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It all started in 2005 when Basil Kosinski (V-kes) and Valery Efremov (CoolB) met on the internet and realized quite quickly that work, in the sense - sing. A little later they were joined by another team member - Anton Radaev and vocalist Olga Zasulskaya and guess the guys on the hypothetical possibility of success were confirmed in practice.

In 2006 5sta Family were finalists of the "Making the kids" on MTV, honest folk earning fame and an honorable second place. And six months later he received an offer to sign a contract with the label MusicPeople. Then it all started to happen and for real. Full-scale success of hit band with the release of their first single, "I will," recorded with the assistance of friendly staff "23:45". The song instantly attracted an incredible amount of "likes" of the lucky owners of radios and televisions in Russia and CIS countries. This track is permanently settled in the TOP most popular music charts and minds of all who have a good musical taste. Approximately the same fate befell the triumphal following composition of the "Why?" And "At the distance of the call." 5sta Family has become a regular guest of the most prestigious awards and nominations, including "Golden Gramophone", "Song of the Year", "God ether" (Most Rotated track), music awards Muz TV and RU TV and others. Since then, even competitors do not dare call 5sta Family group one song.

In the spring of 2011 there was a change in the collective soloist, outline even more impressive creative perspective. With the arrival of the group Julianna Karaulova, a graduate of "American Idol 5", whose voice and image of the group added more charm and refined elegance, a new milestone in the life of the group. In the winter of the same year 5sta Family implemented a global project with a world famous company Coca Cola. The title track of this project was a positive song "Wake up." In April 2012, 5sta Family life was a welcome development, the release of their debut album "Why?". The album contains 20 tracks, including all of the above.

Today 5sta Family associates with a trendy, advancement and excellence in the field of popular music. Of course, attention is drawn to the original melodies, light text and modern sounding, which proves the success of the new song "Together we are" beating all records for download on the Internet. Track very quickly climbs to higher and higher positions in the charts of all major radio and television stations in Russia and CIS.