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Anna Semenovich was born in March 1, 1980, in Moscow. Perhaps the Olympic year of birth influenced the further destiny of sports Anna. And the birth of the first spring day gave the future skater and singer spring constant joyful mood with which she confidently walks of life. Anya is very friendly and loving family. Parents: Tatiana S. and T. S. Gregory. Brother - Kirill Semenovich.

Anna Semenovich skating dealt with the age of three. After school, he entered the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. Anna coaches were honored coach of the USSR Elena Tchaikovsky, honored coach of Russia Natalia Linichuk, honored master of sports, honored coach of Russia Gennady Karponosov. During a successful sports career of its partners on the ice became the most titled Russian skaters. Anja has performed in pairs with Maxim Kachanov, Vladimir Fedorov (1995-1999), Roman Kostomarov (1999-2000) and Denis Samokhin (2001) .Neodnokratno wins prizes at international competitions. Couple Anna Semenovich - Roman Kostomarov led by Natalia Linichuk became silver medalist Russia (2000) and was considered the second strongest Russian duet after a couple Irina Lobacheva - Ilya Averbukh. Anna has the title "Master of Sports of Russia international class in figure skating and ice dancing».

Serious injury of meniscus and subsequent surgery forced to leave Anna Semenovich skating. Returning after three years of living in the United States at age 21, Anna Semenovich refused offers to enter the ballet by Igor Bobrin, Natalia Bestemyanova and Tatiana Tarasova. At this point she began her singing career. Anna became a soloist of the "Charlie's Angels." But despite the fact that the group held a series of successful performances and has released a video with Maria Butyrskaya, soon because of difficulties with finances, it has ceased to exist, and Semenovich was invited to work at televidenie.Pervonachalno Anna Semenovich led sports program on "Channel 3 "," 7 TV ", then was engaged in the music program on the channel" TVS "and the program" Morning "and" Night "on the channel" CTC ". The leading role of the pilot program "Adrenaline pa-ti" (channel "CTC"), interviewed a group of "brilliant". Its producers have noticed the staff and after a while she got from the producers group and Andrei Andrei Grozny Shlykova offer to join the composition of "brilliant." Anna Semenovich refused to work on the channel "Moose TV" and began her career in "brilliant».

Anna Semenovich has repeatedly acted in films and on television: in the series "Bachelors" (2004), "Balzac Age, or All Men Are Bast ..." (2004), "Doomed to become a star" (2005), "Students" (2005), " Club "(2006), the film" Irony of Fate. Continued »(2007)," Mamma Mia! "(2008), a television satirical magazine" wick "(2005, number 65, the plot of" The film! Film! Film! "), The comedy series" All this sudden "in which Semenovich plays the main role. At the end of October 2009, rolling out the film "The Taming of the Shrew" with Anna starring .. In 2006, Anna Semenovich took part in the TV show "Stars on Ice" at the "First Channel" was assumed that her partner will be TV presenter Andrei Malakhov, but to participate in the program, he refused, and Anna Semenovich appeared in a pair with Vyacheslav Razbegaeva. As a result, a couple Semenovich-Razbegaev ranked seventh. Soon after taking part in a TV show Semenovich announced its withdrawal from the "brilliant" and began her career as a solo performer. In 2007, Anna Semenovich took part in the TV show "Ice Age", which came out in the "First Channel" then participated in the TV show "Ice Age 2". In the third season of the show, in 2009, he participated in a pair with actor Vadim Kolganov. In 2010-2011. Anna took part in the reality show "Wife for hire on the channel" Muz-TV ».

Anna Semenovich repeatedly shot for the covers of men's magazines («Playboy» «Maxim», «XXL», «FHM», «Penguin"). She starred in TV commercials advertising the drug "tongkat ali Platinum", and also took part in the campaign cream "Ekzo" (video clip with Anna Semenovich, entitled "Anna and Fruits" garnered more than a million views).

On July 18th, 2010 - at this time, paired with Mikhail Plotnikov conducts cooking show "Lady and the chef" on the TV channel "TV Center».

Leading the program "Discharge album" on "Russian Radio».

In May 2012, expired Semenovich contract with the producer center "Brilliant -Production», cooperation with which has lasted 9 years. By mutual decision to extend their creative relationship of the parties did not. On June 1, 2012 Anna started working with new producers, unconditional recognized professionals in their field, Alyona Mikhailova and Liana Meladze, who heads the company Velvet-Music.