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Fate brought Kate to the intervention of the Perm circus studio "Fiction", to which it is joined, trained and toured for many years with different genres of circus arts. At age 14, after extensive journeys around the country, soul and wanted a change of tense days circus Katya went quiet amateur theater-studio "Red Flower", where two years playing in the performances. In 16 years, all of a sudden became acquainted with the international modeling agency that sparked a dream to work abroad as a model, and later director of the Perm modeling agency "Angels" Lesikhina Elmira actively helped to implement all plans so coveted. After moving to Moscow, Katya has signed its first contract with a modeling agency in Japan, and the life refilled travel, flight, endless filming, beauty contests, one of which she met her manager Sergei Samokhvalov. Backed by experience in the Sony Music Entertainment, Sergei could not help noticing a tremendous charm and charisma girl. Kate offered to create a musical project and try it as a vocalist, ie try to make her childhood dream - to sing. Participation in the project was Very Sirius People start young singer.

Next Kate enters the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Faculty of pop - jazz singing, in parallel engaged in modern dance at the American choreographer Brooklyn Jai, and trained as a hobby not a simple technique of parachuting. She believes that each of its listeners should easily fly through life and heart to sing no matter whether he knows music, whether familiar with the course AFF ... Since the end of 2012 the singer's creative team led by a talented young music producer Sergey Nikolenko. Collaboration team, with the participation of the production studio Merec, leads to the creation of the single "Love the goes around" (feat.Li'Raw), which became Bravve debut, lyricist and music Sergey Nikolenko. The content of the lyrics used by the original pun on the Russian figuratively: Sensual deep lyrics in symbiosis with the incendiary music, sound-to-date and high-class arrangement could not be noticed online radio stations, of which DFM put the track in hot rotation, and regional radio stations picked up the song TopHita in about 500 cities of Russia and SNG.Video clip "Love the goes around", was released in the summer of 2013. The director of the video was made by Ruslan Pelykh, Bravve does not stop there. The work of the creative team are several new works that have come to taste the discerning fans of modern pop music.