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Boombox group formed in mid-2004.

It all started with the fact that two of the musicians involved in groups known in Ukraine, began to compose music together. And do it more for his own pleasure, rather than in the hope that out of the joint venture will have something serious. When the question of the composition of the team and the format of the band's sound, the vocalist and guitarist Andriy Khlyvnyuk Andrei "The Fly" Samoilo did not collect a large part by offering to experiment with them DJ known scratch-master rollers Matiyuku.

The group gathered in Kiev, but all the participants come from different cities: Andrey Khlyvnyuk (vocals, lyrics) from Cherkassy, ​​Andrew "The Fly" Samoilo (guitar) from Lutsk, Valentin "Roller" Matiyuk (DJ) of Novovolynsk. The material for the first album, the band wrote and recorded quite quickly, but did not hurry with the release of debut album out. Instead, the guys decided on an interesting step: they handed out "blanks" with a record of all your friends. Since then, and began the conquest of musical Olympus group Boombox.

Andrey Khlyvnyuk, vocalist and front Myung group was born in 1979 in Cherkassy. He studied music since childhood. After leaving school, he studied at the Hluvnyk Humanities University. Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the parallel was in a band "Tangerine Paradise". In 2001, the band won the festival "Perlini season", and musicians are determined to conquer Kiev. In the capital, Andrew became interested in classical jazz and swing and started to sing with the club staff Acoustic Swing Band. Later members of the three groups - Acoustics Swing Band, Dust Mix and "Tartak" - a team born "Graphite", in which the soloist Hluvnyk.

Roller Matiyuk arrived in the capital of Novovolynsk, Andrey Samoilov - from Lutsk, where he played in the youth group "Flies in the tea." Hence, by the way, and it became his nickname of "The Fly." Way Roller and Andrew crossed in the group "Tartak" in which they played more than seven years. Samoilo and Hluvnyk met in a rented apartment. "He lived in one room, I - another" - says Samoilo - "And so we lived for a year and music, conversations will not start. And then I bought an acoustic guitar, and one night he played his tune. Andrew came, listened, something sang. We liked. We decided that we needed a good DJ and invited Roller. " So a month later there was a group Boombox.

In April 2005, the first album "Melomaniya." The plate was recorded in the studio "Fuck! SubmarinStudio" (sound producer Oleg Artim) in record time - just 22 hours, or three shifts studio. Of the many blanks in the group album contains 11 tracks. With "Melomaniey" Boombox traveled all Ukrainian venues, and a month later came the first time in Moscow, where he was noted in one of the capital's radio and, judging by the reviews on the forums, impressed the Moscow public. In television work "Boombox" was presented two clips for the songs "superfood" and "E-mail" (Director - Victor Priduvalov).

In June 2006 they released the album Boombox - "Family BIZNES", recorded in the studio «Moon Records». According to Andrey Khlyvnyuk, "Family BIZNES" had little to do with the debut of "Melomaniey", "if only because the first album was more improvisation, and now it's more work on the sound of the beats, the lyrics." It includes 11 songs, two of which (the "watchman" and "Hottabych"), in Russian. "This is a gift to our Russian friends," - explains the musician. Some tracks of the new album is played specially invited musicians and sound instruments such as banjo, piano, slide guitar, the bass, which is organically complemented the band's sound.

In 2006, the Russian screens the film also leaves Peter Tochilina "Hottabych", which becomes the main soundtrack music group Boombox. In the film are songs such groups as the "superfood", "Pochuti", "Nuts s Jamaica" and "Beta-Carotene».

In the same year, the band Boombox pleased fans of unusual new clip - "Kviti in volossi" (Flowers in the hair), directed by Victor Priduvalov.

In summer 2007, the first single from the album «Family biznes" "watchman" falls into the rotation of radio MAXIMUM, and remains in the top ten "Hit Parade of the two capitals" more than 10 weeks.

The song is about "White wallpapers, black dish" gets to the point, and the band immediately gained popularity in Russia. Even before the official release of the album, the band Boombox - became widely known to the Russian public. In November 2007, in the rotation of radio «MAXIMUM» there is a new song Boombox - "Ta 4to" which once firmly fixed in the lead of the charts.

Growing popularity of the group, and in Ukraine, where they become the top-end artists. By the end of 2007 at arsenal Boombox 2 already issued license album and the single "Trimai" and video for the song "watchman", "Kim Mi Buli», «E-mail», «Bobik", "super-duper. December 6 2007go the club "Caviar", with a deafening pereanshlagom, held a solo concert of Boombox, all tickets for which were sold, even for a few days before the concert.

Radio «Maximum» Boombox calls "discovery of the year».

2008th Boombox open with performances at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, speaking on the same stage with Vyacheslav Butusov, The Sun and Maksim. In February 2008, the band went to a two-month "Trimai Tour" in support of the new single in which gives concerts in 11 cities of Ukraine, as well as in Yekaterinburg and Moscow, the club "Orange" collecting full house (more than 1,500) and Soldiers out by repeating the previous concert. In spring 2008, boombox give concerts in 10 cities of Ukraine, 8 cities of Russia for the first time appear in Belarus. Boombox also acts on the big Ukrainian festival "Tavria Games»

At the end of the spring on Russian screens out the film "Red Pearl of Love, which became a leitmotif of the song" watchman "Boombox group. That same spring Boombox sign a contract with the Russian label "Monolith". And in the summer of albums "Melomaniya» and «Family Biznes" published in Russian on the label "Monolith».

Boombox June 14, participates in the festival "Maksidrom" in SC "Olympic", speaking at the same stage with Lenny Kravitz and veterans of Russian music.

At this time, the band tours extensively and is working on a new album «III» (treshka), which comes out in Russia in the autumn of 2008. The rotation of radio stations booming song "Naodintsi" and on TV appears bright video for the song "Polina».

In January 2009, Boombox gives a great solo concert at B1 Maximum, collecting full house - more than 3,000 people.

Spring concert Boombox expand the geography of getting to the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The group released a new video for the song "Kontserti».

Boombox summer working on a new album, in anticipation of a change in the composition and concert sound. At the invitation of Andrei Makarevich Boombox participate in the tribute band "Time Machine" and create a cover version of the song "Stars do not ride the subway».

Also, at the invitation of NTV Boombox doing a cover version of the song Talkova "Summer rain". Version Group enjoys wide popularity and the musicians decided to remove her a clip that is spread quickly on the air music channels.

Summer Boombox gets MUZ TV Award for "Best Hip Hop artist».

In autumn 2009 the band Boombox is awarded the "Golden gramoffon" on Russian radio.

Boombox shoot video for the song «Eva» and «Naodintsi" get concerts to Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Sakhalin.

In winter, a group involved in a large concert - tribute to Michael Jackson in memory of the artist. The concert takes place in Kiev in the Great October Palace.

In spring 2010, in addition Boombox concert activities, are also working on a song together with a group Basta "The sun is not visible," which comes out on the album "Basta 3».

In between busy concert schedule Boombox working on the new album "All Inclusive" which comes out in the summer and autumn in Ukraine in Russia.

On the screens out a clip on a cover song of Igor Talkova "Summer rain", and in autumn for the song "Cold is not».

The album "All Inclusive" marks a new stage in the work of the group - a trio of guitar-vocals DJ joined bassist and drummer. New members of the team - it Lyulyakin Alexander (drums) and Denis Levchenko (bass). The album becomes a kind of presentation of the new musical step group - Add rock sound, rock flow and drive.

2011th Boombox offers a tour of the US and Canada.

Musicians perform in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Vancouver and Seattle.

In February, the air is a new working group Boombox and Dmitry Shurov (group "Pianoboy") - "floors". In the song the band removed the clip, which is tightly fixed in dozens of Russian MTV and gathers more than 200 thousand views on the Internet.

Boombox spring begin to work on the new 4th album nicely.

Summer Boombox gives solo concert in Moscow in the "Green Theatre", which attracted more than 5,000 fans of the band. The concert is also involved with a group of Dmitry Shurov "Pianoboy" and Tonique Le Deejay.

In the late summer - early autumn concert geography is expanding even further - to the tight tour schedule Boombox enter the country of Georgia and Israel.

In September, the TV comes a new video for the song "Over the buoys" (Sandals), the first single from the new album "Seredniy Vik" (Sredniy age) .Klip supported by leading TV channels, and views on Youtube surpasses 1 million.

Boombox will present new album "Seredniy Vik" in Kiev Cristal Hall, and in Russia on the threshold of publication Plastics Boombox go on tour in the Far East in support of the new album.

November 18, 2011 will present the album Boombox "Seredniy Vik" in Moscow club «Milk», consistently collecting full house.

2011 crowned the official release of the new video for the song "Get out", a cover version of the song group ViaGra "Get out." The main character in the movie "Get out of here," Vasily played Virastjuk. A video directed by Vladimir Lert. Already, the Internet, hundreds of thousands of views of the clip.

In February 2012, Boombox is sent to the second part of the tour in support of their new album "Seredniy Vik" in Ukraine, Krasnodar and Rostov capturing.

The next part of the tour in support of their new album scheduled for March-April 2012, while in Moscow a big concert band Boombox held on March 8 in the new club "Izvestia Hall».

During a tour in the United States Andrei Hluvnyk, met with Mikhail Galustian. Michael asks him to write a song lamenting the fact that all whom he did not address - denied. Thus was born, perhaps one of the most unusual songs to which a hand Khlyvnyuk. Together with Dmitry Schurity acting as sound producer and composer, friends recorded the song "Smile." Shurov calls the song "A meeting of Soviet jazz band with Frank Sinatra." Then the Internet song goes - for her promo from Galustjana no time Boombox tired of traveling and "Smile" and remains in the status of "widely known in narrow circles". < br>
Boombox first music publishing house invited to participate in the tribute to Micah and Jumanji. The group chooses the song "For You" and decided to record it with Pianoboy and THM Congo. Director Vladimir Yakimenko makes a video in which Boombox once (and, apparently, not the last) time show Kiev.

Seventh of March in the program "Evening Urgant" boombox on TV for the first time performed the song "Dytyna." From that moment the audience is divided into groups of those who like the TV version of the song, and those who prefer landscape sound track. A little later, the premiere of the video, which came up with the script Andrew Hlynyuk, took Vladimir Lert, and starring the band members and their instruments.

Winners Prize Yuna-2012. Boombox named best group, Andrew Hlynyuk - a better writer. In fact, this is the second award of Andrew, as the author - a year ago he gave her statuette Yuri Rybczynski.

The Ukrainian rolling out the film "Istalgiya" director Darya Onishchenko. The picture raises the issue of emigration came in the song Boombox «Nevertheless». The video for the song «Nevertheless» was filmed Vladimir summer and not to interfere with the promo of the album "Terminal B" was used only as an online video.

After a year and a half after the release of CD «Seredniy Vik" Moon Records, releasing the album on vinyl. Each copy signed by the band and provided with stickers and posters. The presentation takes place in Kiev vinyl room Stereo Plaza, and is becoming one of the best concerts of 2013.

In September, the album "Terminal B" - numbering fifth album Boombox. Work on the album lasted for almost a year, all recorded in the studio "Z ranku nochi". The audience and the critics, saying a final farewell to hip-hop and rock to departure. Boombox wonder, but do not argue. Interestingly, in the process of creating the cover design options considered six. The first three were drawn. Then there was a version with a photograph of authorship Olga Babich - musicians wrapped in foil and roof are covered with stickers. Then badge with Boombox concert and the final version, the mountain of things and tools group.

In rolling in Ukraine and Russia leaves the series "Ashes" by Yevgeny Mironov and Vladimir Mashkov. In the series about the opposition of the Soviet army officer and thief-bear hunter, song Boombox "Pєpєl" sounds as adding titles. Recorded three versions of the song "Electric" with DJ Roller and guitarist Andrey Radko, "speaker" - the guitar plays Fly, "with orchestra" - on this version works the composer Yuri Poteenko and music producer Anton Schwartz. In the video "Pєpєl", shot by Vladimir Lert, Hluvnyk first time playing in the video for a musical instrument. Someone sees in "electric" version of the song "Pєpєl" return Boombox to their roots someone step on the territory of the chanson in "acoustic" version, someone another soundtrack, but the general consensus - was born another "big" hits . As if in mockery of the administration on the day of the premiere Youtube video "Pєpєl" blocking clip allegedly because of copyright infringement. No arguments from Boombox, the film company, which produces the label to nothing lead. Video remains blocked for a month.

During the Ukrainian part of the tour "Terminal B" Boombox passing distance of 10,277 kilometers, playing 24 cities and sing 553 songs. It is not difficult to calculate an average of 23 songs per concert.

Boombox recorded in the studio «Trixx», in Berlin, under the direction of the Class Knapp. The results will be published record in 2014.

Vinyl "Terminal B" is printed in the Czech Republic and is commercially available in Ukraine, Russia and Germany. If you wish to send Moon Records record anywhere in the world.