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Poetry began writing at the request of his father Viktor Ivanovich Vinnitsa 5 years. [2] In his youth, Allen was a big fan of Cinema. Under the influence of their work, she began to write songs and in 1993, organizes his own rock band "The Last Unicorn". The first team has given concerts in the Kiev Central Hospital. Together with the original material repertoire included hits post-Soviet space. After the collapse of the group Alain began to work on radio and television. In the period from September 2000 to January 2003 she was a soloist of the first composition "VIA Gra».

After leaving the group in 2003, the singer has decided to pursue a solo career, what it was supported by the musicians of the Kiev group Cool Before brothers Sergei and Alexei large.

The first solo work Alena Vinnytsia became a pilot single, "Let's forget everything", followed by "Dawn" and "Exhausted heart". At the same time, in the Vinnytsia acted Kyiv Sports Palace, the opening act for Swedish band The Cardigans.

The producer of the first two albums of the singer Vitaly Klimov, who worked with Tabula Rasa and Ocean Elzy. After the success [citation needed 147 days] of the song "Let's forget everything" Allen signed a contract with Ukrainian Records, representative of the majors Universal Music Group in Ukraine, which ends up co-operation with the release of their debut album Sunrise in May 2004. Currently, the singer is working with record label Lavina Music.

A year later, they released the album 007, which in addition to the fresh compositions Alain introduced new versions of songs from their debut album. In 2006, the album's title track is included on the soundtrack to the fighter Andrei Kavun "Piranha" Vladimir Mashkov in the title role.

At the same time, the German label Zyx Music published the English version of the debut disc - Sunrise - translated four songs: the title "Dawn", "Exhausted heart", "Let's forget everything» and «007».

In February 2006, the premiere of songs from the new album Vinnitsa Dolls. It is a kind of caricature of a puppet show business, beautiful singers without content and their own person.

In spring 2007, the singer has organized action "Star Road", which included the release of the gift box "Star Collection" (three plates + DVD with clips) and a tour of the megacities of the country.

In January 2007, there was an album of dance music Electro.

In December 2008, Allen released a new edition of the songs titled ZaMIKSovano. The Best mixes.

In February 2009, the screens out the video for the song "I'm here, I'm here", which acts as the soundtrack to Ukrainian full-length film (genre - thriller) "Random post».

In spring 2009, Alain introduced viewers to his new video for the song, which was included in the maxi-single "envelope" entitled "All this with us (Spring)».

In 2010, radio broadcast the premiere of a new song "Listen to me, a girl».

In autumn 2010, Vinnytsia released the single "What have you done to me?", A video which appeared in December, as well as the new album Alain Vinnytsia. Collection Hits 2003-2010. So Alain summed up the 7-year-old creative work and said that the coming global changes that began with the external image of the singer.

November 6, 2010 in Kiev Alena Vinnitskaya performed at the anniversary concert of the group VIA Gra, which was attended by 8 of 11 at the time member of the group for all 10 years of its existence. The concert was broadcast February 23, 2011 on channel Muz-TV.

In July 2013 took the online release of a single titled "He", and on November 13 - on the music channel ELLO premiered the video for this song.

May 21, 2015, Vinnytsia made a solo program "Talk of Love", which presented the same song from the new album.