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When May 26, 1969 in the Ukrainian city of Lviv in the family of musician and composer Yuri Varum and theater director Galina Shapovalova girl was born, no one could not imagine that it will take quite some time, and pop Olympus surrender without a fight at the mercy of her sweet voice and beauty and the name "Angelika Varum" will be familiar to everyone.

Parents are constantly on tour, and a girl brought up by grandmother. The house has always been a lot of music from classical to jazz-rock. Yuri Varum recalls: "The child listened to a lot, understood everything, and sometimes even getting scared on the degree of understanding. Angelica divorced from his studies in response to that work, which I liked. It seemed as if she does not absorb, like all children, but knows everything heard from birth, if she is genetically passed on in some way. "Angelica received his musical education at home - my father was against the Soviet school of music, considering that it restricts the freedom of musical thinking. Angelica sat down at the piano at age 5, picked up a guitar in his school years, and in the graduating classes went on tour with the school theater, singing Ukrainian folk songs and accompanying himself on the guitar.

After high school, Angelica came to Moscow to enter a theater institute, but do not pass the examination (summed Ukrainian dialect) and started to work backing vocalist in the studio of his father. For several years she managed to collaborate with many singers, parallel gaining their skills and experience. In 1990, at the request of Pope Angelica recorded the song "Midnight Cowboy," which in a short time got many collections of popular music and became a hit in discos. With the same song debut singer in the "Morning Post" on stage "Olympic".

In late 1991 came the first album "Good Bye, my boy," the circulation of which sold out in a matter of days. Song "The neighbor lad" and "Good Bye, my boy" became a hit with her, and the video for "Man-whistle" remember its bright visuals and the catch phrase "So sad that want to smoke."

And that was just the beginning ... Two years later, Angelica recorded instantly became popular album "La-la-fa", which consists of eleven songs, including songs, which gave the name to the album, and the song "The artist that paints rain" on which director Oleg Gusev clip was shot, rain soaked and love. At the same time, fans heard the song "town", which became an anthem for many first love and first parting. "Town" since then - one of the "business cards" Angelica and certainly sounds in each of her solo performance.

The year 1995 was a year for Angelica conquering new heights. Earlier this year, issued a CD "Favorites," which became summarizing five years on the stage. Later in the same year was released album "Autumn Jazz". Which sold in great quantities disk was subsequently awarded the National Prize "Ovation" as the best album of 1995, self-titled clip was the best video of the year, and Angelika Varum was recognized as the best singer of the year.

In the fifth album "In two minutes from Love" (1996) became the twelve songs, including songs, which were filmed some of the most interesting clips Angelica: "silver" video "No answer, not a greeting," which became one of the nominees the award "Generation 96", and "not today" - one of the first in Russia precedents combination of live and animated characters. Around the same time in the Russian market appeared perfume "Angelika Varum" - the official flavor of Angelica. Light, fresh and clear - it was created by the famous French perfumer impressed by the meeting with the singer. Perfume perfume became a bestseller - it is probably the most successful and certainly the most traded product perfume, named after the Russian "stars."

The album "Winter Cherry" (1996) turned largely experimental, and at the same time very stylish. The song "It's all for you," "The Other Woman" and "Winter Cherry" a few months occupied the top of the charts all popular radio stations, and the new "adult" image conquered not only the fans. The premiere of the concert program "Dreams Angelica" was held in St. Petersburg in the "October" and the first time adopted a standing ovation, with a new program that is very rare.

In 1997, directed by Leonid Trushkin Angelica invited to play a role in the play "Pose emigrant" written by Hanna Slutsky "Banker". In October, the theater im.Vahtangova in Moscow and in November at the Music Hall in St. Petersburg premiere. The play took part: Lyudmila Gurchenko, Yevgeniya Simonova, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Olga Volkova. The performance brought a lot of positive reviews, and Angelica for the performance of this role was the winner of the Russian theater award "Chaika". In the same year, Moscow hosted the premiere solo concert Angelica "Four Steps in the Clouds".

The year 1997 was for more Angelica year and the beginning of a creative collaboration with Leonid Agutin. Duet of the song "The Queen" and "February", a video clip joint tours and performances - it has given rise to all journalists and housewives country say, "They are too beautiful couple, just to sing a duet." And really - a creative union has grown into a family, and February 9, 1999 Angelica and Leonid daughter Elizabeth Varum-Agutin.

In 1999 came the seventh solo album "Only she" and the album "The Best" - a total of 10 years of concert activity Angelica. At the same time, the debut of Angelica in the film - she starred in one of the main roles in the movie Basil Picula "sky with diamonds."

A year later saw the light of the joint drive Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin "Office Romance". And in July, Angelica and Leonid registered their marriage and made a wedding trip to Venice. The result came a new video and a new joint program "Half of the heart" with which Angelica and Leonid traveled all over Russia.

Spring 2001 was marked by a bright show - joint concerts Angelika Varum, Leonid Agutin and stars of world music Ala Di Meoly.Kontserty were sold out in the Russian capital and were repeatedly shown on TV, and then to engender cooperation with Al Di Meola has grown into a successful musical project .

In August 2001, was created by the record company Varum Records Company, which as an artist, musician and producer came in and Angelica. In November of the same year Angelica opened its representative office in the WAN - site www.avarum.ru.

The year 2002 was the present rich in creative achievement. Colorful series of videos, new songs, new album "Whoa, curiosity." Concert-presentation of the album for the first time in the history of Russian show business entirely broadcast over the Internet, and the new show program "Roman Holiday" (duet with Agutin) and "Stop curiosity" had full houses all over the world.

In 2003, Angelica played a role in the detective "Kamensky? 3: When the gods laugh", and later presented the audience a clip for the song "Fire" - an unusual experiment, did not go unnoticed either fans or fans of Russian music. Director Fyodor Bondarchuk became clip.

Next year Angelica and Leonid completely dedicated touring. USA, Germany, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, and of course the city of Russia? their duet program was a success everywhere, and spring concerts "I'll always be with you" collected two full house in the concert hall "Russia". Live sound, all your favorite hits and new songs, ballet and change of clothes, and of course the love that pours without scruple from the scene: It is Angelica and Leonid give his audience.

In early 2005, the screens released a new Russian film "12 chairs" - a musical, loosely based on the most famous works of classic humor of Ilf and Petrov, in which Angelica played Ellochka Shchukin - bright distinctive character.

Angelica helped Leonid parallel with the recording of his English-language project. In a joint drive Agutin and Di Meola "Cosmopolitan Life", will be available in Europe in the spring of 2005 and immediately got on the top of the charts, consists of ten songs, including a duet song Leonid and Angelica "If I? Ll get a chance ". In addition, the voice can be heard and Angelica on vocals other songs on the album.

In April 2006, with success in the concert hall "Russia" program was held Angelica and Leonid "You and I".

In November 2006, Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin were awarded the Order of "Service to Art" I degree. This one of the most prominent Russian awards awarded more than fifteen creative work of artists. Stressed that the "Golden Star" is awarded not only musicians, but a couple who for many years by his example, his fortress Union sincerely promoting family values on the Russian stage.

In 2007 recorded a new duet Angelica Leonid - "Two roads, two ways." This lyrical sad song all summer and autumn was in the charts and won several music awards, including "Golden Gramophone". And at the end of the year Angelica released their ninth in a row CD "Music." Good songs for the time past from the output of the previous records, there were so many that they hardly fit on two discs - Twenty-two songs and a few video clips were selected taking into account the wishes of the singer fans.

The beginning of 2008 was marked premiere online new clip of the singer for the song "Where are you". The combination of choreography Alla Sigalova, director's work Alexey Dubrovin and original ideas of the singer led to a bright (not paint, but by emotions) and at the same time very delicate work.

In the summer of 2008 in the works put friendships family Varum-Agutin with Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya - was presented to the public work together "to be part of yours." Two of the most beautiful pair of Russian show business once again proved that beautiful song may be about happy love, too. In the opinion of music journalists, the song became one of the most memorable for the whole year. In the autumn of that year, Angelica and Leonid gave several successful concerts on the main market of the country - the State Kremlin Palace.

In 2009, Angelica recorded the album "If he leaves." In this project, nine songs Angelica made her debut as a lyricist for the song "If he leaves," and "Let's forget" the captured video clip, with the last work for the singer has acted not only as an artist but also a writer, director and co-author of the words. Also in the project, the premiere of the composer Mikhail Varum - brother of Angelica - with the song "Etude".

All summer and fall 2009. Leonid Agutin spent between Moscow, Paris, Havana and Miami in the recording of an international project with the Cuban jazz flutist Orlando Valle "Maraca". And in February 2010, on the stage of the Kremlin Palace audience was presented the concert program Angelika Varum, Leonid Agutin and Orlando Valle. The program was very favorably received by the public and music journalism. During the spring of 2010 with this program Angelica and Leonid gave more than 50 concerts in the CIS. Also in 2010, together with Vladimir Presnyakov. and Natalia Podolsk quartet concerts were played in Moscow, Minsk, Ekaterinburg and the largest cities in Germany.

In 2011, Angelica started to prepare new versions of her hits, created by Yuri Varum. The audience heard at concerts in the new arrangement of the song "Autumn Jazz", "Good bye, my love", "Artist", "A girl waiting for a boy," and the song "Winter Cherry" and "Fire" Angelica and presented more as the beginning of a new dance project, which has devoted the entire 2012. In December 2011, Angelika Varum was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation."

In early 2012, together with Angelica conductor Sergey Zhilin took part in one of the most successful television projects Russian TV "Two Star", where the duo took the third place.

In February 2012, was presented the song "Draw Love", which lasted music charts stations more than 18 months and hit the top 3 iTunes. Summer festival in Jurmala was the premiere of a new version of "Lao", and at the end of the year there was candid video for the song "Where are you", which was nominated channel RU.TV as the sexiest video of the year. At the end of the year Angelika Varum becomes the winner of the "Golden Gramophone" for the duo with Leonid Agutin "How not to think about you."

Early 2013 Angelica and Leonid met in a large-scale concert tour: three months they traveled around 60 cities in the United States, Russia and the CIS. Parallel Angelica writes new songs and preparing club program "New Style, New Sound, New Songs", the hallmark of which was the song "Crazy" with memorable visuals. The song became the title for the thirteenth album of the singer, which was released in early summer. The album "Crazy" - a joint project of Angelika Varum and producer Andrei Sergeev digipack CD + DVD: 13 songs - new dance songs Angelika Varum and already famous hits in the style of electro-pop.

Angelica now busy recording two new albums, preparing speeches for the summer festivals and promotional campaign of the new project. And who knows what will surprise us in the future Angelica.