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Anastasia Prikhodko was born in Kiev, April 21, 1987. Mother Anastasia Oksana M. art works in the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. It is also engaged in the education of Anastasia's grandmother - my grandfather and Lyudmila Mikhail Nikitich Prikhodko party to the Second World War, he was awarded the medal "For the Capture of Berlin" and signed it on the wall of the Reichstag. Nastia has an older brother Nazar Prikhodko. He and Nastia is very closely linked with music. He writes songs. Playing a musical instrument. Since childhood, Nastya wanted to be a singer, so after graduation entered the Kiev Musical Lyceum. Lysenko at the department of wind and percussion instruments flute. Before settling on vocals, Nastya has long sought themselves in various fields of music and as a result has several musical instruments such as the flute, guitar and piano. At the end of the Lyceum, Nastia understood that singing - this is her vocation and entered the Kiev Institute of Music. Glier (analogue. Gnesinka) specialty folk vocals. Teachers music. places and discovered a unique, rare deep chest voice of Anastasia. With a great desire to carry the songs people Nastya participated in various competitions.

In 15 years, took place in the casting group "Via Gra", but did not pass because of age, but was able to participate at the international music festival in Bulgaria, ranked 3rd mesto.V 2007 Anastasia successfully passed the audition for the reality show "American Idol 7", and this point can be considered the beginning of a fabulous way young actress. Even during the show, it became clear that Nastya is able to sing songs of different genres and easily transform into different images. Her talent and dedication, hard work and the ability to put his heart and soul into the song will not leave indifferent spectator and Anastasia became the winner of Stars Factory 7th season. At the end of the project as part of Nastya colleagues show toured with concerts Russia, America and the Near Abroad, which could not but affect its craftsmanship. At the end of the tour Nastia recorded a duet with Valeriy Meladze song "excuse", as it was filmed a clip one of the brilliant director Alan Badoev.

By participating in a variety of anniversary concerts, Nastia many times trusted to sing the old songs-legends. Such as "The Ballad of the mother", "Old Maple", "Harlequin" and "Blood." Besides music Anastasia there are lots of hobbies such as chess, horse riding and Thai boxing. Just Nastya interested in shipbuilding and strategic computer game. Favorite Movies Nasti- war, such as "go to fight some old" and "The Dawns Here Are Quiet". In December 2008, the company "Talina" - the organizer of the charity concert "Star Factory-7" in the oncology center of the city of Saransk, where Anastasia supported the 10-year-old boy and gave the clock with his hands, awarded Anastasia Prize "For the nobility of soul" in the form of registered hours.

In March 2009, Anastasia Prikhodko was the winner of the national selection for Eurovision 2009, and May 16 will present at the Russian Song Contest with the song "Mamo" in Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​in a single sign of the Slavic soul. Anastasia adequately represent Russia and took 11th place. In September 2010, Anastasia was one of the participants of the project "Dancing for you" on TV channel 1 + 1. Seventeenth in October, she left the project by transferring the right to participate pair Alina Grosu and Arno. At the gala concerts and shows Aanastasiya Konstantin Meladze gave Margarita Kirsanova violin, thus translate into reality its dream come true. In late fall - early winter Anastasia Prikhodko participated in the award ceremony "Golden street organ", in accounting concerts of "American Idol" charity concert "SOSstradanie" and many other events.

In 2009, Nastia tried his hand as an actress in the Christmas tale "How the Cossacks." The singer got the main role of Pauline. With the release of a fairy tale, Anastasia There is a new song - lullaby "Luli - Luli", authored by Dmitri Klimashenko.

Even being pregnant Anastasia writes new songs composed in collaboration with her brother Nazar Prikhodko, "flash light "and" Your heart. " It is also involved in various holiday concerts ("Best Song of the Year"), charitable activities ("Warm autumn", "Epiphany miracle", "SOSstradanie"). But the most important event in the life of Anastasia was the birth of a daughter. His little princess Anastasia and her husband Nuri Kuhilava called beautiful Georgian named Nana, which translated into Russian means Nastya. In the summer of Anastasia writes and presents his new song "On the waves." In September 2010, Anastasia has applied for participation in "Eurovision 2011" from Ukraine with the song «Action». Her speech praised the jury, and it was the final qualifying competition.

In autumn 2010, Anastasia presents his new song "Clairvoyant", and in late November on the screens released her new video for the song "flash light ».

In 2011, the spring of Anastasia Prikhodko and DAVID recorded a duet of the song "Between you and the sky", as well as conduct video presentation in Kiev and Moscow. In summer and autumn Anastasia record two new songs, "Could" and "tired of waiting».