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Temperamental redhead singer and star of musicals Anastasiya Stotskaya - root from Kiev, was born on October 7, 1982 in the family physician in resuscitation and artist. Talent little actress started early: from 5 years Nastya engaged in ensembles "Barvinochek" and "Kiyanochka" classical and folk dances. Even very young Nastya Stotskaya certainly decided to become an actress - and began to move hard to fulfill his dream.

When she was 10 years old, the family Stotskaya together with his elder brother Nasty (now known actor Paul Mike) moved to Moscow. Nastya they sang in the choir. Pyatnitsky, engaged in choreographic studio at the "Theater of the Moon" by S. Prohanova, where he had a successful debut in the play "Fanta-Infanta."

The question of the admission to university was resolved immediately. Sergei Prokhanov while gaining an experimental course of the musical at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. Fateful meeting with future producer Philip Kirkorov has occurred on the play "Lips" on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov, "Camera Obscura", in which Anastasia played sixteen prudent nymphet Magda Peters. Almost desperate to find a young actress for the lead role Roxie Hart in the musical Produced by them «Chicago», Kirkorov saw her - a red, bright, charismatic, great singing, dancing and perfectly brilliant play - a little on the small stage "Theater of the Moon".

So, while still a student IV year, Anastasia became the youngest performer of the role of the fatal killer Roxie Hart in the world, to ingratiate themselves even stricter theater critics. In parallel with participation in «Chicago» Stotskaya takes the stage musical «Notre Dame de Paris» on the novel by Victor Hugo in the image of the blonde aristocrat Fleur-de-lis.

At the end of the musical «Chicago» Philip offers talented actress to try their hand at a pop career, and under his leadership the first Anastasia writes songs for a solo project.

Rise deafening singing career Anastasia Stotskaya starts with victory in a music contest "New Wave 2003".

Her hits "Vienna River", "Give me five minutes," "Cool" are the leaders of the charts, and videos for these songs were in the rotation of the leading music channels.

In 2008, the singer finds a new musical material, which is a mix of pop-soul trends with light hints of jazz and funk rhythms torn flavored melodies and bright sexy R'n'B vocals, and released a clip on one of the songs "With these hands."

Actress education and vocation, ambitious Stotskaya successfully made his debut in the movie. The first work becomes part of Susanna in the musical TV movie "The Marriage of Figaro." Followed serials painting "Angel Days" and "Nine Months" romantic comedy "The Jester and Venus," the comedy "Love in the City 2".

Along with intense concert activity, Anastasia is involved in television projects "Stars in the circus", "stars change their profession", "Zirka + zirka". And in 2010, the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" paired with Alexei Ledenev deservedly won the first place.

Theatrical stsenadlya talented actress also does not remain on the sidelines. Stotskaya receives major roles in "Big zebra", "Nameless Star" and in the second Broadway musical «Cabaret». In 2010, on the stage MDM starts musical «Zorro», in which Anastasia brilliantly appears as a red-haired gypsy Inez.

Not forgetting the solo career in the early 2013 singer presents video for the song "Falling", which is on the channel YOUTUBE gaining more than half a million views.

In March 2013 Anastasia Stotskaya becomes a party to show reincarnation "as is" on the First Channel, which broke all records television ratings.

In April 2014, after Philip Kirkorov actress once again joins the company of the musical «Chicago», reviving the very first "zolotoy sostav."

Composed as a successful, demanded creative person playing the best theaters of the country, acting in movies and pop singing on stage, happy wife and mother Anastasia Stotskaya juggles between work and family life, bringing up his son Alexander.