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Even as a child Arseny liked to sing and he always tried to imitate different singers. Arseny fed special love for Russian music. The biggest dream was to become a little Arseny famous musician - those whose songs will be included in the history of music. At that time he had only one fan - his younger sister, which he called "the best in the world." The parents provided him with an opportunity to choose their own path in life, but were always there and help tips.

In 15 years, Arseny began to write music, and it is so gripped him that he had to stop but could not. Through music, he tried to express his feelings in real life. His first appearance as a soloist took place in the school, which, according to him, it was pretty funny. He tried to perform operatic roles, and it turned out he had more or less successfully. In 16 years, Arseny first began performing on the big stage of Moldova - he sang in Moldavian folk group «Stejareii», where he also played bass for 2 years. In 2001 he graduated from the Chisinau Arseny lyceum "Ion Creanga» (Ion Creangă) and enrolled in the Kishinev Conservatory, where he studied singing and piano.

When Arseny was 18 years old Larisa Shulga, which he studied vocal prowess, introduced him to Dan Balan, who was then recruited members for his new group. Despite the fact that Arsene only began to seriously pursue singing, Dan decided to take it to the group. Initially Arseny mostly rap. The new group has become very popular in Moldova and after conquering the Romanian music market, she received international fame. The single «Dragostea Din Tei» topped the charts in more than 30 countries. Around the world, it has sold over 12 million copies of the single. The single became one of the most sold in Europe and Japan in 2004 and 2005. In the song «Dragostea Din Tei» was recorded more than 200 cover versions of 12 different languages. The song was included on the soundtrack of the film "Happy Feet 2". After releasing three albums «Dar, Unde Eşti ...», «Number 1» and «DiscO-Zone» in 2005, the band broke up at the height of its popularity.

Arseny solo project called "Arsenium". In the summer of 2005 by Time Records (Italy) was released the single «Love me ... Love me», which included the original version of the song, some remixes and a video clip. Text and music were written by Arseny. In 2006 introduced Arsenium album titled «The 33rd Element». In 2008, with the support of Sony BMG / Columbia Deutschland was released single «Rumadai», won huge popularity in Germany and other European countries. A video clip shot for the song «Rumadai», became viral and created a furore on the Internet. In February 2014 Arsenium won the biggest international music competition in Latin America «Vina del Mar», won the "Best Performer". & Nbsp; In the spring of 2014 in conjunction with the & nbsp; Sati Casanova & nbsp; Arsenium recorded the song "Before the Dawn". The song broadcasted on radio stations and television channels in Russia and Europe. On August 24, 2014 video for the song "Before the Dawn" has more than 10 million views on Youtube channel ELLO. Arsenium and Sati Casanova were among the nominees for the award "Golden Gramophone" -2014 and a real bonus MUSICBOX-2014.