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She was born February 1, 1988 in Hungary, in the town of Kiskunmajsa in the family of military personnel. In 1990, with his parents moved to Ukraine, in the city of Artemovsk, Donetsk region. With five years studied ballet and danced in the ensemble of sports and ballroom dancing, and at age 14 entered the Artiomovskiy School of Music in vocal, where he studied for three years. OCS finished ninth grade, enrolled in a teacher training college in the music department. Two years later she transferred to another, unrelated to music, office, and receiving a diploma, went to Kiev. They failed the test of the Philosophical Faculty of KNU. Shevchenko, but he came directly to the second year of the Faculty of Economics. After graduating from this institution, Dasha decided to devote himself to music and the summer of 2011 entered the CMM them. RM Glier on pop-jazz vocals.

The popularity of the singer brought the song to "put Basta", which stood for over 20 weeks in the most authoritative music charts Russia - "Golden Gramophone", rising in November 2011 to its peak. At the end of the year this song in Russia is among the 50 most popular ringback tones and received "gold" status with more than 100,000 sales.

May 3, 2012 Suvorov presented the audience his solo program "put Basta and other rock 'n' roll." The public, in which many belonged before to the singer as a virtual Internet project, adopted a new program enthusiastically. Singer was the nomination for the award "Muz-TV" in the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year" award and "RU.TV" in the category "Best Start", but failed to win.

On November 15, the same year, Dasha presented her debut studio album, "Astronaut." Before the official release, fans were able to hear the album «Billboard» magazine's website. When the album was released, it became clear that Dasha not really hip hop princess, as a composer and a poet with strong songwriting and vocal dexterity ambitions, not devoid of foundation. December 1, at the stage of the Kremlin singer gets her first statuette "Golden Gramophone" for the song "dislike". The next day, speaking at the "Golden Gramophone" in St. Petersburg, where in addition to the song "Dislike", takes another well-known song "put Basta."

In mid-July 2013 Dasha released his second studio album, which was named "312 is closed." The release of the album took place at the same time in Ukraine and Russia. It includes 15 tracks drama described as "life without embellishment" because the artist understands more melancholy than mirth. Commenting on the title of the album, the singer admitted that she is the number of her room in the hostel, which was closed at the time. At the end of the summer, in the city center along the lines of the memorial wall Arbat memory of legendary rock musician Viktor Tsoi was organized. The initiator of the creation of the wall itself became Dasha. Later, the singer has decided to remove a video clip on a well-known song Tsoi "Good night." The director of the video was made by Oleg Tandalov.