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Batista, known MS, who had worked with many artists of the Russian hip-hop scene, and I'm glad Natasha, a girl who made a name for himself in various musical projects, Igor DMCB, DJ, dancer and MC, and Ruslan, one of the best dancers of the upper break-dance in Russia - that this team and remember liking the audience. Since its inception, the group of its music producer, and author of the music and words, is Alexander Dulov.

Performing in clubs and recording in the studio, the band formed his style as in the sound, and in the lyrics filled with irony and candid banter over pseudo values of the modern era. Largely because of this team Band'eros acquired several notoriety.

In spring 2006 Band'eros signed a contract with «Universal Music Russia». November 1, presentation of the team's debut album "Columbia Pictures is not." This success brought the children a song of the same name - which has gained popularity not only in Russia but also abroad, has come even to USA.

Then the active radio airplay included singles like "Naomi Campbell, I would," "I do not love you", "Ruble". In autumn 2007 saw the light of the new mega-hit group - "On a beautiful life." In the winter of that year, the group left the Parliament, in his personal life which has seen some changes. In its place in the team appeared Tanya, bright musical girl who easily joined the group. The beginning of 2008 marked the release of the group's new song "Manhattan", a clip which was filmed in February, as well as the re-release of the album "Columbia Pictures is not", which includes completely new tracks the group.

In July 2008, the album "Columbia Pictures is not" received the status of «PLATINUM» (company Universal Music Russia has sold more than 200,000 copies of the album.). In August of the same year, the band released the track "Ados!", Which a month later was shot clip. The song and the clip on it for several months kept in top lines of various charts of the country.

In May 2009, the band released their new track "Stripes" and shot a video for this song. Then he saw the light of the video "Do not remember '(January 2010), and in the middle of spring Band'Eros pleased the audience a vivid video for tough track" I until the spring. "By this time, one of the band members, Ruslan, decided to retire the group and went on his creative path. At the same time in the ranks of the team happened replenishment - of the team went DJ SCREAM ONE, Alex Vinnitsa, one of the most technical Hip Hop and Scratch DJs in Russia.

In mid-October, the team happened one more reinforcements - the team has come a talented rapper Roma. At the end of 2010 in the rotation group entered new song "Not under the sun" - track and philosophical life and death, which was filmed on video in the "concert style." It is in this video, "lit up" a new lead singer, Roma.

At the end of February 2011 Band'eros gave a big solo concert at Arena Moscow, which presented his new album "Kundalini". Spring 2011 was marked by a grand "reset" the team - comprehended the results of the first "Five-Year Plan" of creativity and Batista releasing a solo project Band'eros began a new stage in the musical life of the project hit "Kitano."