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For the first time the phrase "Ladybug" as the name of the musical group flashed in the media in the spring of 1988. Ventured into such a strange fiction author of music, text, inspirer and leader of the project - Vladimir Volenko (the man some close people who are called "maestro" who "uncle", and who is just - Volesha).

Vladimir Volenko ie Volesha born in Moscow on February 28.

He was brought up on music Volenych "purple - purple." Following the old tradition, the use of port annually celebrated with like-minded Birthday Ritchie Blackmore on April 14 and another one playing the piano Lazy - Party Jon Lord than many "insiders" resulted in incredible delight.

BB inveterate optimist. Later, he even caught myself thinking that not only work, but even the names of favorite groups overwhelmingly positive. For example, "Rainbow", beautiful, is not it? Or childhood favorite team "Credo of clean water!" And how reassuring the music ensemble with approving the name "YES!" or why not come up with these brothers Shulman with his "good-natured giant" (giant or a big man).

At the end of the 80 BB has become a dedicated fan of musical and theatrical experiments of the Moscow rock laboratory and the Leningrad rock club. Constantly promoted among friends and teachers Gnesinka creativity of the brightest representatives of the informal stage as "Air", "auction", "The Sound of Mu" and "Copernicus." Seriously I admired the grandiose paintings of the great masters of our time: Sergei Kuryokhin, Fedor Chistyakov and Yuri Naumov. It is now their names are familiar to every American Idol Feng. And then?

BB even around dreaming to emulate them, but ... life decided otherwise. As fate one rainy day in 1989, Vladimir Volenko suddenly woke musician of some of the compositions of the "Mirage". First, spitting, of course, but then got used even liked it! Because of the above cocktail and began to take shape what later came to be called the project "Ladybug".

After working in several projects pop BB decided to stop experiments in the underground art rock with elements of punk perestroika. In 1994 Volenych making records, which is a substitute for pop songs, folk and urban domestic "rokapopsa." Of particular prominence then brought the song "Granite Kamushek", released in 1995 by the studio "Union". And glasses, squares and red jacket in black peas, imprinted in the video clip "Hit Parade Ostankino" made the song one of the most successful discoveries of the year. The project quickly became popular, and here there was irreparable ... on BB and his band have hung the label - "popsovik." Although this does not correspond to reality. If Volenko was aimed to be the headliner on the pop scene, he would foam at the mouth continued to compete with such Lights up while the pop star as "Ivanushki International" or "brilliant". However, BB prefer to give up. Yield, or rather to withdraw from the field of military operations of Russian show business for the sole purpose of re-continue unconventional musical and theatrical experimentation.

Albums "BK" second half of the 90s it was not cute songs about love ("The Idiot," "Song of the rainbow," "The Music Doctor", "Drummer", "Money was scarce", "Alarm", "hooligans" or "Dad musician") . It is a synthesis of humor, a healthy imagination and optimism. The basis of the content of some of the songs become the theme of friendship of peoples ("Jewish Disco", "Song of the Rainbow"), or theme enthusiasm for life and nature ("I came home," "Serenade", "Ehma good!"). "In this brilliant opus", - joked the composer himself, - "There is everything and sorrow, joy and sarcasm." Volenych always loved to talk about the "sad" with humor, and "funny" with tears in his eyes. Once someone is very well marked the style of "BK" that period as "Cheburashka rock!" For Mr. Volenko it looked highest compliment, because all of his favorite records were such.

Now the "Ladybird" looked like a team with a strong environmental orientation and faith in all that is good, light, eternal, wise. A colorful staging theatrical show, with images of workers and farmers, good-natured and cheerful Georgian pioneer is now symbolized not "banter", typical to the era of perestroika, but rather nostalgia for all that that was best in our socialist past.

2000 BB in life, and the whole project was clearly a turning point. And that's what happened. She lived in the remote town of Nalchik, a girl named Natasha.

And the Lord God said: "man shall cleave unto his wife, and the two will become one flesh." So they STEEL.

From this moment "BK" I have developed a new creative tandem - the duo of two disparate people complement each other. The result of the joint creative work was the song from the album, "born-again".

"Born again" (2003) and "The Book of Life" (2006) - another bold, creative experiment explosives.

In addition to the experiments in the spiritual realm maestro Volenko continued to experiment in the field of video. In summer 2003, the clip was filmed on the remix of Paul McCartney's "Mrs Vandebilt". The author and implementer of this audacious idea was very Volesha. The Russian version of the song was called "Happy DJ" or "Song of the cow." 250 animals moving rhythmically, rather impressive size, it really makes an impression. As already mentioned, Volesha always gravitated toward humorous solutions in the music and lyrics, but this time he outdid himself. Worked well-known principle: "One head is good, two is better."

Since 2000, the creative activity of the group was somewhat reduced. This had its reason: looking for the meaning of life, engage in any other business, they gave birth to children. For example, the birth of his daughter Dasha in 2004 brought Natalia Shokoladkinu of action for almost two years.

From time to time, in the sale, however, there were collections of old songs in a slightly edited form:

2005 - "Grand Collection" (released by "Quadro-Disc")

But the explosive albums like the new author's work does not consider, so we were limited to only a brief mention of them.

Despite the fact that in the 2000s a group of nearly fell out of the information field, concert performances "BK" I did not stop. Grateful public and enterprise customers to know that if you want to really "ignite" and so it was culturally, beautiful and fun, and also not very expensive, "Ladybird" - the best option. You can not isolate and children, friends and relatives solid amuse.

In 2007, using the favorable situation with the activities of the new director, BB decided again to engage seriously in the project and made an attempt to not let the global, but still a breakthrough. Prepared to release a new album "Wings behind", he gathered a group and held a solo concert - presentation of the plates on one of the leading platforms of Moscow - Concert Hall "Mir".

"In Russia, before you hire a person to work, watched him eat. Nowadays works well who knows how to have a good rest! If you're a workaholic if you sewed up at work if you have a permanent Abraham, and the result is nothing. ... pause, relax, and after a while your projects will go much more successfully, "said decisively explosives.

It said he put his recipe from fatigue:

So, if you are Russian tourists or the tourist from the fraternal republics, album of 2007 "WINGS BEHIND" is your guide, in whatever country of the world you are! Infused with humor and optimism tracks on the disc is completely devoted to relaxation modern man, so necessary inhabitants of megacities twenty-first century. Stylistically, the new songs are a synthesis of latino party, holiday shows and lyrical songs. "Take the album on the road, and you'll have fun all summer," - Vladimir Volenko recommended.

Then BB long thought to call a live version of the program, and, in the end, it dawned on him, "Who does not work, that ... relax!" The first part of the concert was entirely devoted to the presentation of the new album, that is the theme of rest. In the second "Ladybird" played all the old hits and cover versions of favorite tunes. Despite the 35-degree heat, the audience was in ecstasy.

In early 2008, the company JAM group International released a video version of the concert. As we approach the summer season to watch a movie like that is the time.

On New Year all the same restless company JAM group International was released another DVD "VLADIMIR Volenko PRESENTS". This CD was a compilation of all the old clips and concert clips. He presented all the creative laboratory "BK" in chronological order. The two opposing lines of thought BB invisibly divided the material on the disc in half. "Ladybug" until 2000 - a cruel brutal retro and "Ladybird" after 2000 - the humor, the grotesque, the dynamics of which have become the main motives of optimism and atmosphere of endless holiday!

This cocktail, made up all current concert performances "BK", the audience, which can be: the surrender pleasant retro memories, but how should ignite a sultry "Latino" or a group of well-known hits performed live!