "love" is not devoid of scandal and demonstrate the uniqueness of his already recognizable role among the performers of this genre. And in the same breath with them romantic video stories: "Go Crazy" and "Still" is opened and the romantic nature attractive in every sense of the person and expand his audience, pointing to the diversity of creativity.

Not surprisingly, the tour schedule DJ Davlad has long since gone beyond our country and conquer near and far abroad!