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A'STUDIO - a legendary team with a unique for the Russian pop RECOGNITION sense of style, musical taste and create an interesting arrangement of impeccable quality. The band plays romantic and danceable pop rock. At the heart of external variety ease of music A'STUDIO - a great skill and professionalism of musicians: the group was repeatedly awarded prizes in various categories at music festivals and competitions. A'STUDIO - independent, not belonging to any producer center or the record company staff independent musicians who write their own songs and decide what to perform.

History of the association A'STUDIO begins in 1982 in Alma-Ata (now - Almaty). A graduate of the Conservatory Baigali Serkebayev was working in a team "Arai", accompanying famous Kazakh singer Roza Rymbaeva.

"I was 20 or so - says Baigali. - It so happened that all the musicians, "Araya" separated, and Rose invited me to assemble and lead its new group. From the previous composition was only a guitarist Bulat Syzdykov (now group "Myuzikola"). At first I looked after Volodya Mikloshicha, was playing in the group "RHN" ("Russian, Croatian, German"), Croatia where he was. Vova I liked as a musician and a person, we quickly became friends, and I invited him to the group. As a member of the other team, he refused, but soon "RHN" disbanded: the Germans left for Germany, Russian - singer and composer Andrey Misin - in Moscow, and went to work Mikloshich us.

This is how new- «Arai»: Baigali Serkebayev keyboardist, bassist Vladimir Mikloshich, Najib Vildanov vocalist, guitarist Bulat Syzdykov drummer Sagnay Abdulin, and later they were joined by saxophonist Batyrkhan Shukenov ».

In the professional environment new- «Arai» is famous for its instrumental compositions in the style of jazz-rock. And already in 1983 without the participation of Roses Rymbaeva "Aray" wins the VIII All-Union Competition entertainers in Moscow. Meanwhile, the band continued to work with his soloist and co-produced three vinyl albums. But in 1987, go to your own project.

New and already launched an independent group called the "Almaty" and in 1988 released the 1st vinyl album "The Way of non-stop" ("Melody"), after which the name is changed to "Almaty Studio". The concert program of the group while a member of the songs with elements of funk and new wave and experiments with Kazakh folk melodies.

In the summer of 1989 it is born the song "Julia" (music by B. and B. Shukenov Serkebayev words V. Mikloshicha), who becomes happy "lottery ticket" for the group - she accidentally falls to Philip Kirkorov, who shows her Alla Pugacheva.

"Philip said that the song recorded and presented him with the musicians of the tavern - says Baigali Serkebayev. - But Alla said that these songs do not give - and wished to meet personally with us. And we learned about it thanks to Vladimir Presnyakov, went on tour in Alma-Ata ».

The meeting takes place in 1989 in Moscow - it Alla immediately offers to musicians working in his Song Theatre. The offer they accept and change their name to the more succinct - A'STUDIO. On "Christmas meetings" in January 1990 Alla Pugacheva is A'STUDIO like the best and stylish group of countries - after broadcast on the team learns the entire Soviet Union.

"It was our finest hour!" - Says Vladimir Mikloshich.

With this period associated first recorded in Moscow album "Julia" (1990) and the yield of full-length musical film of the same name (1991, directed by A. Berkowitz), working in the theater, the songs and 3 trips to the stadium and a huge playground, where musicians to gain experience the stage next to the Russian pop diva.

Meanwhile, in the group there is a change in the composition: Take a composer, from the group comes singer Najib Vildanov - and frontman A'STUDIO becomes Batyrkhan Shukenov, and guitarist Bulat Syzdykova comes Baghlan Sadvakassov.

During his work at the Teatro Alla Pugacheva group A'STUDIO become a regular guest of leading television and radio programs, a lot of touring the country and abroad.

In 1990 A'STUDIO working in London at the invitation of the British company Polygram in the studio of the famous British producer Greg Walsh and record 3 demo tracks in English. Cooperation with Walsh musicians resumed in 1996 and 1998, inviting him to mix and record albums "Unloved" and "sinful passion." In May 1992, musicians perform in Dallas (USA) in the framework of the Kazakh-American Festival.

In 1993, the band performed at the festival "Rhythm on the River" in Little Rock (Arkansas, USA) and at the festival "Asian exchange live music" in Shirataki (Japan). In 1994, at the invitation of the pop singer Sergey Krylov A'STUDIO work as session musicians on the recording of his new album "Angel412" at the world famous studio «The Hit Factory» in New York. At this time, by accident by going to one of the Russian restaurants, Baigali Serkebayev and Baghlan Sadvakassov acquainted with serving there Polina Griffis, not knowing what this meeting will result in the future.

From 1994 to 1997, the musicians collaborate with the studio "Union" and released 4 albums: "Soldier of Love" (1994), a solo concert in the concert hall «Russia» «A'STUDIO LIVE» (1995), "Unloved" (1996) and " The Best »(1997).

"Album" Unloved, "we wrote, along with Greg Walsh, - says Vladimir Mikloshich. - And then you understand what it means to "work in English." This means - to hang out all night, and then get up at eight in the morning and head nabriolinennymi go to work in the studio ».

In 1997 A'STUDIO celebrate its tenth anniversary big solo concert in Moscow's Variety Theater and in his native city of Almaty. In honor of the anniversary of the album comes out «The Best» (on CD and VHS), which included the best songs for 10 years.

The following year the group breaks the contract with "Union" and recorded a new album "Sinful passion" on the label "ORT-Records". On 2 songs from this album - "Sinful passion" and "Snow in the desert" - a music video director Michael Khleborodov Anatoly Bersenev respectively.

"To record the album" Sinful passion ", we again invited Greg Walsh not only mix, but also to record the tracks, - says Vladimir Mikloshich. - It was winter, and was very very cold. We brought a "goat" - heater with a tight wire, and Walsh in Britain have never seen this and said: "But it can be very dangerous ...", but then got used and he has around him warming himself. In general, we have learned a lot from Greg Walsh, and he - we ».

In 1999, a group A'STUDIO again taking part in the "Christmas meetings" of Alla Pugacheva with the song "Virtual Love", which has already had a video by BS Graphics.

The fall of 2000 left the band lead singer and saxophonist Batyrkhan Shukenov.

"We feel that he is up to something, but Batyr assured us if everything is in order and nothing to worry about - it is not going away - says Baigali Serkebayev. - And yet it happened - he went solo in "swimming". For the group it was a blow: we are no longer invited to the concerts. To be honest, A'STUDIO existence was in doubt ».

Going through all sorts of options, Baigali recalls encountered in the United States Polina Griffis and offers to take her to the group.

"So there was a woman on the ship," - says Vladimir Mikloshich. "Which is perfectly blended in A'STUDIO, - adds Baigali Serkebayev. - With the arrival of her the opportunity to work in the genre of dance music, as Pauline was aware of the latest trends in club life and move well on stage ».

In November 2001 the band released the album "These things" and takes a new video: "These things" (Director - Gleb Orlov Operator - Vlad Opelyants) and «SOS» (director - Oleg Gusev operator - Maxim Osadchiy).
< br> Within 3 years of cooperation with Polina Griffis Group is a concert not only in the US but also in England, Italy, Germany, and Russia is in the channel FOX KIDS concerts in Holland.

A new stage for A'STUDIO getting another job with Briton Greg Walsh, who was engaged in promotion of the song «SOS». On track to remix Skylark, Vertigo and other famous DJs in London. By the end of the summer of 2004 their creations, produced by Greg Walsh led a London record company Ark Records, took first place in the charts of leading British club music publications. The song has a crazy success in America and Europe.

And at this time Polina Griffis, as his time Batyrkhan Shukenov decides to go solo career and left the band.

Dance in America and Europe continue to haunt the remixes «SOS», and the group became a trio A'STUDIO (Baigali Serkebayev Vladimir Mikloshich and Baghlan Sadvakassov), overcoming the difficulties and frustrations, continues its "way of non-stop", because it was so named their first album.

The all-male composition of the band is removed with the director Oleg Gusev video for the new song "Night-girlfriend", which serves as the frontman of Baghlan Sadvakassov. The composition is becoming popular on radio stations in Russia.

Then the group will prepare a concert program of the same name, which includes the old hits ("Julia", "Unloved," "Snow in the desert," "White River" and others) in new treatments, and fresh tracks.

In autumn 2004 the group comes a new vocalist Katie Topuria.

"Take care of this girl, she's a real star", - said Murat Nasyrov a new vocalist A'STUDIO Keti Topuria.

Young and talented Kate breaks into a group like a hurricane: 17-year-old girl is in the collective creative experience which actually coincides with its age.

Prior to joining A'STUDIO Kate, the singer began his career at age 8, he is already quite well known in his home country.

"I lived in Tbilisi and far as I can remember - has always been the ringleader: in the garden only played a major role. Although I am a girl, but was a real tomboy - says Keti Topuria. - I also loved to sing, everywhere. I once sang in his yard, just under the windows of the local singing teacher, who heard my voice and my mom called with an offer to send me to study singing ».

"At the end of 2004, our friend - known Georgian producer Nato Dumbadze - offered us a CD with songs to listen to Kate - says Baigali Serkebayev. - We are interested in, and being in Tbilisi, met with her ».

Already in the first meeting with the musicians A'STUDIO and concert band director Eugene Seleznev, Kate showed a creative approach to the situation, mixed with childlike.

"We met in a small cozy restaurant - says Keti - Baigali sitting next to me, we have brought Turkish coffee, and I said," I know how to read tea leaves! "Of course, I was joking, because he did not wondered never in life. Baigali guessed my plan and wrote sms few facts of Zhenya's life that I could not know - for example, that he has a daughter, wife, their names and other secrets. And I put the phone next to me.

I looked at him and read. You should have seen his face like Gene gradually becomes white! He really believed in what I learned all of the coffee grounds, and even invited me to go with him to another room, where he showed a photo of his wife, that I about it tell us something. Then I realized that the joke is not worth it, and said a lot of good in what, by the way, was not mistaken. Jack continued to believe in the story literally, until recently, as we did not tell him everything ».

Presentation of the first album recorded with Keti Topuria - "Fly Away" - March 29, 2005 Stylish, light music, beautiful words, fashionable and vivid sound performance hit "Fly Away," "Night-girlfriend" and "You" brought this record as a deserved love of music professionals and ordinary listeners.

In the same year the leader A'STUDIO Baigali Serkebayev, as the author of the words and music of the song "Fly Away", received from the hands of the Kremlin Alla Pugacheva prize "Song of the Year." With this composition of the group takes off at the top of the charts and radio channels of the country, breaking all records for the number of performances in the air. Musicians remove self-titled clip that gets in hot rotation on MTV and Muz-TV.

During the "Fly Away" on the results of televoting Russian group received 2 award "Golden Gramophone" from the "Russian Radio", and a year later (in 2006) won the nomination "Best Ringtone" premium RMA MTV.

In late July 2006, the band takes part in the Jurmala festival "New Wave", where the guests congratulated the hero of the day Raimonds Pauls his song "Fiddler on the Roof».

Joyful summer breaks the tragic loss of a guitarist, composer and singer A'STUDIO Sadvakasova Baghlan, who was killed in a car crash in August 2006. "We lost our brother, our creative associate, which passed many difficulties conquered many peaks as climbers in a bundle, always feeling his friend's shoulder ... "

Place Baghlan Group took his 17-year-old son of Tamerlane, who in October took part in the filming of the clip "Just love ...».

After working for a year in a group, Tamerlane Sadvakassov leaving to study in England. His place is taken by Fedor "Federico" Dosumov. This is a wonderful guitarist, who had previously played in many jazz projects, the group appears as suddenly as before - Katie.

"As musicians A'STUDIO very good, I joined the team so fast that not even notice how it happened - says Federico. - Before A'STUDIO I worked with several artists, and it so happened that they invited me to a concert dedicated to the memory bugs. Then we played a few concerts and recorded the guitar tracks for the new album. I was invited more and more often. I remember the guys in an interview said that I - a new guitarist. So I learned that the group is now working A'STUDIO ».

The presentation of the album "905" Federico reveals the full range of his artistry. Musicians A'STUDIO talk about it like this: "He who is born in a shirt and Federico was born with a guitar." Since his arrival the band's sound becomes even more guitar.

Eight numbered album A'STUDIO, called "905", is published by Veter Entertainment (earlier - "Prof-Music") issued the previous disc, "Fly Away».

The number "905" is a landmark for A`STUDIO: many important group events happening on the street in 1905. Here in the "cinema on Krasnaya Presnya" was the first rehearsal, where they recorded the album "Sinful passion." In Krasnaya Presnya park musicians walked with Alla Pugacheva and discussed future plans. Here in the home studio Baigali Serkebayev recorded the album "These things" and the single «SOS». In addition, the studio where A`STUDIO created two albums, is across the street from the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 Goda».

"Our studio on the street in 1905 - this is our Abbey Road, - explains Baigali. - We experienced the brightest days of our lives, joys and sorrows, partings and meetings ».

In the new album the musicians go on a genre experiment. So, along with the already traditional songs in the styles of dance and pop («Goddess Of The Dance Floor», «Coat"), into the disc includes tracks in new styles A'STUDIO orient («Heart between two fires") and R'n 'B («Love covers»).

In addition, the band members themselves say that the sound of their songs has recently become more severe and, therefore, increases the number of songs in the styles of rock ballad («Angel," "More Love", "Why?"), And pop- rock («run to you»).

The new album includes songs with a completely different mood: gypsy motifs - in the "Heart between two fires," childish - in the song "Coat" bright sadness - in the rock ballad "Angel", dedicated to the tragically deceased guitarist A'STUDIO Baghlan Sadvakasov who wrote the melody of the song.

"The album" 905 ", we used the entire 20 years of musical creativity in the framework of A'STUDIO, - says Baigali Serkebayev. - The record turned out quite diverse in mood: there is a sun and Miami, and the nostalgic sadness and a little bit of bullying, which we serve as a dessert. We can say that the first part carries meaning, the second is designed for entertainment. So the album is that the music and listen to gourmets and young audiences ».

"Bright guitar accent gave new songs A`STUDIO extra" muscle "but vocal new frontwoman just perfect fit into the well-weighted sound" - praised the release of the author of "Sound Track" newspaper "MK" Ilya Legostaev.

Presentation of the new album, on which the team worked for two years, takes place on May 29 at Club GQ Bar. To fill the VIP-balcony of the club there are the stars of the Russian show business and politics: the prima donna of the Russian pop scene Alla Pugacheva, Dima Bilan, Valery Meladze, Dmitry Malikov, Vlad Topalov and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. Natalia Podolsk, Anita Tsoi, Karina Cox Jasmine, Arkady Ukupnik producer Joseph Prigogine, UMA2RMAH group and many others.

"You know perfectly well what it means for me A'STUDIO, I love them, - says Alla Pugacheva. - This whole planet. They have no competitors ».

During the presentation on monitors broadcast clips "Run to you" and "More Love", at a press conference the clothes the band decorated with red embroidery "905", and journalists vied questioned about the meaning of the album title, the sound changes to a "guitar" and the the possible involvement of foreign singer Pink to the creation of the song "Run to you»

Star guests who came to congratulate A'STUDIO this evening with the release of the new album, the music is admired and willingly share their impressions.

"With the group I A'STUDIO binds long-term friendship, - said Valeriy Meladze, who gave Kate a beautiful bouquet of flowers. - No more human and spiritual groups than A'STUDIO. They have always been "riding the wave" - ​​in fashion, in music. They are always interesting and relevant. »

During the presentation of the album "905" in addition to new hits A'STUDIO perform the song "Guli gepereboda" ("Heart caressed you") in Georgian - native group soloist Keti Topuria.

"The new record group A'STUDIO« 905 »- a perfect example of the album - says a small impromptu concert opens Comedy Club residents Pavel Volya.

Dima Bilan at the entrance to the club admitted to reporters that partial to vocalist A'STUDIO. "I go to the presentation of a selfish interest to hear a new song, and even the red light will stop me - he said, clearly alluding to the refrain of" run to you at a red light. " - And I like Katie as a girl! »

In September 2007, the band makes a video "Angel". Movie director - Alexander Igudin operator - Alex Stepanov.

In October, the winner A`STUDIO MTV Russia Music Awards for "Best Group". In addition, musicians are among the bidders still in the three nominations MTV RMA. The title of "Best Song" nominated track "Another Love" from the new album A`STUDIO «905" clip on this song is nominated for "Best Video", in addition, A`STUDIO stated in the nomination "Best Artist».

«A'STUDIO - just umnichki! I voted for them, actually sent sms-ki - recognized winner of two awards MTV RMA 2007 singer Maksim. - I am very happy for the guys, because they - the real professionals! "Crystal matryoshka - a symbol of victory - musicians handed broad-shouldered men anti-terrorist group" Alpha "immediately after the speech quartet on the stage of the Ice Palace, which caused a standing ovation even vip-podium.
< br> «A`STUDIO - one of the most musically gifted people who make good music and never trash on the scene - said the guest ceremony MTV RMA singer Zhanna Friske. - These are people who work from the heart - it is clear that they are just born to make music ».

In November 2007, A`STUDIO celebrated its 20th anniversary by putting in the State Kremlin Palace show «Total».

For the first time appeared on the same stage vocalists from different years: with Katie Topuria singing ex-band members Batyrkhan Shukenov and Polina Griffis.

Starting with the song "Julia", encountered a standing ovation the audience, the band played almost three dozen songs, presenting not only the golden hits, and songs from the new album «905».

The surprise for the audience was the performance of folk songs: Kazakh Batyr performed, and Kathy - Georgian piano accompaniment Baigali Serkebayev.

At the end of the show Batyr, Pauline and Katie sang with popular songs: "Remember this," "Night-girlfriend" and "White River».

"We have brought" total'nuyu "line - says Baigali Serkebayev. - All the spectators were able to see how the years change our music, from jazz-rock and funk through electronic dance tracks by now heavier sound ».

To achieve a quality of "live" sound A`STUDIO Kremlin strengthened its composition: on stage with the band came percussionist and guitarist Ilya Pokrovsky Sergey Kumin, as well as a trio of backup singers (Anna Abramochkin Sergei Kradinov, Natalia Boiko) and chamber string orchestra who conducted A`STUDIO old friend Andrew Kosinski.

Soundproducer concert was a longtime friend of the band - the Englishman Greg Walsh, who worked with Tina Turner and Pink Floyd. He was helped by sound engineers Ilya Khmyz and Konstantin Ryazanov. The concert was also attended ballet "Todes", and to create a club atmosphere on special pedestals worked dancer GoGo.

Everything that happens broadcast on huge screens installed on the stage. In addition, the entire concert filmed cameras 9 - the anniversary of the group A`STUDIO shown on one of the federal TV channels, and then released a DVD in the new format HD, providing a high-definition video.

"On the anniversary of his A`STUDIO broke several stereotypes taken against the Grand Kremlin concerts. The musicians not only played entirely live, but without the participation of invited guests - writes columnist for "Kommersant" Boris Barabanov. - It turns out a big concert with telesёmkoy could draw on themselves, one group ».

Specially for the anniversary of artist and label A`STUDIO Veter Entertainment in November 2007 released a CD-ROM «XX», including the 20 "golden hits" as well as DVD-ROM «Total» with full collection of clips and archival footage from the private collection of musicians . In May, the band made their fans a special gift - mp3-ROM «Total», which includes all albums A`STUDIO before anywhere unreleased songs.

In March 2008, A`STUDIO recorded a duet with the band "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," the song "Heart to Heart". Paradoxically, but in the long history of the band, this is the first collaboration with A'STUDIO «peers».

"We like the music of" Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, "so we decided to work together, despite the endemic duetizatsiyu country - says Baigali Serkebayev. - For the first time Katie appears in an unusual role for himself - takes fragmentary melodic rap. In the composition there are Russian raspevno, and hip-hop and r'n'b, and guitar inserts - get a lovely, eclectic thing ».

Soon, the city of Tashkent for the song "Heart to Heart" removed the clip. In the center of the set proved to be the lead singer of the history A'STUDIO Keti Topuria and "swindler" Sergei Amoralov between them, according to the scenario being played out true love, able to shine with intelligence and, at the same time, to heal from the madness.

According to the plan director Bahodir Yuldashev (works with many Ukrainian, Kazakh and Russian artists including the group Reflex, «Dancing minus" and "Dynamite"), musicians of both groups fall into a maze with multiple rooms at the same time resembling prison cells and chambers psychiatric hospital . To do this at the studio "Uzbekfilm" were built special decoration.

Labyrinth becomes the heroes of this trap, find a way out which Amoralova help his feelings for Kate. In search of love and freedom, Sergei had to perform two difficult stunts, running away from the official Doberman and join battle with the guards. The complicated story has a very romantic finale: Amoralov save your favorite passionate kiss.

"The song" Heart to Heart "is especially dear to us, - says Sergey immoral - We immediately realized that this duet song, and for a long time looking for a team that would be able to reveal its lyrical potential. We are very grateful to the group A'STUDIO, which supported the idea of ​​the duo, Katie personally - for vocal and Baigali Serkebayev of arrangement ».

In July, the traditional after-party of the "New Wave" in Jurmala Baigali Serkebayev celebrated the double anniversary - birthday and 25 years of creative work.

"Baigali - a living legend - said about the hero of the day bass player Vladimir A'STUDIO Mikloshich. - A talented musician, great producer and a great friend! He has already achieved a lot, but I'm sure - the most important accomplishment is yet to come. Baigali - it's the most important whale, which keeps our group! »

Congratulate leader A'STUDIO came his fellow artists, who climbed on stage to as exclusive gift to present ANNIVERSARY A'STUDIO songs in their own interpretation.

First appeared on the stage, accompanied by the participants A'STUDIO group "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and Timur Rodriguez, during a joint performance which was born a unique mix: the song "Stop Night" went smoothly in the hit "inveterate" "Love me, love." The next speaker was Nikolay Baskov, who performed the song "Soldier of Love».

Musical gifts Larisa Dolina was the song "More Love", performed by a singer in a jazz interpretation. By the middle of the festival hall covered with "snow in the desert" by Valery Meladze. In fact, it was the duo of actor and guitarist A'STUDIO Fedor "Federico" Dosumova that struck all the guitar solo in the tradition of Carlos Santana. Then on stage again broke "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels": the musicians performed a joint A'STUDIO hit "Heart to Heart».

"I warmly congratulate Baigali with the fiftieth anniversary! - Said longtime friend and colleague at the music shop Leonid Agutin. - I am glad and thank God, I is not one that a man, a musician there in our space. It is our cultural acquisition. May God grant him health and happiness in this life, and success in all endeavors ».

Birthday boy decided to thank the guests return gift - during the evening in various competitions played out a special collection of songs Baigali Serkebayev. The double-disc, limited edition, includes songs written by the leader of A'STUDIO at different stages of career. Among them - the compositions created specifically for the hero of the day the group A'STUDIO, Christina Aguilera, Avraam Russo and other popular performers. The main guest of the evening was Alla Pugacheva, for which Baigali priberёg special gift - a leader A'STUDIO Diva presented her as a rare vinyl record, released in Sweden with producer ABBA in the early 80s.

"The party is not just a success! Elapsed time, in this case at all out of place, because it is exactly the case when the celebration all the time with me - told Baigali Serkebayev. - The atmosphere was splendid: the hall was filled with a huge amount of warmth and light of sincere emotion in the air! "

In November 2008, at the ceremony MTV Russia Music Awards artist A'STUDIO among the best Russian artists who performed in honor of the anniversary of Russian MTV major hits of the past decade. As part of the Star Band, who opened the ceremony, the main musical soloist Keti Topuria sang the famous "Praskovya" group UMA2RMAH, and the song A'STUDIO «Fly Away", which became a real national hit, was presented in the original interpretation of Alexander Marshal.

«A'STUDIO - one of the most popular bands in the country, - anticipated output of the musicians on stage Philip. - They play fantastic songs! "

In December 2008, the group became the winner of the XVII Russian National Music Award "Ovation" in the nomination "Pop." At the official ceremony of the festival of art in 2007, which took place in the Svetlanov Hall of the International House of Music, A'STUDIO performed the song "There is no bad weather," from the film "Office Romance".

In the story of the clip A'STUDIO fall into the labyrinth, where, wandering along the white walls are witnesses of how black creatures who have lost their human face, blind to the power given to vices and excesses. Thus, in one scene, the musicians face violence - fighting, shooting, killing, and then - watch group sex scene, and then dipped into the atmosphere of everyday life of a modern office plankton, which is weak and collapses instantly replaced by a new worker. Meanwhile, the labyrinth - just a toy in the hands of a little girl. The highlight of the video becomes a time when "the world labyrinth Lady" unfolds the life of the conveyor reverse.

"It so happens that now for most people the world narrowed to three requirements - the struggle for survival, satisfaction of carnal desires and lust for money and lead them in the sweltering prison offices, - says Baigali Serkebayev. - A man lives his life at a furious pace, not noticing the beauty of the world, forgetting that there is a real feeling of pure love and kindness. In the video, a lot of subtexts. "

In December 2009, a group A'STUDIO with DJ Leonid Rudenko recorded the song "Charge", a cover version of the hit Vladimir Vysotsky's "Morning exercises" and then with the director Alexander Butakov shot at her clip.

Shooting the video took place at the Ritz-Carlton, in the pool SC "Olympic" and the Red Square, during a concert in the framework of the action "Let's live!".

"The video was very bright and vibrant, a real rock 'n' roll from the fitness! On the set of the most went to Lena Rudenko - he had been in the gym and in the pool, and then froze with us on Vasilyevsky Spusk! - Says the leader of A'STUDIO Baigali Serkebayev. - But what are the "delicious" frame is received from situations that at first did not seem to us ridiculous. It was an experiment, and it was a success! "

According to the scenario video, vocalist Katie Topuria - the most active and sports member collective - it forces everyone to join her and do sports: to go for a morning jog, do gymnastics and take water treatments, and then doing exercises with the crowd in Moscow on Vasilyevsky Spusk .

The video with shots of the crowd of thousands already recognized as the most massive social video in Russia. Presentation of the video took place in late January on a portal of the federal social program "Zdravmol» - zdravmol.ru. In February he was in rotation on major Russian music channels - Muz TV and MTV.

In late spring A'STUDIO group presented its tenth studio album, "Waves". In the release issued by the label «Real Records», includes 10 songs. Along with brand new songs that the band is nowhere not previously performed, included in it, and have already become hits songs "Just like everyone else", a cover version of the smash hit of Alla Pugacheva "Song about me" and "Heart to Heart", a duet with a group of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels."

"Making Revolution in different musical directions, the group A'STUDIO back to basics, to the sound of 60-70, the pursuit of which are clearly marked in the songs" Fly Away "and" More Love "- he says about the album the group's leader Baigali Serkebayev. - We grew up on the music of The Beatles, ELO, AC / DC, Pink Floyd and other legendary teams. The spirit of the era influenced us, and we have tried to create a modern, but, nevertheless, vintage sound. "

Although the musicians and groups inspired by the success of the hippie era, they are not focused only on this - by their own admission, the release of "Waves" turned diversified.

"There are a lot of ideas, promises, thoughts - says bass player Vladimir A'STUDIO Mikloshich.- Our new album - a ten audiovoln, each of which has its own color, mood and story. This is the wave of life, soul, love. The album has many faces, like the word "wave".

Co-author and songwriter became a longtime associate of the group Erkesh Shakeev. Some of the tracks from the album became an unexpected surprise for fans A'STUDIO, for example, a rock 'n' roll song "On the Wings of Happiness" - a genre experiment group. Originally it was written Baigali Serkebayev for one of the contestants of the international contest "Eurovision", but dynamic composition so impressed other participants A'STUDIO, that she decided not to give up and wrote a Russian version of the English text.

"When Baigali showed us a working version of the song, I wanted to perform her own - said Keti Topuria. - We just recorded the song for fun with my vocals. And when you listen to what happened, I looked at the boys, and all faces was written the same: to give someone a song - a crime! Moreover, rock-and-roll, we have not been. "

"Innovative for us as was the song« Fashion Girl »- a trendy urban girl-fury, and" This is War "- a patriotic single that we pay tribute to the heroism and courage of the soldiers who die for their motherland - continues Baigali Serkebayev. - The song "This War" has opened a new theme in our music. "

Dance track "Leaving you" breaks the rock mood and drive complements the album of club culture, and the song "Just rain" all transfers during the era of disco. Beautiful and melodic song "not free fall" written by composer Denis Kopylov and songwriter Tatiana Ivanova, who wrote the lyrics for A'STUDIO "Night-girlfriend", unfolds before the listener a real love drama.

In May 2010, A'STUDIO became the winner of the annual award MUZ-TV in the category "Best Pop Group". At the award ceremony 2010, which took place in SC "Olympic", the band performed rock and roll song "Film, Film, Film," a cover of the popular Soviet Kinoshlyagery that was incorporated into the new album "Waves".

«A'STUDIO - it is absolutely creative, creative, energetic group. As soon as the guys release a new material is always in the field of musical community - says music critic of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Arthur Gasparyan. - A'STUDIO not just make music, they live this music. They have Kathy, a fantastic singer and actress, who just doomed to success. "

In the final grand gala concert singer A'STUDIO Keti Topuria with Latoya Jackson and other artists sang the immortal hits of Michael Jackson «Earth Song».

At the meeting in SC "Olympic" award ceremony Muz-TV 2011 A'STUDIO the second consecutive year was named best pop group of the year, beating other nominees: "Vintage", "VIA Gra", "Degrees" and «Quest Pistols».

"This plate, none of the band members will take home not - says the leader of the plans A'STUDIO Baigali Serkebayev. - We will put it in the studio next to the reward, which received last year. More of the same ten years of productive work, and we will be able to collect a service! "

In 2012 A'STUDIO celebrated their 25th anniversary with a large-scale concert in the State Kremlin Palace. On the stage of the Kremlin turned a grand performance, including a multiscreen 3D-sets, which are projected themed paintings, specially created for the anniversary of the legendary band. Directed by Oleg Bodnarchuk show was known for his work with Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. As a sound engineer at the Moscow concert A'STUDIO spoke English producer Greg Walsh (Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Heaven 17), which is working on an album of Russian group "Unloved" and "sinful passion."

While the Kremlin concert on the anniversary of the popular group congratulated the stars of Russian show business Philip Kirkorov, Alsou, Sergey Lazarev, Garik Martirosyan, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. and Leonid Agutin. Each of them played one of the hits A'STUDIO. The culmination of the presentation was the set unplugged, acoustic versions of songs which "Unloved", "Soldier of Love", "Become my prayer" and the "White River" was accompanied by two guitars, piano and percussion soloist presented the first A'STUDIO Batyrkhan Shukenov, Garik Martirosyan, Leonid Agutin and Vladimir Presnyakov.

«A'STUDIO for 25 years, encouraged their creativity not only spectators, but also colleagues in show business in the music world, - says Sergey Lazarev. - The different compositions this group shines differently, opens in new ways. Paradoxically, the team noted a serious date, but remains on a wave and has its own unique handwriting. "

"In my opinion, it A'STUDIO set the bar high quality of music in our country, this group has a truly Western sound - said Alsu. - Despite the fact that the history of the band changed several soloists, A'STUDIO always been bright and original. I personally have a favorite song and performed Batyrkhan Shukenov and Polina Griffis, and, of course, Katie Topuria. I wish A'STUDIO at least another 25 years to delight the audience with their fantastic music! "

In April, the anniversary show at the main venue of the country's premiere of the song "Papa, Mama," which he wrote the music to the People's Artist of Russia, composer Igor Krutoy. The new dance track is the first example of the creative union A'STUDIO and cool.

"With the guys from A'STUDIO we have been friends for a long time and, once again, at a meeting of the jury of one of the music competitions, we wondered why we do not yet have recorded together, - says Igor Krutoy. - We thought for long, just took and did! Musicians A'STUDIO - real professionals of high level, so at us all so well formed. "

Currently scheduled for release new album A'STUDIO. At the moment, the musicians working on the record, recorded several songs, including "Just good-bye," "I was looking for you," and the song "Daddy, Mommy." A'STUDIO new edition will consist of two CD-ROM drive, one of which will be recorded lyrical slow compositions, on the other - in the style of dance tracks Eurodance.