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Aleksandr Balykov


Playing music Alexander began the age of five in the Regional Children's Music School of the Altai State Musical College.

Unlike skating lessons, training in music school sometimes irked him, Alexander tried to quit music lessons, but my parents have saved his son from rash actions. In June 1999, Alexander successfully graduated from a music school: it would seem, his creative story could at this end, but fate decreed otherwise

. Creative Alexander growth occurs very rapidly: within a short time it has reached the status of the winner and the winner of many regional, inter-regional, national competitions. In 2006, Alexander released his first solo album, "Different people", in which the preparation was made not only as a performer, but also the author of 12 songs. Songs "Cocktails", "You are my dream" hit the radio airplay of Barnaul and occupies a leading position in the charts.

New knowledge and achievement in skill and creative contacts, which it acquired in the ISI, have launched a successful theatrical career. In March 2008, Alexander was approved for the role of Romeo in the rock opera «L.O.V.E.», which took place at the Moscow Operetta. In July 2009, he received the role of Pontius Pilate in the opera-fantasy Valentine Ovsyannikov's "Master and Margarita", and a year later plays the role of Woland. Production gained a lot of admirers, and thus joined the ranks of fans of Alexander .. September 10, 2010 took place the premiere performance of the actor in the play "Stars of Broadway" in "Cabaret Montmartre": this is the third theater project with his unforgettable participation. And since October 2012, Alexander played the role of King Triton in the Russian version of the Broadway musical

«The Little Mermaid." In addition to theater productions, Alexander participates in several TV projects a very resonant. In the summer of 2009, he held the casting for the TV show «Russian tenors» (Los Angeles), among the fifteen lucky winners, selected CTC directorate of five thousand candidates. Participants went to Hollywood to fight for his place in show business, and the whole country has witnessed the brilliant victories of Alexander in this project.

In 2012, Alexander became a party to the musical show "Factor A", whose chairman became Alla Pugacheva. After three months of hard work under the guidance of a mentor Roman Emelyanov he becomes a finalist for the project. According to Alexander, the participation in the project gave him a great professional experience and the opportunity to prove to the audience.

In early 2015 Alexander participated in the new music show "Main Stage", which is held with great success on the Russian TV channel 1. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the mentor team Konstantin Meladze, Alexander reveals himself to the audience in a new way.

In addition, after the end of the project, the finalists of the project «Russian tenors» continued communication. Many years of friendship and creative collaboration led to the creation of Russia's first vocal ViVA project, which combines the five soloists of the best Russian and European opera houses. In October 2015, a group ViVA loudly announced its existence by becoming parties to the second season of the television show "Main Stage".

Despite the successful start of the project, Alexander did not forget about his solo career: writing new songs and tours extensively.

In October 2015 Alexander released his first solo album "fly". The album went on for three years and is in a new artist to the role of spectator. For those who are accustomed to perceive Alexander Balykova as pop artist or actor of musicals, the album was a revelation.

The album combined the songs that have already found their fans and those that have never been heard. Alexander opens his soul, and music, and in the texts. The album pronounced inner artist's style ..

Alexander Balykov "" Summer "album - it's not just a collection of individual songs. Each song - it's my personal life experiences, which have developed into one big book of revelations. The album was three years. During this time we have collaborated with many musicians. This is my first serious work as a solo artist. "

The actor admits that the album is autobiographical. Cover the plate reflects the musical mood Balykova in which the cry of the soul can change dramatically in the peace and tranquility.