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Anna Sedokova was born December 16, 1982 in Kiev. Mother - Svetlana Sedokova father - Vladimir riders, older brother - Maxim riders. Ukraine her parents moved from Tomsk, leave that they were forced to due to the complex relationship between their families.

When she was five years old, his father left the family. Anya lived for some time with his grandmother in Tomsk, then the father took her to Kiev, and even after a while she again left with his mother, his father lost sight of almost twenty years. According to Anna, get in touch with her father tried only during her first pregnancy, by writing to the e-mail, but she did not answer, considering it disrespectful to his mother. In 2010, Anna learned that her father had died.

Eighteen Anna lived with her mother and brother in Kiev area Voskresenka. Sedokova mom was a teacher of music and English language tutoring earned. "She left the house early in the morning and come back late in the evening - recalls Anna. - Pahala horse to provide us with a brother. "

From early childhood, Anna studied music and dancing. In the 6 years became a member of the Ukrainian folk ensemble "Svitanok". She graduated from secondary school with a gold medal, she graduated from the School of Music in piano. After leaving school entered the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts in "Actor and television presenter", graduating with honors. Along with teaching the girl was looking for part time: 15 years worked as a model, she worked for a while leading the club, and then she was offered a job leading the program «O-TV Models» on the music channel «O-TV». After some time Sedokova become the leading morning show "Rise" to "New Channel", and in parallel led radio show "Hen" on the radio «Super-Nova».

In early 2000, she participated in the casting of a new female pop group, which later became known as "VIA Gra". However, she did not pass the audition because of age. At that time she was seventeen and producers found her too young for such a team. Only at the beginning of 2002, when the group was decided to turn the duo into a trio of Anna joined the "VIA Gra". Sedokova was the first red-haired member of the group, together with a blonde and a brunette Alena Vinnitsa Tatiana Naynik they represented group in the familiar to viewers trio format - brunette, a blonde and a redhead. Sedokova quickly became the front-vocalist and leader of the team, when it reached the great success of the group, their composition with Nadia and Vera Brezhnev Granovsky journalists and fans of the band is still called "gold" composition "VIA Gra", the most powerful, successful and sexy for all history of the group. But in May 2004 she left the group, married footballer Valentin Belkevich and gave birth to a daughter, Alina. But soon decided to return to the stage.

After leaving the group "VIA Gra", Anna shot for a men's magazine Maxim, being the fourth month of pregnancy. In April 2006, the singer under the name of Annabel released a music video for the song "My Heart". First appearance after the break Anna on stage took place in September at the festival "Five Stars" in Sochi. According to the results, Anna won the "Audience Choice Award". At the end of the year she was cast, and has become the leading program "New songs about the main" on Channel One. Also in December, Anna has been shot for the magazine Playboy, because 90% of the readers of this magazine would like to see it on the cover of her. In 2006, Anna became the winner of the festival "Song of the Year" (Ukraine) with the song "My Heart".

In late 2006 - early 2007, Anna signed a contract with a record company REAL Records, has released a video for the song "The best girl", with their songs appeared in several programs at the Russian and Ukrainian channels. Was announced the release of the first solo album. But then, for unknown reasons, the singer decided to take a break.

In 2008 she became co-host the show Russian "First Channel" "King of the Ring", a leading Ukrainian TV show "TV star - Superstar", and also took part in the project Ilya Averbuch "Ice Age 2", where her partner became a professional skater Andrew Hvalko. In September 2008, released a video for the song "Getting used." Also in 2008, on Ukrainian television series out "force of attraction" with Sedokova. In 2008, Anna was voted sexiest presenter Russia according to the "TOP 10 SEXY» Radio Monte Carlo and the most stylish presenter of Ukraine according to the «ELLE Style Awards». In December 2008, Anna became a diploma of the festival "New songs about the main" for the song "Getting used."

In March 2009, Anna became a member of the First Channel music show "Two stars". Anna became a partner Vadim Galygin. On June 2, "Russian Radio" Anna presented her new song "Selyava" (later the name was changed to "Drama"), authored by Anna herself and music producer Dmitry Klimashenko. According to Anna, she dedicated it to his friend, broke up with her boyfriend. October 9 Love Radio premiered the song "Cold Heart", which was recorded together with Anna Dzhiganom. Also in 2009, Sedokova starred in "Moscow. RU », fee of shooting in which Anna gave to charity.

In March 2010, a book by Anna "The Art of Seduction." In May 2010, there are at once two clips of the singer - solo video "Drama" and the duet with rapper clip Dzhiganom "Cold Heart", filmed in October 2009. In September, Anna participated in the show "Star + Star" Ukrainian analogue of the project "Two stars", paired with Viktor Loginov. In October, Anna announces the beginning of a concert tour of the cities of the CIS and presents a new show in Moscow club «Pacha». In November 2010, took part in the anniversary concert of the group VIA Gra, which took place in Ukraine. At the concert, Anna sang a few songs with the band and soloists from different years, as well as two solo compositions. "... A standing ovation the audience burst when Anna appeared on the scene Sedokova. The impression that half of the audience came to the concert to see and hear what this singer "- wrote later journalists. In November 2010, have been filming the singer's new music video for the song "Jealousy", having a frank story and hints of lesbian love. Videos and photos from the video shoot caused a scandal, after which the clip was rewired for display on TV during the day and premiered on December 22 channel RU.TV. Also in 2010 he published a duet version of the video "getting used" in conjunction with the rap crew "Karat", filmed in 2008 and includes not included in the original scene. In December, finished shooting the comedy "Pregnant", in which Anna played the title role. At the end of the year, Anna has also introduced a mashup song "Cold Heart" and the song Ukrainian singer Max Barsky «SL».

In 2011, Anna took part in the second season of the TV show "Star + Star" has become the leading program "Female Logic" in the Ukrainian channel ICTV. In June, the premiere of a new song «Love U», which the singer has posted a free download on the official website.

September 5 at the Moscow premiere of the film "Pregnant", and on September 8 film was released nationwide in the rental.

On September 16, the site Youtube, on legal channels of Russian music «Ello», premiered the video for the song "Space", the soundtrack to the film "Pregnant" that would support his hire.

In autumn 2011, Anna became a leading Russian version of the reality show "Project Runway," which premiered on October 8, 2011 on MTV Russia.

January 31, 2012 on the "first popular radio" premiered the song "Taxi".

September 11 premiere of the video for the song "What have I done?", And in November - the premiere of the video for the song "unsafe" sung together with Misha Krupin.

From 23 June 2004 to early 2006 Sedokova Anna was married to a Belarusian footballer, captain of Dynamo Kiev, Valentin Belkevich. December 8, 2004 a daughter Alina Belkevich.

Since 2010, trained in acting at the studio Scott Sedita (Scott Sedita Acting Studios) in West Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA).

February 12, 2011 Anna married businessman Maxim Cherniavskii. July 24, 2011 at the Medical Center Cedars-Sinai (USA, California) was born daughter Monica. In February 2013 Anna Sedokova announce divorce Maxim Cherniavsky.