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His father dreamed that his son will become a financier, but as a child Andreas tried to make independent decisions. In his youth, his friends and relatives had no doubt - the future of this guy - music, stage, stage, show business. And so it happened.

-Every Day after school, I resorted home videocassette and included concerts of Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, George Michael and Janet Jackson, and with accuracy studied how they move and sing and in the evening at the mirror gave concerts! At that time, my audience were neighbors who were watching me through a large window in my room, and applauded).

Andreas did not become a businessman and did not follow the footsteps of his father. Moreover, he chose an independent path in show business, abandoning parent opeki.Ne received his father's approval, an ambitious young man launched into a free floating on the waves of fashion business. And in a short time became a successful model, the "face" of many world famous brands.

But the purpose of all life Andreas was and remains music and stsena.Ostaviv business model, he commits a seemingly reckless act - leaving a warm, sunny Greece.

Begins the story of a love. Citizen arrived quite prosperous countries of the European Union Greece in Ukraine. Came as a tourist. Fell in love. And stayed. So would sound the most concise version of this story.

Young Greek singer Andreas really came to Kiev to admire the sights and meet up with old friends. And then he really fell in love! Fell in love with Ukraine! As he says Andreas, his charmed Kiev and Ukraine, was pleasantly surprised open, good-natured and hospitable people.

However, to say that for Andreas Ukraine - is terra incognita, is not necessary. Coming from a family of repatriated Greek, Andreas perfectly and without accent says in Russian. Study and work in Moscow makes itself felt. In addition, the father, Andreas worked for many years in the CIS countries. Therefore, as stated by Andreas, it can be safely called an international project. It should be said that the songs in Russian Andreas are also great, as well as Greek. After all, one does not disappear charming Greek temperament.

If you're really something very much wish, the whole universe is trying to help you in this ...

  -I Believe that pop music is suffocating without oxygen. It lacks the fresh air - says Andreas.

Be yourself and breathe freely, breaking all canons established by someone just to listen to your heart. This is what I want to convey their


-I Changed ...

I like to shock the public! This happens randomly, "- he said.

He does not care, love it or hate it. The main thing is that his name evokes clear associations, and confuse it with someone else would have been impossible.

"Otherwise life is boring ..."

Andreas, however, continues to surprise its versatility, being a choreographer, director, costume designer of his shou.On not only writes new songs and perform their famous hits in Greek and Russian. Currently revealed another facet of his talent. Experience in the modeling industry was not in vain. Preparing for a broad fashion shows under the name «FG». Moreover, according to Andreas himself, his clothes will become a kind of manifesto antiglamurnaya while the anthem of sexuality ...

Andreas does not stop there, he plans many unusual projects, he is full of ideas and energy.

The height of each chooses for themselves: Someone quite a couple of meters, and someone climbs to the top ...

In his spare time, Andreas seriously interested in the problems of environmental protection, the protection of animals.

"Not just complain about the heartless destruction of animals, cruel attitude toward them - says Andreas - you need to act! In my organization plans a series of actions on this subject. I, for one, will do everything to in polite society was indecent to wear fur. It's time has to draw attention to the soulless and barbaric treatment of pet ...

Until we learn to humanly treat animals, we can not humanly applies to people ... "

  -Be Not like others, and you will remember! I always live one moment and try to appreciate it, I do not like to make plans for the future. Tomorrow may change my whole life, my appearance, people around me ...

Andreas hobby - reading fiction and philosophical literature.

His favorite authors are so different and Dostoevsky. On, Coelho and Wilde ...

His day is not complete without yoga and gym, allowing Andreas always be in excellent physical and mental shape.

  Andreas laconic, his appearance in Ukraine and style is so unexpected, how original. He does not seek to become a "secular lion" and does not intend to go to the beaten path Star Olympus.