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What a beautiful girl in our time does not dream to appear in glossy magazines and walk the catwalk at gunpoint cameras ?! But not every good luck smiles and her dreams become reality. At the same time, the least sunny Rostov-on-Don and grew up singing beautiful Anna Aulova, but more on that later ..

When Marina was still a little girl, she is probably almost all the children loved to sing. One of the most popular songs in the repertoire of the young actress was "I love you, Marina." Little girl has never known if the word "idol" always felt that this song was written by Philip Kirkorov was for her, and Marina truly believed that one day will perform a duet with her favorite artist. Wherever Marina, she was always singing - in a kindergarten in the mornings, a friend arranged concerts in the courtyard and the houses, climbing on an improvised stage - a table, she was the ringleader of all family celebrations. Baby charm no one could ignore. And will the fate of Marina was in the studio model, where demand came model, known as in his native Kazakhstan and abroad. Being one of those people who set a goal and come to it through any obstacles, Marina is very long and hard always work on yourself. And thanks to his perseverance and Marina was on a film set with Sergei Zverev, passed casting for the lead role in one of his videos. During the work, they became friends and talked for a long time. And once in a lively conversation Marina Sergei he told about his childhood dream: to sing Philip Kirkorov and get to know him personally. The girl told and forgotten. But Sergei enchanted sincerity Marina decided to stay a little wizard. And, meeting with Philip, he told about his new pretty familiar than once intrigued the actor, who at the time was also looking for the main character in his video. And after a few days Marina, sitting in front of Philip Kirkorov, and could not believe that all this is really happening ...

From that day on life changed dramatically Marina. She believed in his destiny, because of dreams and determined to devote all its forces to build a career as a singer. No casting for the musical projects it was not ignored. Marina would patiently stand in line for hours to listen, do not sleep at night, preparing for each of them as the first. At a regular auditions, she met with a vigorous and stand out from the crowd Woman Anna, which very soon they became best friends. While Anna was fond of DJing, music and took singing lessons. Girls sang in all senses of the word: they were carried out almost every night at the karaoke, singing, having fun, dancing ... It was hard to imagine that these two girls with very different fates and views on life have something in common. Even in cafes for lunch they ordered radically different dishes, not knowing how to have that in a plate with a friend if Marina loves meat, then Anya of his incredible love for animals and for all once again became a vegetarian. But ... the words of the famous song "Music has connected them." These opposites are attracted so that Marina decided to move to Moscow and the girls began to rent an apartment together. It was not easy: Metropolitan Life was not quite afford the provincial and Anya Marina. But both of them were going to a single goal, they agreed that they should all be together, no matter what happens. And if the casting is usually for girls - it's certainly a feud, the Anya Marina and it was strange: they always and everywhere together. Casting for the account were dozens of girls. But they did not give up, believe that something will happen. They even recorded a CD with some covers, duet .. And, as we know, he who seeks will always find. In one of the plays on the sidelines of Marina Anna noticed and learned the famous producer tandem - Vladimir Chinyaeva and Andrei Sergeev. Without a moment's hesitation, the girl immediately tried to speak with them.