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«Music in life and life in music" The race has never been musicians, actors or other persons professionally connected with artistic activity; well played music at home (at the cottage with my grandmother still kept the pre-revolutionary piano). But music in the family love, father's collection consists of many hundreds of discs, including rare vinyl, mostly rock and jazz. Apparently so, the fate of education in the music school did not pass any of the children: Katya (older sister) and Nastya on the piano, Constantine - classical guitar. The house - a piano, two electric guitars, electro, lacking only the drum kit.

Voice Nastia was cut early; in all school matinees her vocal numbers were central. Mother is not too drew attention to this hobby until it has not acquired a permanent character compulsively - Nastya singing all her favorite songs constantly, regardless of time and place. Over time, the parents were surprised to learn that she has been in the music school of vocal. Began serious training - setting breathing, ear training, etc. It was not enough, she went to the courses Rainbow Music Agency. Have already begun to more serious performances, for example, I think the students of the Higher School of Economics remember her performance at the annual evening when she sang a song from the movie "Titanic", but no one even could not imagine that singer, which is a "live" pulled every a touch of sophisticated things, just turned 13 years old!

Began more serious individual lessons vocals. Especially a lot of it and gave professionally and universal man, the Master with a capital letter, with whom she worked lately. Despite the recommendation of his teachers did not spoil the bunch of light music, Nastya continued to act as "light genre". This culminated in the entry into the union of VIP 77. That association, because, according to the children and their producer Paul Vashchekin, which, incidentally, as the producer of the first to see the kids and very much done for them, VIP 77 is not positioned as a group, and as a union, of which were supposed to come out some performers are constantly combined to execution of specific projects and individual tracks. Began permanent performances in the clubs of Moscow ("The Bridge", "Marika", "Stone" and others.). In addition to clubs sometimes there were other sites and they all brought to the wedding of Katie in the last year!

At the same time continued private lessons vocals, added actually night classes at the "death spiral", a family council was made a difficult decision to transfer Nasty in external studies, provided individual coaching on basic subjects and lessons at the training courses at the International University (Moscow) . "Factory" The house is the word sounded, but rather was seen that way - with a small letter. When Nastya told the pope that he and the guys Tima and oranges try to get on the "Factory", the Pope said - yes, even at the plant. The fact that there is such a television program like "American Idol", "old rockers" had no idea. Having thus "good", with other family members did not consult Nastya. And the question of its participation in the project, stood for three days before moving to the "Star House" when parents announced that they expect tomorrow on CTV and they are the legitimate representatives of the minor must sign a contract. What's been ... Urgent family council was assembled, but there was nothing to decide: to forbid - that no child then would not forgive mother, or turned out ... Of course "or".

The format of the project is very hard: an enclosed space, a narrow majority of the permanent staff in strangers, severe psychological stress, are not so heavenly accommodations. For the Pope is a double test - after every "otchetnika" he has at least an hour or two listening to Hendrix and "Iron Butterfly" to restore the moral balance. Seriously, and club activities Nasty also a major concern, but my parents used to unconditionally trust their children and, especially, in the sphere of activity that they have chosen themselves develop. Such education. Nastya done, she misses too much, but all stand firmly, with sex trafficking carries, as I see it, all the producer's installations, completely natural, and as always in life, it is absolutely independent. It's in her nature.